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Second chance

(A/N): I just really needed Bucky fluff so

Summary: (Y/N) gives Bucky a home, a family, love, a second chance.

Warnings: fluff

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   Bucky winces as the front door creaked; he’d have to change the hinges soon. The floor boards ached underneath his boots, making awful creaking noises with each step. Goddamit, he was trying to be quiet for fucks sake and his 7,000 year old house was making that nearly impossible.

   “You’re back early,” Bucky looks up from the old wooden floor to look upon his wife, standing at the foot of their stairs with a robe wrappedaround her body. Bucky can’t help but smile as he lowers his bag to the ground, immediately enveloping (Y/N) into a tight hug.

   “Mission went off without a hitch,”

   “Mmhh, that’s good,” (Y/N) hums softly as she runs her fingers through Bucky’s sweat matted hair. “No bruises, cuts, broken bones?”

   “My leg has a small scratch, nothing to be too worried about,” (Y/N) releases Bucky from their hug instead taking his hands as she quietly led him up the stairs, stopping when the floorboards would creak gently. It took a few minutes but (Y/N) finally got them up the stairs and into their shared bedroom.

   (Y/N) immediately drags Bucky to their bathroom, gingerly forcing him down onto the side of their bathtub, a vintage claw foot that Bucky spent years trying to install.

   “Clothes off,” (Y/N) states matter of factly as she reaches under their sink, grabbing the first aid kit she always had on hand.

   “(Y/N), it’s really nothin’ to worry about doll, just a little scratch-”

   “Don’t make me tell you again Mr. Barnes,” (Y/N) clucked her tongue at him, smiling just a bit. Bucky smiled as he unbuttoned his vest, letting it droop to the floor as he began worming his boots and pants off. Before his pants were even off his leg (Y/N) pounced upon him, inspecting his wound thoroughly as though she were some kind of surgeon. She might as well have been a surgeon given how often she was stitching Bucky up, making him feel better and okay.

   “I don’t think it’s going to need any stitches- this time,” (Y/N) adds the last part with a soft smile. “Probably just some cleaning and a bandage.”

   “See, what did I tell you-”

   “But you need a shower, you smell horrible,” Bucky chuckles gingerly as he shakes his head, still being mindful enough to be quiet.

   “Only if you join me,” (Y/N) smiles softly, chuckling herself.

   “I have to go make breakfast soon-”

  “We’ll help each other, promise,”

   “James Buchanan Barnes, the last time you tried to cook in my kitchen you nearly burned our entire house down,”

   “Yeah, but then we got to renovate, remember how fun that was?”

   “I remember you nailing your hand to a piece wood, that’s for sure,” (Y/N) chuckles again, shaking her head fondly at the memory.

   “Well, I have experience now and I promise I won’t burn our kitchen down,” Bucky smiles softly, his eyes twinkling with a warm sort of fondness for his wife. “Please join me?”

   “Fine, but only because you asked so nicely,” (Y/N) slides off her robe as Bucky turns their tub on, letting it fill up with warm water before he and (Y/N) clambered In.

   Bucky looks back as (Y/N) slides her bra off, leaving her completely vulnerable to his gaze. It felt like Bucky’s breath had been taken away; it didn’t matter how many times he looked at (Y/N), every time he did it felt like the first, every single time.

   “You’re gorgeous,” Bucky whispers as he settles his hands on (Y/N)’s waist as his gaze rakes up and down her body, taking every chunk of her in. “So gorgeous,” Bucky leans forward, pressing a series of kisses along (Y/N)’s hips, stomach, and sternum. Her breath hitches in the back of her throat and her hands immediately fly to his hair, gripping it gently.

   “Bucky, bath first, sex after breakfast,” Bucky smiles as he pulls back, looking up at (Y/N) adoringly.

   “You’re no fun,”

   “Get in the tub you loser,” (Y/N) chuckles as they give his shoulder a gentle tap, before she clambers into the tub, taking up almost half the thing.

   “God, we need a new tub,” Bucky mutters as he slides in, right between (Y/N)’s legs.

   “And you’re not installing it,” (Y/N) presses a gentle kiss to his forehead as she grabs his shampoo bottle, flipping the cap open and squirting some onto her palm.

   “Why not?” Bucky pouts adorably as (Y/N) uses her free hand to work some water into his hair.

   “I don’t need to remind you of what happened the last time you tried to install something,” (Y/N) chuckles as she works the water into his hair, soaking it before working the shampoo in. Bucky hums in delight, sighing as he relaxes against (Y/N)’s body.

   “It was my first time, I can do it so well now-”

   “Bucky,” (Y/N) title his head up enough that she can lean down to press a kiss to his lips. “No more repairs or installations for you, we’ll get a contractor to come out and help,”

   “What the hell kind of contractor is going to come all the way out here?”

   “Bucky, stop squirming or you’re going to get shampoo in your eyes,” (Y/N) chuckles as she fondly strokes her husband’s scruffy cheek, just a barely there touch that she knew he enjoyed so much.

   Bucky settles down, enough for (Y/N) to wash his hair, condition it, and manage to cover some parts of his body in soap.

   “And I’m sure uncle Clint wouldn’t mind coming in to help fix the tub,”

   “You’d pick Clint over me?” Bucky looks almost appalled as he looks up at (Y/N), his eyes narrowed and mouth open. (Y/N) smirks as she hands the soap over to Bucky, smacking the soapy bar into his outstretched hand.

   “Mhm, yes I would,”

   “I’m offended,” Bucky mutters as he washes all the parts (Y/N) wasn’t able to get, namely anything past his pecs.

   “Boohoo,” (Y/N) chuckles as Bucky begins to work on his legs, having to sling one of them over the edge of the tub to clean it. “I’ll make it up to you later,”

   “Yeah,” Bucky grumbles as he works on the other leg. “I’m sure you will,” (Y/N) smiles as she tilts her head, just enough to kiss the side of Bucky’s head.

   “How about waffles for breakfast and me for dessert?” Bucky hums as he sets the soap down, tilting his head up to smile at (Y/N).

   “That sounds heavenly,”

   “Well let’s get going then Big guy,” (Y/N) chuckles softly as Bucky clambers out of the tub, grabbing a towel for himself and two for (Y/N).

   “Thank you,” (Y/N) gets on her tiptoes to press a kiss to Bucky’s lips before quickly pulling away again. “You’re running out of clothes to wear,” (Y/N) comments as she throws him a pair of boxers and loose sweats. “We’ll have to go shopping soon,” Bucky Hums as he gets dressed, sliding his clothing on as he watched (Y/N). God- he could just look at her all day. She was beautiful in his eyes, any little imperfection that she hated Bucky loved, any stretch mark or unwanted mole, any “fat” that she claimed to have he loved it.

   Bucky can’t help but wrap his hands around (Y/N)’s waist as she slips a shirt on, letting it bunch around his arms.

   “I missed you,” Bucky whispers as he nuzzles his face into the crook of her neck. “I missed this,” (Y/N) sighs as she settles her arms over his, grasping his hands gently and giving them a gentle squeeze.

   “I missed you too…how long will you be staying this time?”

   “Whenever Fury calls me back,” Bucky presses his lips to (Y/N)’s neck, giving her a series of open mouthed kisses. (Y/N) hums pleasurably, tilting her head to the side a bit to give Bucky better access.

   “We miss you,” (Y/N) whispers, stopping Bucky dead in his tracks. We. (Y/N) and their children; their children. Sometimes Bucky forgot he had a life here, a loving wife, three amazing kids, he was so caught up with Shield and missions and hydra that he forgot that he was past that part of his life; he didn’t have to worry about hydra, shield and missions weren’t his day and night anymore but (Y/N) was, his family was.

   “I know baby,” Bucky sighs as he breaks away, rubbing at his forehead as he does. “I need to resign, I need to do something-”

   “Don’t do anything you don’t want to do, I don’t want you to feel like you have to give up shield for us-”

   “But I want to,” Bucky hangs his head, sighing once again. “I want to leave that chapter of my life behind. It’s like I’m stuck on the same damn page twenty four seven and I hate it. You guys are my new chapter, I just need to stop going back and rereading the last ones…” (Y/N) smiles softly as she reaches out, holding Bucky gently.

   “Then take a break, stay at home, learn how to cook, fix our tub and walls-”

   “I thought you said no more renovations for me?” Bucky smiles just a bit, one quirk of his lip is all.

   “Mh, I’ve changed my mind, plus if you’re going to be here all the time you’re going to need to learn how to do some work,” Bucky chuckles as he holds (Y/N), a sweetly almost earthy sound filling the air.

   “You’re rude to me,”

   “Yeah I am,” (Y/N) smiles as she gently kisses Bucky’s bare chest. “And you love me for it,” (Y/N) pulls away, taking Bucky by the hand as she gently guides him down the stairs and into their kitchen.

   “Yeah, unfortunately I do,” (Y/N) gasps, feigning hurt as she clutches at her heart.

   “I’m hurt, wounded,” Bucky chuckles as he wraps his arms back around (Y/N)’s waist, smiling as he squeezed them gently. “No, stop, I’m mad at you,” (Y/N) laughs as Bucky nuzzles his scruffy face in the crook of her neck, tickling her gently. “Bucky, stop, we have to make breakfast!” (Y/N) whispers harshly to the soldier but her smile betrayed her tone.

   “If you keep yellin’ like that you’re gonna wake the kids up,”

   “Yeah, and it’ll be your fault-” (Y/N) smiles as she waddles towards their fridge, dragging Bucky with her as he refused to let go of her waist. “I thought you said you were helping,” (Y/N) smirks as she reaches for the milk and eggs, holding them both in one hand while the other retrieved a small pack of bacon.

   “I am,” Bucky chuckles as he grips (Y/N)’s hips gently.

   “Then get me some flour and salt,” Bucky smiles as he presses a kiss to (Y/N)’s cheek before sauntering off to retrieve all the necessary items for waffles.

   Bucky’s hand stalls as he reaches for a bag of sugar- He stared at the metal plating, stained with years of wear and tear, bodily fluids, and plenty of chalk and paint from both Steve and his children. It didn’t seem like too long ago when he’d used that same hand to choke innocent victims, it didn’t seem like years ago when one day a certain woman came up to him, held his hand, and begged him to help her. That’s how he had met (Y/N). She was being followed by a few shady men and she came to Bucky’s side for comfort. She didn’t even know him, he looked like an ex con for fucks sake and yet she still took his hand and begged for help. He remembered looking into those shining eyes of hers and feeling his heart clench as he was met with a fearful gaze. She begged him to pretend to be her boyfriend, which he gladly did.

   They had walked around, stopped at a cafe, talked, and eventually stopped at Central Park. Bucky was having such a fantastic time that he didn’t even notice when the men stopped following the two of them, and apparently so did (Y/N).

   “They stopped,” (Y/N) had whispered as she looked around the park. “Oh my god, thank you so much Bucky, thank you so, so, so much. How can I repay you?”

   “How about a real date, one where we don’t have to worry about men following us around?” Bucky knew it was a long shot, he was the infamous winter soldier after all, there was no way (Y/N) would ever agree-

   “I’d love that,” (Y/N) had whispered, giving his hand a good squeeze. It was in that moment Bucky realized for the first time in forever he wasn’t scared. He wasn’t afraid he was going to hurt (Y/N), he wasn’t afraid that hydra was lurking around the corner, he wasn’t afraid of what the next mission would be, for once he could finally just be.

   “Buck, I need that sugar,” (Y/N) smiled tenderly at Bucky as she held a whisk in her hand, parts of it dripping in thick batter.

   Bucky clears his throat as he reaches for the sugar, snatching it up before handing it to (Y/N).

   (Y/N) had given him a second chance. He had been a broken shell, something of the man he once used to be but when (Y/N) showed up the pieces slowly started to fall back into place. He didn’t feel so scared anymore, he slowly adopted the old Bucky Barnes back into his life, the fun, playful, loving one that everyone had missed so much. (Y/N) had given him a second chance at life.

   “Daddy!” Three high pitched voices break him away from his thoughts. Three pairs of feet hit the hardwood as Bucky’s kids come barreling after him; Elizabeth, Collin, and Ben. Ben and Collin were his first two kids, twins, and Elizabeth was the youngest, daddy’s princess.

   All three kids latch onto Bucky immediately, shouting happily as they climb all over him. Bucky laughs as he picks up Elizabeth and Ben, letting Collin climb (more like Jump) up onto his back.

   “Yeah, yeah, daddy missed you too you goofballs,”

   “Daddy, I drew you a bunch of pictures!” Elizabeth cries happily, pointing to the fridge with a small finger. Bucky looks surprised as he looks at them, smiling widely when Elizabeth giggles.

   “They’re beautiful baby,”

   “Daddy! I finally hit our baseball into that meadow!”

   “Did you now?” Bucky looks at Ben, who was looking up at his father adoringly.

   “Oh yes he did, he went in to retrieve it and I couldn’t find him for half an hour,” Bucky laughs as (Y/N) continues to whisk and fold the batter.

   “And Collin,” Bucky tilted his head backwards, smiling at his son. “What have you been up to Buddy?”

   “Mommy’s been teaching me how to read big boy books!”

   “Like what?”

   “Harry- Harry-”

   “Harry potter?”

   “Yes!” Colin smiles excitedly.

  “That’s so cool!”

  “Yeah!” Collin nods as he wraps his arms around Bucky’s head, making it impossible to see anything.

   “Kids, why don’t you go play on the swing and daddy will come play once breakfast is almost done?” The children squeal happily as they jump off Bucky, rushing to the back door and out into their endless backyard.

   Bucky smiles fondly as he watches them scurry off, his heart clenching just a bit. Years ago he never would have believe he’d settle down, get married, have a family, he had been too dangerous for that but here he was, making breakfast for his wife and children and in his own home too, not some tower or sanctuary, his own home with rooms and a kitchen and a backyard.

   Bucky can feel the tears burn at his eyes but he ignores them for now. Instead he wraps his arms around (Y/N) once again as his lips find purchase on her temple.

   “Thank you,” Bucky whispers hoarsely, making it obvious he was on the verge of tears. (Y/N) immediately looks at him, her beautiful eyes shrouded in worry.

   “What for?” Bucky smiles gently as he rubs his nose against (Y/N)’s, inhaling her comforting scent deeply.

   “For giving me a second chance,”


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“It is very difficult to uncover Elizabeth’s private feelings towards her father. Certainly, she paraded her filial descent with pride. A decade after Henry’s death, the Venetian ambassador noted that she “prides herself on her father and glories in him”. Later still, during her own coronation procession in January 1559, Elizabeth smiled on hearing one of the spectators refer to King Henry, and she claimed it was because “she rejoysed at his name whom this realme doth hold of so woorthy memorie: so in all her doinges she will resemble the same”. On the strength of such observations, biographers have commented on Elizabeth’s adulation of the king. However, given the allegations that she was not Henry’s daughter, Elizabeth had every motive for flaunting her affection and admiration for her royal father. Moreover, in view of Henry’s treatment of his wives and daughters, she had every reason to fear – rather than to love – the irascible, volatile, and merciless monarch. And, indeed, her calm reaction to the news of his death suggests that she experienced no great grief at his passing. Furthermore, her New Year’s gifts for both him and Queen Katherine in 1544 betray an unsettling ambivalence in her inward feeling towards the king.

On New Year’s Eve 1544, Elizabeth probably gave her father a handwritten French translation of Erasmus’ Dialogus fidei, though we cannot be certain, as the work is no longer extant. A matching gift to her stepmother has survived in the form of a handwritten twenty-seven-page English translation of a volume of meditations that had been composed by Margaret of Navarre, sister of King Francis I of France. Every aspect of this gift to Katherine was carefully thought out and redolent in meaning. Its title, The glasse of the synnefull soule, drew attention to Elizabeth’s royal lineage, as it alluded to her paternal great-grandmother Margaret Beaufort’s volume of translations entitled Miroure of golde for the sinful soul. The pages were bound together within a blue cover on which Elizabeth had embroidered pansies in each corner and knotwork pattern in silver thread surrounding Katherine’s initials in the centre. Pansies both punned with the French word for meditations, pensées, and, in the language of flowers, sent out the message “think of me” to Katherine, from whom she had just parted. The embroidered forget-me-nots on the spine of the book signified the “love” or “affection” she held for her stepmother. This was a gift, then, that not only displayed the young girl’s intellectual precociousness and feminine skills but also drew attention to her royal ancestry and signalled her devotion to the queen-consort and, by extension, the king. It can be read as a bid to retain their affections and receive in return a more permanent place at court.

Possibly too, although this is necessarily more speculative, Elizabeth’s gift reveals a deeper and darker psychological side to her feelings towards her father. Margaret’s original poem was a set of meditations on family relationships through which humans may understand God’s love. In fact, the work touched on adultery, bastardy, and incest, all sensitive subjects for the 11-year-old daughter of Anne Boleyn to handle. What is more, its presentation of God as a great king and judge who is kind to daughters and merciful to adulterous wives might have touched a raw nerve in Elizabeth. For this reason, some scholars have argued that her mistranslations and departures from the original text stem, not from a young girl’s carelessness, but from a deep-rooted, perhaps, subconscious, anxiety and anger about her own father’s lack of mercy towards his adulterous wife.”

Elizabeth I and Her Circle by Susan Doran

Frisson - Rule #2: Never Disobey Your Teacher

Excerpt: “If it looked hot with them,” Phil releases a hand from his back to trace a light line on Dan’s face, from his glabella down to his lips, where they lingered longer, “how much more would it be with my baby boy?”

Summary: A loosely connected chaptered series about a taboo relationship // Dan didn’t meet Phil’s expectations for his English grades.  

Genre: sin

Warnings: sir!kink, literotica, toys, a smidgen of overstimulation, unhealthy use of Hamlet

Words: 2,645

Alice: *in the tone of fireworks by katy perry* boom boom boom, the sin is going nyoom nyoom nyoom. DEdicated to the kinkiest bitch in town glossybutt

Charlie: When all else fails in real-life love, write your fantasies down instead.

read #1 here || masterpost || read #3 here

“Dan?” A maid knocks on Dan’s bedroom door. Dan recognises the voice to be Amanda.

“Yes?” He responds, and the door opens slightly, and Amanda sticks her blonde-haired head through the space.

“Your father called for you- he’s in the library.”

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Since for the having-a-baby scenarios, you and the BTS member you're have a baby with are married (when its traditional), how about getting married to Hoseok (like the wedding and the proposal and stuff)?

hello there i dont like weddings at all (personal reasons that are traumatic as hell man) so i dont know if i made this cute enough?? or detailed enough like i dont like weddings im sorry !!

Marrying Hoseok

Originally posted by tae-hyung

  • yo guess who is inconsistent as hell
  • this is one i have thought about a lot as a hobi stan
  • okay idk how long people get married like my dad is my prime example of marriage and all his marriages have been different time spans like wtf
  • but anyway back to hobi
  • i think he would be one of the first ones married because he is someone who feels emotions very strongly and dives into everything head first, like giving it his everything no matter what he does
  • so when he thinks he finds the one he wants to marry well he wouldn’t want to wait very long
  • i think when he realized he was ready for marriage he would probably call his sister up for help like hey do you think im ready, should i really go for this?? and he would be such a giggly mess cause he’s just thinking about you and she’s like um i think you already know the answer to your own question…
  • i think he would honestly be like one of those people that does the whole 2-3 years of dating before he wants to settle down
  • he would be one who talks about marriage with his boo a lot like i think that would be something he really would want for himself, to settle down with the person he loves and start a family
  • like can you imagine cute hobi with his lil family cause wow weak
  • okay but once he realizes he’s serious about this wedding business all the other boys are in on it
  • like right away
  • he goes to namjoon first because even though throughout all my series namjoon and yoongi ride the bachelor train, namjoon is really selfless and always has good advice so i mean
  • yoongi would be the next to know, like he has such a soft spot for hoseok and he would be so like emotional like hoseok is his lil baby and now his baby is getting married??
  • yoongi would probably be the most !! out of the boys like he knows you and he likes you but he doesn’t want hoseok to get hurt or scared or anything
  • jin gets way into it like i kinda think hoseok would be the first marriage honestly so this is all new and he volunteers himself to be the cake baker and the picker of the suit (and then namjoon is like please with your fashion sense and they fight it out later oops)
  • and you start to notice hoseok has been acting kinda weird
  • like everyone wants to say he would be screaming 25/8 in a relationship, but hear me out, there is so much more to hoseok than screaming all the time
  • like yes he’s really affectionate and emotional and expresses himself a lot, and that might come off as weird or childish to people, or something to laugh at, but these people seriously are the best because they’re genuine and they give themselves fully to whatever they have to do im getting emotional
  • so like with hoseok you know something is off because he seems less passionate about the little things
  • like you guys have your movie night every monday or whatever works for you all but suddenly he suggests you two just go to bed?
  • or like in the morning he usually shower sings and asks you to join for a duet but he just hops in and kinda gives you a kiss before getting ready like he’s not as upbeat and open with you and this scares the hell out of you
  • but in reality he is so absorbed in making everything perfect that he kinda sorta lets stuff start to slide like he dedicates 100% to this wedding planning and oops
  • his sister and yoongi are the two that come ring shopping with him can you imagine that
  • hoseok doesn’t want anything to showy like i think he would want something different, but not showy because it’s your relationship, and it’s obviously personal and he just doesn’t wanna show off like wealth or status?
  • he’s such a humble guy and he doesn’t wanna make anything too over the top or flashy
  • he would be one of those people to settle on a different cut of diamond though (he wants diamond for sure though, like gotta stick to tradition)
  • your girl just realized there aren’t many cuts of diamonds
  • he would get a pear cut diamond and it would have a gold band right and there are baby diamonds around the band but the diamond isn’t that big itself it’s more simple
  • and he probably tears up when he finds the one cause wow he’s actually gonna propose and get married to you, the love of his life??
  • jeongguk and jimin are the two that get you to start thinking
  • it’s because they did something stupid like google “how to be good groomsmen” in front of you and then read the article out loud im smh
  • and you look over at them “wait who’s getting married” and they bolt out of there so fast you wouldn’t believe it
  • oh hoseok would be the type to stalk your pinterest (if you had one) to see if you have any wedding boards up oh my god can you imagine he would be that boyfriend i can see it
  • okay but proposal time
  • he doesn’t want this to be big or flashy either like that’s not his style
  • but he wants it to be memorable okay
  • so he gets the boys to help set up this amazing proposal place area thing
  • it’s this really pretty meadow right like a beautiful wildflower meadow?? with a few trees clustered near the front (he tried carving your initials there with a plastic knife once no joke) and the sun is always shining and nobody really knows about it but you and hoseok like it’s your special place and that’s where he said i love you for the first time?? so it’s definitely an important place to you
  • so one day hoseok is like “babe bae you know our meadow?? yah yah, the one where i said i love you and then i kissed you but i stepped in a hole and fell on top of you?? yah well we haven’t been in forever, let’s go tonight after practice. im staying late to help namjoon and yoongi on some choreo, so jin can take you is that okay? we can meet up!”
  • and you just “that sounds suspicious but okay”
  • and he’s smiling so widely and he kisses you before rushing off to practice
  • and it’s pretty boring that day but then hoseok texts you “wear something nice okay?”
  • “oh hell i knew this was suspicious”
  • okay but you throw on your nice clothes!! and you’re ready to gO!! and jin arrives at your door with the maknae line in tow and you kinda “oh is this a family date?”
  • jin just winks and then glares at tae cause he’s about to spill the entire damn surprise and the car ride is mostly silent cause the maknaes are afraid to incur the wrath of god upon themselves
  • okay you get there and it’s like summer ish so the sun hasn’t set yet and she sky is pink and orange and the moon is rising but it’s not up there yet and it’s breathtaking
  • you notice the tea lights first
  • they’re up in the trees and they illuminate the place just a bit but you know in a few hours (or less) they’ll be your main source of light
  • but then you take a closer look at the trees and they tied like a clothesline up in the trees and they pinned pictures of you and hoseok up so it’s like a memory tree and you’re tearing up because you know what this is about to become
  • and hoseok is there too obviously but you were so caught up in the decorations?? okay but this precious sunflower would be wearing a vest okay and this button down and slacks so not super stuffy but really dressed up help me i cant breathe
  • and you definitely are crying now and the boys stand off to the side cause hoseok wanted them there okay his brothers (yoongi is taking all the pics okay)
  • and you run up to hoseok and throw yourself into your arms because you’re so happy and he laughs “let me get down on one knee at least”
  • hoseok would be the type to totally write like a twenty seven page speech, about your looks, your personality, your memories, why he loves you, the good and the bad times, his hopes for the futures
  • he can’t finish though because he’s crying (and so am i)
  • his hands are shaking as he slips the ring onto your finger and he pulls you into his arms and it’s a long gushy kiss (jeongguk ews and yoongi whoops his ass)
  • hoseok tries to be involved in all parts of the wedding planning
  • like the color scheme and the cake and the venue
  • it’s a small wedding, only immediate friends and family
  • it’s a spring wedding in the same meadow okay that’s where the ceremony is like you have one of those lil bridal arches and it’s decorated with flowers and you have more pictures up okay like this place is your thing and like you might think meadow?? but no it’s a lovely day and the sun is shining and the flowers are in full bloom and there’s a lil path and you guys got cute chairs and everything and it’s simple but beautiful and that place has so much meaning to you guys??
  • he cries before you even walk down okay he’s in tears
  • yoongi is the best man fight me on this
  • he writes his vows and you write yours too and he cries through them and so do you and everyone in the audience is crying too
  • and he’s holding both your hands even though he needs to slip the ring on your finger at one point and he’s smiling so brightly you’re like hello am i blind?? and while the dude is reading his stuff you’re mouthing cute things to each other and it’s really noticeable but really super cute too
  • and when he says you may now kiss hoseok dips you down dips you for sure and kisses you so softly and gently and you cup his face in your hands and everyone is cheering!!
  • the reception is probably like in one of those old mansions you can rent out for a bit and i swear this boy is like lets skip eating because we need to dance!!
  • your first dance song is really slow and you keep your head on his chest and he sings the lyrics into your ears as he leads you around the dancefloor
  • but there is also upbeat music okay like super upbeat and he’s like breakdancing in his tux?? what is this??
  • yoongi gives the first toast though and then all the boys give a speech and again hoseok is in tears
  • he dances with your parents too like he wants all the families to unite and be involved
  • and cake time he would slam the cake  into your face there is no question about it and then probably pull something greasy like lick it off your nose (in front of everyone) and so you slam the cake right back at him
  • this party probably goes well past midnight because hoseok is dancing
  • you fall asleep on his sister’s shoulder ahh and he always comes over to check on you and once he realizes you dozed off he’s like alright we’re gonna go home now!!
  • and everyone kinda !! oh !!
  • he picks you up in his arms like hello yes we’re going home now!! to our house!! that we share as a married couple!!
  • and you wake up a bit to smile up at him and it’s so touching
  • the honeymoon is like the day after the wedding you two are gonna go go go
  • but the night before like he tucks you in and as you two sleep he holds you hand to see the rings right?? and he keeps whispering to himself “wow i cant believe i married the love of my life…”
  • he’s always messing with your fingers to see the rings ahh
  • anyway honeymoon would be somewhere cold yet stunning so like switzerland or norway or something like that!!!
  • and that’s the wedding with hoseok my boo i hope you enjoyed!

Page 27 -

I’m uploading it on mobile because the internet in my laptop is… slow. I have to explain this… ehm. McWhammy saw a paper floating on his back whilst he was walking AT THE WINDOW. So he took it and saw the signature. “ENTP”. Well… (I know a story is bad when you even have to explain it because no one could get it…). Read from right to left.


For anon…reader is Gryffindor and muggle born as requested (his eyes though)

Draco snapped his prolonged gaze from you to the book in front of him as you turned your head to glance around. The only reason he was in the library was because he had seen the muggle born Gryffindor he had a massive crush on walk in. He wasn’t even sure what book he had picked up, or even how he managed to get to page twenty-seven. As far as his thoughts were concerned, he was working out a way to approach you. He heard you sigh and begin to pack up your things.

As calmly as he could, Draco stood up closing his book. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw you throw your bag over your shoulder. He took the brief moment to see it was just getting dark. Draco heard you stroll from the library, allowing him to turn and watch his, seemingly, final chance to approach you for the night leave the room. He quirked a brow as he noticed a strange contraption on your back. His eyes lit up with an idea. He quickened his own actions.

“Y/N,” he called while strolling over to you.
You turned around and flashed him a smile. “Hello Draco.”
“What’s that on your back?”
“It’s my guitar,” you replied sweetly, “I was just about to go play it.”

You noticed the confusion written all over the Slytherin’s face. You held back a snicker and settled for rolling your eyes. You led him out into the nearly empty corridor and set your things on a ledge that was above a bench. Gingerly, you placed your acoustic guitar on the ledge as well. You quickly began to unzip the package.

“A guitar is a musical instrument,” you explained, “It’s quite popular in the muggle world.”
“And you know how to play it?”

You slung the strap over your shoulder with a nod. You sat down and motioned for Draco to do the same. He gleefully accepted. You twirled the pick in between your fingers.

“This is called a pick. You strum it against the strings to create a sound.”
“So, it only makes one sound?”
You giggled. “No. To change the sound, you situate your fingers along the frets up here and change the finger positions. Like this.”

You arranged your fingers and began to play the intro to one of your favorite songs. Judging by the look on Draco’s face, he hadn’t heard of it either. Despite his confusion, he watched you play it intensely. His eyes flicked up to see you had moved your gaze to the guitar strings. He smirked at your serenity, a hum moving past your lips.

“May I give it a try, Y/N?”
You stopped your playing and grinned. “Sure.”

He scooted closer as you handed him the instrument. You snickered as you helped him situate the instrument. Noticing his fumbling, you placed your hands on his. Draco tensed at the sudden touch.

“This hand holds the pick and lays in front of the guitar’s belly,” you instructed softly while moving his hand, “And this one goes to the upper frets. Got it?”
He gulped. “Yeah.”
“We’ll start with the G chord, make it easy. Place your fingers here, here, and here and push the strings into the neck.”
“Like this?” he asked.
She nodded. “Now, go ahead. Give it a strum.”

Almost sheepishly, Draco strummed the guitar. You beamed as it was nearly perfect. Seeing your grin, the pureblood began to gain confidence and strum some more. It may have been the same chord, but it didn’t matter to him.

“That’s perfect, Draco,” you praised, “You’re a natural.”
Draco leaned in closer to you. “Well, I’ve got quite the mentor.”
You blushed as your breathing turned heavy. “That so?” you whispered.

Draco’s fingers gently traced the strings at random. The two of you connected gazes. You felt his breath hit your chin, causing you to suppress a shiver. Closing your eyes, you brought your lips to his gently. Draco responded just as softly. You rubbed your hand up his chest and around his neck. He deepened the kiss. A few, long moments later, you pulled apart. Draco was grinning madly.

“Regular lessons then?” he teased.
You chuckled before playfully shoving him away.

Want to Request?

I miss my business partner in crime more than a potential twenty-seven page thesis paper on the subject could explain.

Maria Applegate. You are the most precious friend I could ever hope for. I have always felt that it was an honor to be privy to your life and be by your side, a place that I miss with the most serious of heartaches.

Sobbing while typing always leads to laughing in that “just looked at myself in the bathroom mirror at a party” type of overwhelming self-awareness.

You are my favorite person.

I love you and I hope to see you soon, Chatran Urchin

- Pooski

5watt-litebulb  asked:

are you still open for 3 sentence meme? how about dirk/caliborn in mangaka/comic artist AU? :D

“This. Is complete bullshit,” Dirk hears his recent assistant bemoan from the other corner of the crowded apartment. He would normally give the apprentice shit for it, but it had been a nine hour day and Dirk was just as exhausted.

“Finish inking that last page and head home,” he calls, not looking up from the ragged looking sketch he was scratching out beneath his pencil. “You can probably catch the last train if you haul ass. I’ll get the rest.”

“Twenty. Seven. Pages,” Caliborn says. Every word is punctuated. “Of talking shit. And they haven’t even,” he pauses, heaving a stuttered breath. “Held hands. Yet.”

“That’s called build up, jackass. You wanted to come overseas to be a bigshot mangaka, you better start actually learning how to be a bigshot mangaka.”

“When do they hold hands,” he asks. “When do. The sparkles come.”

“Patience,” Dirk says. His voice is a little too weary to sound overtly convincing. “Tell you what, if you ink one more page for me tonight I’ll draw a picture of them fucking for you. As thanks for your groaning but nonetheless half-decent work ethic. I suppose promise of those sweet moe pics will keep anyone in line, though. Just one of the many powers of my radical art skills.”



“I have no interest. In genital intercourse.”

Dirk snorts. “Are you sure? There will be sparkles.”


“And flowers. And face-touching.” Dirk is already mapping the picture in his head, soft curves drifting through his mind as yet another perspective line for a background sends an ache up his hand.

“I will miss my transportation. I will have to. Spend the night.”

“We’ll have a sleepover then,” Dirk muses.

He hears Caliborn shuffle a paper in hesitation.

“…The face-touching. Will it be,” Caliborn pauses. “Sensual.”

“The sensualest,” Dirk says. He shoots a half-serious flirty look over his shoulder that causes Caliborn to flush, scowl, and return to his work with scattered movements.

“I did like the sleepover scene. From last chapter,” his assistant mutters.

“I know you did.”

“You have obtained my interest. Then,” Caliborn says. “Congratulations. I will accept this gift. And depending on the quality. Cherish it.”

“Great.” Dirk lifts a recently finished paper from his desk and sends himself rocketing across the small room on his rolling chair. He shoves the sketch into Caliborn’s arms and kicks himself back to his desk. “Finish that and we’ll talk details.”