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I’m gonna make it a series, it’ll be called People Who’ve Barely Said A Word In Canon And Yet I Love So Very Much Anyway

60 Tips for IB - from a 45 pointer

A lot of people have been asking me about general tips for surviving IB and how I got 45 points. If I’m honest I think the difference between 40 and 45 points is just pure, dumb luck, but at least here are some tips to getting up to the 40 -points level :D

This is a list of tips my friend and I wrote right after our IB exams. We were feeling quite high at the moment, so I had to edit some of the tips so you could actually take the advice seriously…


2. Don’t do “homework” at home!!!

3. Find a study buddy

4. Proceed to ignore everyone but your study buddy

5. Not your dog though

6. Escape from your family / responsibilities (e.g. do your homework abroad, in someone else’s basement, coffee shops, libraries, group rooms at school, sneak into university study halls etcetc. The possibilities are endless)

7. Set yourself a time limit for doing the TOK Essay. (Don’t do it two weekends in a row, you will go crazy)

8. Don’t attempt to finish the EE in one day

9. Remind your science teacher about the IA. It’s for your own good.

10. Whether it’s 5am or 2am, figure out when you work best and stick to it.

11. Don’t think you’ll learn stuff in class. Seriously. Read the books instead, and use classes as revision / sleep time / relaxing time.

12. Mark schemes will be your best teacher. 

13. Write syllabus notes FROM THE VERY START.

14. You won’t understand TOK but at least try to have fun with it.

15. Don’t forget about CAS, but don’t spend too much time on it either.

16. Install “StayFocusd” but don’t go nuclear option for a week

17. Memorize the opening hours of the public study areas in your vicinity 

18. Listen to Christmas music if you’re sad

19. Get a whiteboard for revision

20. Physics students: buy the Tsokos revision guide

21. Chemistry students: YouTube Richard Thornley 

22. Biology students: YouTube Alex Lee

23. Read the language books during the summer

24. Don’t give a fuck about English B…but TAKE ENGLISH B IF YOU CAN

25. Don’t choose science as your EE subject (unless you have a super smart and helpful and amazing supervisor)

26. Love your teachers, see them as your friend. They’re adorable.

27. Love yourself too

28. Making a plan (without necessarily following it) will help calm you down

29. 8tracks have amazing playlists

30. Dictionaries are cool

31. is cooler

32. Watch TV shows all year round to get your mind off things, just not season finales right before the exams

33. Cry it out

34. Shout it out

35. Drink it out

36. Just don’t get too drunk or violent that’s bad

37. Your nerdy classmates are your friends and teachers

38. Bring coffee / tea to school, if you make it to school

39. It’s OK to skip school for school

40. Waste money on school shit, you’ll earn it back in the future

41. If you can afford it, go to Lanterna summer course. You might get friends from other countries who’ll be able to help you throughout the year, by exchanging resources etc.

42. Make puns about nerdy stuff (like, about life, the universe and everything)

43. Be proud of being a nerd, everyone knows it already

44. EAT

45. SLEEP (sometimes it’s worth skipping school for)

46. Some teachers are nice about students sleeping in class

47. Concentrate when doing IA experiments though, take notes, or even better: film it

48. By the way, FILMING can reduce a lot of errors in science experiments. Write that as an improvement in your evaluation part!!

49. Question banks can be found, if you know where to look

50. Don’t care about other people’s grades

51. Don’t care too much about your own grades either. You’ll survive either way. Calm down. “Chillax”. 

52. Don’t do TOK presentation alone.

53. WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER (uni will be a piece of cake for you. also u can puke out a 4-paged-essay, proof-read and everything, in less than an hour, handwritten. amazing)

54. IB therefore I BS

55. Decorate your wall with IB gems

56. You’ll learn a lot from teaching others / making up games / doing past papers. Don’t just read books and highlight. Don’t just listen to the teachers. You won’t remember shit that way.


58. You’re allowed to protest sometimes

59. Don’t think too much about TOK / the uncertainty principle / relativity / astrophysics / DNA / nihilist bullshit from the language books. Stick to your reality and be happy. Have fun. Enjoy life. Stop giving so much fucks. Lower your expectations. (I honestly spent IB preparing to fail and start a bakery or something. Life is full of pleasant surprises that way)

60. Your Non-IB friends will laugh at you. Your siblings will laugh at you. Your teachers will laugh at you. You will laugh at you. But it’s okay, 2 years will be over in a flash ^^

Okay am I getting deaf or is this really harry’s voice?! That was on ernest and doris birthday in 2015 😮🤗

“I don’t give a fig about her sexuality. Except that I don’t believe she’s a lesbian, demand proof of this from my other children and am wondering if I should confront her. But I definitely don’t give a fig.“

Work In Progress

Summary: Stiles is assigned as editor for the well-known erotica author Derek Hale.

Notes: Written for @dearnearlydemented, who wanted #12 from this list. I hope you like it! (Also, I have no idea what an editor’s job is really like, so please go with me on this one.) (On AO3)

“Come on, Derek,” Stiles says into the phone, just a little cajoling. “I need that chapter by tomorrow, but I’m betting you have it done now, and you’re just holding out on me.”

“Well,” Derek says hesitantly, and Stiles grins. Bingo. “It is done, but it’s not, um, my usual style.”

“I don’t actually know your usual style, so that’s not going be a problem for me. I just want to make sure it’s good, Derek. Is it good?” he asks, amused.

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Aaaaaaand the video…they didn’t know they were being filmed. The girls are behind some idk but they are not in the same room as the boys WARNING: TURN THE VOLUME DOWN

Pag 8 of the Magical Garden AU.
Read from left to right.
Victor:(From the prev page)  Don’t worry! This rose is still useful for me and, anyway, its battle for life isn’t over yet…*Really angry Yuuri.* I see that you are angry so let me explain…

Who you are…Where you are..and also…Why you are here, Yuuri~<3

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I’m so sorry! It took a while!
I’m not good with backgrounds so I really DID put a lot of effort in it!
It’s a really simple page, but, please, be patience, I’m working on the next page!

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Too Good | Alex Høgh Andersen

→ Fandom: None

→ Character: Alex Høgh Andersen / Reader

→ Wordcount: 2066 

  Tagged: @angelaiswriting @saibh29

→ Request: itaechii said: Hi, it’s me katheryn_winnick from ig. There is a huge amount of shit about Alex Høgh Andersen and Ellie-Jean Coffey. She is an australian model/surfer. He keeps liking her pics and commented once when Ellie announced she is going to Austin just like Alex. Can i have an imagine where the reader feels bad about it and she thinks that Alex is cheating on her? And maybe Alex had some feelings for break up and try a relationship with Ellie but she tells him she just wanted to fuck? Thank you honey❤

→ A/N: Well bitch, there you go. It took me a while BECAUSE INSTA, well you know how it is. Enjoy. Or not. Luv u bitch.

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Ned/Sansa in GoT: Exact Same Story

I’m usually careful about criticizing Ned online as he’s an almost sacred figure in this fandom. However, Ned and his daughter have almost the same stoyline in Game of Thrones. The biggest difference between the two is that loyalty to his old family (Robert and Jon Arryn) drive many of Ned’s action while loyalty to her future family (Joffrey and Cersei) drive many of Sansa’s.

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dear-god-whyy  asked:

look everyone says that there is no proof of john not being straight but at this point im desperate and ?s=6&p=007194 and the next page's image are Proof that john is closeted at least for me idk it's 430 am

right. i remember this being a hot topic of discussion when these pages came out. like the ghost butt thing is a punchline but lemme take it seriously for a second (because taking homestucks punchlines seriously is how you uncover The Truth) - the way john talks about male sexuality is different from how he talks about female sexuality. with women, its either a passive acceptance (karkat says im supposed to marry rose? well, ok, thats weird but i guess if he says so) or intimidation/fear (dave and karkat say terezi is flirting with me? thats weird, i feel uncomfortable, i want to stop thinking about this)

john never chooses to breach the subject of female sexuality, its always other people bringing it up with him. whereas in this interaction you see john not only bringing up the subject of male sexuality, but trying to push it even after jade says “were not talking about this”. and then he keeps thinking about it! hes clearly experiencing some kind of distress over it (which i would attribute to… being closeted) but hes obviously got a fixation on the subject, unlike with girls where his mood tends to be “…ok, anyway”