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“You guys are too cute.”  Karen cooed, smiling goofily as Matt and yourself ate dinner while holding hands.  She giggled when it obviously made you flustered.  Foggy chuckled as well.

“The ultimate couple goals.”  He agreed with a nod.

“What every couple should strive for.”  Karen added on.

“Isn’t that what couple goals means?”  Matt asked with a laugh.


(Headcanon accepted)

When Sans is too tired to read, Paps goes to his little stuffed bun bun ^^


Happy birthday, Sen! @victornikiforovs ˉ̞̭(′͈∨‵͈♡)˄̻ ̊

“Sigil Nullifier”

Requested by: sass-master-hades

NOTE: This sigil nullifies other sigils. It is intended to prevent other sigils from accidentally activating, such as in cases where sigils are recorded in a grimoire for reference or where a sigil is displayed for purely decorative purposes. On a singular basis, the most effective placement of this Sigil Nullifier is on the underside of the recorded or displayed sigil. Where sigils are recorded in a book, the Sigil Nullifier is most effective when drawn twice: once on the first page of the book, and once on the last page. 


claire redfield icons (requested by @tracerwidows​)
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hello, im back :) here’s a sketchdump! i drew these to cheer myself up, and also, I kinda miss aoba johsai a lot haha.

thank you all for the follows and the notes and the very kind words while I was away! they were so nice. i’m trying my best not to feel stressed, so I made this neat-o art requests page because drawing makes me happy. pls drop by! im taking art/comic requests during this weekend! :)


Requested: Shawn is in the studio, but can’t seem to write anything meaningful. He calls y/n for some inspiration.



You’re halfway through your algebra homework, when your phone buzzing on your bed distracts you. Picking it up, you answer, “Hello?”

“Hey hun,” Shawn’s voice comes from the other side. You’re wondering why he’s calling you because you know he’s at a recording studio in LA right now.

“Hey babe,” You reply, “What’s up?” 

“I’m in the studio and I know you just got home from school so I just wanted to call you.”

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"no. no, no, no — you really don’t want me as a soulmate." with jason todd please? for the angsty soulmate thing?

okay, so I wanted to do something a little different with this, because I don’t want to just use the same au for every prompt, you know? so for this one shot I’m going with an au where everyone feels an invisible magnetic pull towards their soulmate, and it gets stronger the closer you get to them. (not gonna lie, I’m reading the night circus by erin morgenstern right now, and this au is heavily based off of that book but with a soumate-y twist lmao) I hope that explanation makes sense.

jason’s backstory is also cool for this because it lets me think about what would happen to the soulmate bond if one person died, so here’s your official content warning for angst, character death, and some minor medical body horror.

prompt is from this list!

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