tags ii | preview - code (raw), alternate

a minimalistic and versatile tabbed tags page that features

  • header with title, image (default is blog icon), description and four custom links 
  • unlimited number of tabs and unlimited number of tags for each tab - will scroll automatically 
  • tags box that can be the same height as the number of tabs or fixed - instructions to change them are in the code
  • 2 or 3 columns of tags. 3 is the default. instructions on changing them are in the code.
  • custom colours for background, border, scrollbar and more
  • tabs tutorial by phoenixthemes.

everything needs to be edited in the code, therefore basic coding knowledge is required. if there are any issues or glitches, don’t be afraid to send me an ask here

reblog/like if using and please do not repost or steal!

me, sept 24, 2015: list the seventeen members? no there are too many. why are there thirteen. ok lemme try umm… vernon, dino, woozy, jeonghwan, joseph- wait mingyu is joseph’s real name right? no? are they brothers? damn wait i got this, there’s june, eight, soupman, and that’s all the members of the vocal team i think

me, sept 24, 2016: list the seventeen members? ofc i can list them alphabetically, by hair colour, number of lines, birthday (day), birthday (year), vocal range, myers-briggs compatibility, colour of their favourite backpack, ability to eat moist ravioli, how many times they’ve blinked in each performance of mansae-


☆ — mercy: page theme #002 by venushelps.


here’s my second page theme, a navigation-esque page. it’s got five graphics, four of which (the four corners) are links. the dimensions are all in the code, but the top middle is 130x100, and the rest are 120x100!!  it’s titled for another song off illuminate because i’m trash for it tbh. anyway, i ask you leave the credit completely in tact, and if you use it or whatever, like/reblog, please and thanks!! feel free to edit, just don’t redistribute or claim as your own.

preview & code:

I came across this post on fb when i was looking through Captain Swan search. I completely forgot about this post but look at the likes! 182k wow! Also this makes me need a Valentines Day episode badly with CS going on an awesome date (on the jolly roger). And if there are any good cs valentines day fics i would appreciate it if someone rec’d me some.