Someone was dumb enough to try and defend themselves against Alcor.

I discovered the Transcendence au on Saturday and since then have become completely obsessed. It’s a fantastic, fantastic, fantastic au. Like, I’ve poured through every bit of writing that isn’t a fic (up next are the fics haha), and through a hundred or so pages of the art tag lol. Which of course made me want to draw Dipper (for the first time ever actually, sorry it had to be like this Dip). I can’t wait to keep learning more about this au. The triplets and Henry have already stolen my heart.

This is like, a couple hundred years past the Transcendence.

Technically I am not late with this month’s calendar! I’m very proud of myself for pre-making templates for months starting each day of the week and thereby saving myself loads of time, but I’m not proud of myself for forgetting that months have different amounts of days and having to edit September 31st out of this one, haha.

Download the full size here.