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Disclaimer: Works marked with * are rated explicit for sexually explicit content and/or other adult themes. The works are in order from oldest to newest under each category.

Illuminate x Her 
I. No Promises* - He needs her more than anything else, he needs to be close, to be touched and held. He needs nails grazing his skin and teeth dragging along his shoulder. Because he feels a little less like a machine, and a little more like a person when he’s with her. All despite her tenacious attempts to keep him distant from her. 

II. Patience Like This* - “I care about you. More than I want to. And that scares me. It scares me so much that I sometimes wish we’d never met. I hate that you make me feel this way. You kind of drive me nuts. But somehow I still want you. You mess me up so bad and I still want you.”

Atlas: Senses  
I. Touch* - “I wanted to stay. I wanted to fight for us, but you wouldn’t let me. You just left and took the easy way out.” 

Next to Our Brand New Bed* - “Can I have a taste?”

I’ll Never Be Your Mother’s Favourite - Shawn meets her parents for the first time and things don’t really go to plan. 

Fortunes - “Shawn. Say something. Please.” 

There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back* - “Baby, I’ve missed you, I’ve been gone for ages, and I need you so bad.” 

Where My Demons Hide - “I’m not leaving you like this. Please. Is there anything I can do?” 

A Little Help* - “How long have you been standing there?” 

Pickering* - Shawn hands me the phone when he’s done uploading the picture and I look at the image, the caption underneath it saying, “Us and our son.” 

Care for You - “I’ll give you a massage.”



I’ll update it as I keep writing!  

Sketches and Coffee (Steve Rogers x Reader College!AU)

Summary: Steve is an art student observing your dance rehearsals for his sketches.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

French Girl (Steve Rogers x Reader College!AU)*

*Sequel for Sketches and Coffee!

Summary: Steve draws you like a french girl.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

I Wish (You Were Mine) (Steve Rogers x Mutant!Reader)

Summary: “Yeah but you know…” You shrugged playfully, a shy smile gracing your lips. “Now I can say I got saved by Captain America.” 
He let out a hearty laugh and that was it. 
You had a high school kinda crush on Captain freaking America.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

New York Baby (Steve Rogers x Sokovian!Reader)

Summary: Steve fights for a living. So he’s most definitely fighting to have you back.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Worth The Wait (Skinny!Steve Rogers x Reader Modern!AU)

Summary: “So my friends dared me to ask a random person out on a date and the person I asked actually said yes wth do I do?!” AU
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Keep You Here (Skinny!40s! Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary: “No, I mean if you don’t mind I could draw you?”
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Home (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary: So she is a little box full of surprises. He isn’t expecting the lightness, the freedom, the spontaneity. Rare traits in the life he leads, as a super soldier, as Captain America. But exactly what he needs.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Sunday Kind of Love (Skinny!40s! Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary: He comes in and sit in the closest table to the stage. Just to watch you sing.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

98 Kisses (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary: Steve’s girlfriend promises to fulfill one of her birthday’s tradition with him. One kiss for each one of his years.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Vintage Bars and Ballrooms (Steve Rogers x Reader Modern!AU)

Summary: Tony tries to hook his assistant with his ‘muscly virgin’ friend, Steve. But she just can’t take this also muscly guy she met in a vintage bar in Brooklyn out of her mind.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

The Convenient Accident (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary:  You’re having a relaxing night back at home with a bubble bath, wine, candles and good music to keep you company. That changes when you decide to send a sexy picture to your asshole of ex-boyfriend and when that picture ends up in someone’s phone. More like Captain America’s phone.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Be Patient (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Be patient and let me grow into your arms.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Angst, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T

Just So You Know (Bucky Barnes x Reader)*

*Written as a prequel to All My Lows but can be read separately!

Summary: Mornings with you are Bucky’s favorites.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

All My Lows (Bucky Barnes x Pregnant!Reader)

Summary: Bucky has another nightmare and ends up hurting you. What happens next?
Genre: Romance/fluff, Angst, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T

The Bet (Bucky Barnes x Stark!Reader)

Summary: “Pin me down onto the mat for 15 seconds and you get whatever you want from me.” Bucky said and bit down his lower lip to hold back a grin as he continued. “If it’s the other way around, I get whatever I want from you.”
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Loved (Bucky Barnes x Avenger!Reader)

Summary: Bucky’s journey until he can accept himself again.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T

Bucky Barnes’ Infinite Playlist (Bucky Barnes x Avenger!Reader)*

*Hold ties with Loved!

Summary: Bucky would make sure remember every single one of her songs.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Second Chances (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Does Bucky believe in his second chance?
Genre: Romance/fluff, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T

Not a Bad Thing (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Bucky wants a kid while you…don’t.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Pictures Of You (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Bucky couldn’t help but feel like there was something missing, someone missing.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Angst
Rating: T

Memories Of You (Bucky Barnes x Reader)*

*Sequel for Pictures Of You!

Summary: He just didn’t want to mourn another lost memory. 
Genre: Romance/fluff, Angst
Rating: T

Liar, Liar (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Making-out without touching. Who wins?
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Skin Deep (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Bucky just wanted to help. Like you helped him.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T

Partners (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Bucky feels vulnerable and impotent when he finds out her life had been just as hard as his and yet– she smiles brighter than Stark’s stupid customized fireworks. She’s everything that he isn’t and everything he wants to be.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T

Matchmaker (Bucky Barnes x Male!Reader)

Summary: Natasha sets you up on a blind date with Bucky.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Only Forever (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: 13 days with Bucky Barnes.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T

Life As We Know It (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: When he wakes up in the middle of the night, tear stained cheeks, heavy chest and frantic heartbeats, Bucky goes out. And meets you in the way.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Homecoming (40s!Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Bucky is back home after the war.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Rainy Zurich (Bucky Barnes x Stark!Reader)

Summary: Five times Bucky finds solace in his room and one time he doesn’t.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T

Birthday Candles (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Bucky celebrates his 99th birthday!
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Two Sides (Bucky Barnes x Reader)*

*Written as a prequel to The Apartment Chronicles but can be read separately!

Summary: Every war and battle has more than one point of view. The one they’re in is no exception to the rule.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T

The Apartment Chronicles (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Bucky’s little place in Romania holds a lot of stories.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T

Loyalty and Hope (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: You both complete each other in every way possible.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T

Of Pictures And Videos (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Bucky gradually grows fond of three things; himself, social media and…his fellow teammate.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Of Games and Memes (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: In which Bucky creates a private Facebook account, enjoys fatherhood, discovers Pokemon Go and makes a meme out of Steve.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Benefits (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Having Bucky Barnes as a friend brings all kinds of benefits.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: M

Thousands (Bucky Barnes x Reader Soulmate!AU)

Summary: When Bucky is old enough to really understand what a soulmate is, he’s consequently old enough to do the math for it and he’s expecting everything but that. He’s got 36.858 days until he can meet his.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Russian Muses (Bucky Barnes x Reader Art School!AU)

Summary: Bucky ‘helped’ around the school, you got that part pretty much figured out. He just didn’t help in the way you had previously thought.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Countdown (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Placing bets with Bucky is a dangerous thing…but it often ends in pleasure so you don’t complain much.
Genre: Smut
Rating: E

Beautiful Escape (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Bucky’s secret is no longer a secret.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Victim of Love (Bucky Barnes x POC!Reader)

Summary: In which Bucky and his beautiful black girlfriend don’t back out against racist asses.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Touch (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Maybe waking up from nightmares and dreams isn’t so bad. Or so Bucky thinks.
Genre: Smut
Rating: E

Fall To Winter (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Maybe Bucky is just starting believe he’s very much loved despite everything he’s done.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T

Tastes Like Love (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Three different sweet treats for a very sweet day.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Futile Devices (Tony Stark x Reader)

Summary: You get rescued from a HYDRA base by Tony.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T

5 Stages (Matt Murdock x Reader)

Summary: The 5 stages of falling in love with Matt Murdock.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Heartbeats (Matt Murdock x Reader)

Summary: How does Matt tell you that you’re pregnant?
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Kiss Land (Matt Murdock x Reader)

Summary: Matt Murdock was an insanely great kisser. And he absolutely loved to put his lips to use.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Coming Down (Matt Murdock x Reader)

Summary: Based off Halsey’s ‘Coming Down’.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Hollow Promises (Matt Murdock x Reader)

Summary: Matt finds and loses a life he’s never had. A life he doesn’t even feel like deserving sometimes.
Genre: Angst
Rating: T

God or Goddess? (Loki x Stark!Reader)

Summary: You’re pregnant with the God of Mischief’s baby. How are you going to tell your older brother?
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Find You (Clint Barton x Archer!Reader)

Summary: You saved Clint during a HYDRA attack. And now he just needs to know who you are. 
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Karaoke Night (Clint Barton x Reader)

Summary: It’s karaoke night for Clint Barton!
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

You and Me (Clint Barton x Doctor!Reader)

Summary: The both of you were the perfect match for a disaster.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

The Five Days (Clint Barton x Agent!Reader)

Summary: Five days where Clint Barton tried to spoil you. Tried.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Sleepy Speedy (Pietro Maximoff x Avenger!Reader)

Summary: 5 times Pietro sleeps against you and 1 time you sleep against him.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Much Better (Pietro Maximoff x Avenger!Reader)

Summary: Late night talks with Pietro.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T

Lost Stars (Ben Solo/Kylo Ren x Reader)

Summary: 4 times the stars meant something good in Ben’s life. And 2 times they didn’t.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Angst
Rating: T

Lucky Strike (Poe Dameron x Reader Modern!AU)

Summary: Your excitement to meet the company’s most requested pilot was nearly zero. Little did you know you were going to swallow your words.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Winner’s Luck (Tom Hiddleston x Actress!Reader)

Summary: Tom is called onstage to receive an award from you, the presenter. A congratulations cheek kiss turns out to be something else.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T



Author’s Note: This fanfic was never intended to become a fic. It started as a one shot. So please understand if details don’t add up or the writing is poor. I appreciate any support you have or have given since I started writing this. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you!


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven 

Chapter Twelve

Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fifteen 

Chapter Sixteen 

Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Eighteen 



Bad pick-up lines

When you fight but he apologizes

Discussing Cherry Bomb


Forgetting your birthday and trying to make it up to you

Older brother!Johnny

You fight and he makes you cry

Poly!NCT with Johnny and Mark

Poly!NCT with Johnny and Sicheng


Telling him you’re insecure about your height and wearing heels

Poly!NCT with Johnny, Taeyong, and Mark

Having a long distance relationship

Him getting worried because you passed out from studying

Brother!Johnny trying to set you up with Ten


Moth issues

Discussing his new Station song

Sicheng confessing to him

You fight and break up

Him telling you how much he appreciates you feat. the rest of NCT

Telling him you’re insecure about your height and wearing heels

Him getting jealous when you’re filming a drama with Park Seo Joon

Poly!NCT with Johnny, Taeyong, and Mark


Rainy Days

Comforting you after your grandma died

Older brother!Yuta

Trying to break up with him but he convinces you not to

Confessing to him

Talking about his “minion incident”

Having a long distance relationship

Confessing despite the age difference


Asking him to help you learn a dance

Best friend!Doyoung

Having a long distance relationship

Discussing EXO’s comeback


Discussing his new Station song


Complaining about Produce 101

Being nervous to meet him for the first time because you’re insecure

Brother!Johnny trying to set you up with Ten


Silly texts

Not allowed to date until you get your degree


When the 97 line group chat talks about how attractive you are and he gets jealous

When there’s a bug in your room but he won’t help you kill it


Surprising you with puppies

Fluffy best friend to boyfriend texts

Fluffy texts

Confessing to Taeyong

Poly!NCT with Johnny and Sicheng

Inviting you to San Francisco’s Chinatown feat. China line (including Kun)


Taking care of you when you’re sick

Bringing junk food for your date night

Poly!NCT with Johnny and Mark

Poly!NCT with Johnny, Taeyong, and Mark


Getting mad because he pranked you


When he accidentally confesses to you

Inviting you to San Francisco’s Chinatown feat. China line (including Kun)


Late night texts

Late night texts pt. 2

Asking him to get you stuff when you’re on your period

When you want a pizza date but he wants an ice cream date


Comforting him

Late nights when you can’t fall asleep

Having a long distance relationship



Inviting you to San Francisco’s Chinatown feat. China line (including Kun)


Best friends to boyfriend texts


When Taeyong is too nervous to confess so Ten helps him out

NCT 127

Pranking them with their own lyrics pt. 1

Pranking them with their own lyrics pt. 2

Asking Taeyong about the lyrics to Whiplash feat. Ten


Using pick up lines on you that they got from Johnny, even though you are dating Chenle

Being protective when one of the hyungs has a crush on you


Boyfriend AU





Poly AU

Poly!NCT with Johnny and Mark

Poly!NCT with Johnny and Sicheng

Poly!NCT with Johnny, Taeyong, and Mark

Having a long distance relationship

Long distance relationship with Johnny

Long distance relationship with Yuta

Long distance relationship with Doyoung

Long distance relationship with Donghyuck

mvrdallasss-blog1  asked:

Omg I love you guyss!! But I need a master list rn x❤❤

making a new one because everyone always seem to find the one without updates :)


Horror Story

Killer Series

The Bet

Military Series

Wedding Series




One Shot





One Shot







One Shot





Ninnie’s Big Fat Writing Masterlist!

Headcanons/Short Scenarios:

Winter Chill (Winter Drabbles):

Tech is Against The Chocobros:

Oneshots/Longer Reads:

~Masterlist blog page~

BTS Masterlist


Accidentally Touching Their Boner

You Still Being In School

You Being Sick

Slapping You During a Fight

Your New Boyfriend

Walking In On Them In The Shower

Breaking Up With Them

You Singing

Sleeping In Your Underwear

Falling Asleep On Them

You Having a Bad Period

You Being In The Hospital

Being Shy On The First Date

Being A 98/99 Liner

Writing Smuts About Them


Getting Sunburnt

Crying In Front Them

(Special GIF Reaction) Big Appetite

Catching You Masturbate

Cuddling Them In Your Sleep

You Having Depression and Anxeity

You Suddenly Collapsing

Sleeping on the Couch In Your Underwear and Their Sweatshirt

You Knowing Sign Language

Bumping Into Their Chest Cause You’re Smaller

Dying Your Hair

Dancing to Bad Chick by Somo

Most To Least:

Watch Porn

Read Fanfiction

Likes A Girl Who Looks Innocent But Really Has A Dirty Mind


Fall In Love With A Fan

Date A Chubbier Girl



Always Wanting To Cuddle


Rap Monster Cheering On

Coming Out In Comfort

Getting Jealous When You Hang Out With Guyfriends

Being Drunk

Chest Tattoo


Trophy - Chapter 1

Trophy - Chapter 2

Trophy - Chapter 3

Monsters Girl - Rap Monster Smut

Notice Me - Jungkook Smut

Self Love - Suga Fan Fiction

You Tease - Taehyung Smut

Moaning Melody - Jin Smut

Shakes - Jimin Short Fluff/Smut

Birthday Girl - Jungkook Smut

BTS Things:


Sex Positions

Penis Size

Sex With BTS

Kissing BTS

Cuddling BTS

Favorite Genre Of Porn

Sounds In Bed


BTS As Boyfriends:

Rap Monster


ENJOY!!! <3

You can find the link to the page on my page! Just go under masterlist and click!

astro coven au (knk)


  • Basically your token immortal vampires
    • Amount of sparkles depends on how much Heejun has had to drink
      • Whoever said vampires don’t take alcohol’s probably lying to you KNK loves beer and soju as much as the next person
      • Occasionally sparkles if he’s in a good mood or just drunk in general
      • Heejun has no idea how the biology behind this works either he requests you consult a biologist and tell him if you’re able to find out
  • KNK’s “initiation” mark is a golden triangle behind their right ear
    • MJ used to love it as a kid
    • When any member of KNK carried him in their arms he’d always rest his head against their right shoulder so he could look at it reflecting dimly
    • And when he turned fourteen he clamoured to have one so Jihun sat him down and kissed his forehead and gave him a teddy bear to hug to bear with the burning
    • And then pressed his thumb behind MJ’s ear and watched as a dull gold triangle took shape behind his son’s ear
    • MJ blinking the tears of pain away then beaming up at Jihun because “does this mean i’m really part of your family now?”
    • Inseong didn’t cry or anything, no indeed nope he maintains that if you don’t have pictures you have no proof nope nope nopE
  • Fun fact: actually can use mirrors
    • I didn’t know this either lmao
    • To summarise, mirrors were made from silver in the past, which, because they were a metal of purity, could not reflect “evil” stuff like vampires aka KNK
    • But as cheaper mirrors started being made, more and more mirrors use aluminium as the reflective backing, which apparently is an all-inclusive, diversity-loving, non-discriminating metal
    • Conclusion: thanks to aluminium, Inseong can now finger-gun his reflection every day and tell himself how handsome he is
    • And smol baby MJ could also trail behind him and finger-gun what he could see of bright eyes and messy hair and the very top of his nose in the bottom of the mirror too
  • Basically brought MJ up
    • It’s honestly because of MJ that they now have a kitchen fully installed
    • Although in the later years of living with them MJ did most of the cooking for himself
    • You know, because he needs actual nutrition
    • More under MJ’s profile
  • MJ’s source of blood
    • he mostly scares Sanha into submission by threatening to send him over to Youjin
      • I mean, Youjin is pretty scary when he isn’t smiling gummily
      • Once MJ asked Sanha to hop over to KNK’s coven house get his order of 7-month aged blood for this one ritual and when Sanha showed up knocking on KNK’s door he stood outside for 10 minutes until he realised Youjin was standing behind him all along and just smiling very confusedly at Sanha
      • When he realised, he screamed so loudly in shock Inseong had to run up from the basement where he was taking inventory to see what was going on
      • All he saw was a pale noodle with Astro’s initiation mark screaming very loudly at Youjin and he decided Not to Question it and just save the poor boy by dumping MJ’s order into his arms
      • Only to have Sanha feel the warm squishy bags of blood in his arms and panic and nearly drop them
    • MJ now either gets Heejun to deliver the blood to him or sends Bin or Jinjin over to collect it rip
    • but yes they supply blood to a couple different blood ritualists around their area 
      • they specialise in making blood that needs special stuff like 
        • 8month barrel-aged blood 
        • or like blood infused with certain herbs (that Jinjin sells them at a discount for)
        • or blood rested with different charms (that they used to get from Vixx but now get from the Astro coven)
        • or blood that somehow needs treatment for whatever ritual it’s meant to be used in they really don’t care as long as you give them specific instructions 
      • and by ‘making’ i mean:
        • they all go out to collect blood together 
        • Youjin does the processing and purifying
        • Heejun does all the adding stuff like he knows how much herb to add per litre of blood and stuff 
        • Inseong does inventory and tells Heejun what’s they’re running low on and works out what they should use their next batches of blood for
        • Jihun takes orders and labels the finished packets for delivery 
        • Seungjun (and baby MJ) does delivery 
        • speaking of Seungjun
  • Seungjun loves loves loves loves LOVES Sanha
    • I’m not even exaggerating this is actually irl he hugs Sanha every time he sees him like
    • Me too Seungjun me too
    • It’s pretty funny sometimes because Sanha’d just be bumming around on the porch or be in the garden helping Jinjin out and
    • Seungjun would just appear like “hEY SANHA”
    • And fold him into his arms
    • You know what I mean like that one photo of seungjun just going for it
    • And Sanha would squeak and try to escape
    • But obviously in vain like mm alrighty son you tried your best but you can’t escape seUNGJUN’S LOVE
  • Sanha’s dead terrified of Youjin
    • Something Youjin Cannot Understand because he loves this tol child so much?????? he loves all of Astro sm????????
    • Would willingly feed Sanha chicken and laugh at his silly jokes and be the victim of all his pranks?????
    • Which is more than he can say for the rest of KNK
    • But he accidentally smiled at Sanha with his fangs out the first time they met and poor Sanha hasn’t recovered from the shock poor baby
  • Stores their blood in a clime-controlled basement 
    • it’s hilarious bc when they got it installed they pretended to be a sommelier clubhouse 
      • and so they had to do a ton of reading to assume the part
      • but of course Heejun suggests that “after reading about it you have to put it into practice, don’t you?” 
      • cue Inseong going out to buy different bottles of wine and Heejun getting all drunk and sparkly 
      • MJ trying a little bit of wine and finding out he’s a happy talkative but also very sleepy drunk 
      • Jihun ushering all his drunk vampires upstairs to bed before carrying MJ to bed and shaking his head and downing his own last glass 
    • it’s a whole underground set-up that’s protected by tons of sigils
      • you know, just in case the police come knocking one day they’ll only find a wine cellar 
      • they have a bathroom and stuff down there too so they can wash and clean up all traces of blood before coming back upstairs 
      • also to wash up before they go in they may be vampires but they’re also hygienic okay!!
  • goes over to eat dinner with Astro a lot 
    • and by ‘eat dinner’ you know what I mean
    • Astro and KNK sitting around the dinner table talking and gossiping 
    • KNK drinking out of opaque bags with black straws 
    • sometimes they have alcohol in there instead of blood but don’t tell Astro 
    • Astro knows but they find KNK’s keeping up of their pretence of not drinking alcohol around minors pretty hilarious
    • KNKstro sitting in the living room around the TV battling it out on mario kart 
      • Sanha screaming every time the runs into a banana peel 
      • Youjin totally smashing all of KNK but letting Sanha win 
      • Heejun thinks it’s totally unfair but he’s also so weak for Sanha so really
      • pls love KNK Youjin that’s all your coven asks

wow i’m so weak for astro x knk interactions


A/N: There already was a Masterlist page linked on my blog, but after asking if you want one and getting positive replies here is the rebloggable one!

Kim Junmyeon/Reader
Warnings: Smut/Minor breath!play
Word Count: 2,165

Kim Junmyeon/Reader
Warnings: Smut

Kim Junmyeon/Reader
Warnings: Smut
Word Count: 1,270

Kim Junmyeon/Lee Sunmi (OC/Reader)
Warnings: Smut

Kim Junmyeon/Reader
Warnings: Angst/Blood
Word Count: 743

Kim Junmyeon/Reader
Warnings: Smut

Kim Junmyeon/Reader
Warnings: Smut

Kim Junmyeon/Reader

Kim Junmyeon/Reader
Warnings: Blood, Violence, Smut

Kim Jongin/Reader
Warnings: Smut
Word Count: 3,824

Byun Baekhyun/Reader
Warnings: Smut
Word Count: 3,928

Byun Baekhyun/Reader
Warnings: Smut

Park Chanyeol/Reader
Warnings: Smut
Word Count: 5,678

Oh Sehun/Reader
Genre: Romance/Fluff

AFF: I publish the exact same stories there but it might be easier or more convenient to read there. I update tumblr first though so keep that in mind.

Hold Me Tight (Kyungsoo) {Preview}

Originally posted by overdyosed

genre: angst/fluff

one, two

When all of this started I didn’t think that I would end up here: sleeping on his bed with his arms around me. It was never supposed to be like this. 

When all of this started it was supposed to be only for convenience. He needed to someone to help hide his mistakes and I needed a way out of my life. We were set on helping one another because before we had somewhat of a relationship, a friendship of sorts. I would listen to his complains and live a different life through him everyday and whenever he asked me about my personal life I made a silly excuse to not answer. My life has always been quite dull and boring.

But all of that changed one day. One day he gave me back a part of my life.

What a tease

Hi, guys! I actually managed to figure out the problem with my Masterlist link/page so now it’s under a new name. I have fixed up the Masterlist quite nicely too, I think. Anyways, that’s besides the point. I am here to bring you a Jason x reader short imagine.

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Jason is mad at you.

Technically, he isn’t really mad at you per se. More like, frustrated at you - sexually frustrated to be more specific. 

To be honest, given the nature of both of your ‘jobs’, it really was not his fault entirely. You had spent the entire day wearing that two-piece bikini he had bought for you when he was on a mission a few months ago - it’s his all-time favourite! - and seeing as the two of you are currently at one of Bruce’s beach houses, it is admittedly expected for you to be wearing a bikini. He just didn’t expect to react like this.

The problem herein lies with the fact that due to the nature of your jobs: Jason with his Outlaws and you taking over The Teen Titans in lieu of your predecessor, the both of you have been very busy and normally able to meet once a month, twice a month if your schedules match with Jason’s free time. 

Now you are walking around in the living room and Jason is having a very hard time trying to concentrate on the commentaries you are making about the house. You’re driving him absolutely mad! It also did not help that you had gone for a swim earlier and your body is still damp.

“You alright there, Jay? You’re a million miles away.” Your voice snaps Jason out of his self-induced dilemma and he gives you crooked smile. He swallows thickly when you approach him. Now that you are right in front of him, it’s really starting to become very hard to not ogle at your impressive rack and reach out to hold you in his arms.

“Yeah, I’m absolutely fine, babe.” Jason tells you, absentmindedly staring at the view in front of him. 

You raise one eyebrow as you stare at your boyfriend. You nod your head before you step back. “If you say so, Jay.” You tie your hair up in a bun and you can hear Jason’s sharp gasp – he always loves it when you put your hair up in a bun. “I’m going to go take a shower now. All that swimming earlier made my skin feel sticky.” You lament before heading towards the bathroom. 

Jason lets out a groan as he watches you. In all honesty, he is aware that you are probably only doing this to tease him but he can’t help but play in to the palm of your hand. As much as he does not want to admit defeat, Jason doesn’t think he can last any longer. 

“Jay, the bathroom has a tub that’s big enough for the both of us.” You call out over your shoulder cheekily. 

The Flash would have been surprised and impressed at the speed of which Jason left the sofa. 


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The Massively Massive swpromptsandasks Masterlist

This is largely a self-indulgent project. I adore all of Moddy’s work and I re-read my favorites all the time. I wanted a place that compiled all of their marvelous work so decided it might as well be me!

All the credit goes to the glorious @swpromptsandasks who is a gift to the fandom. Some of their work is on ao3 (X)!  I cannot express how much I love all of their work. I will update it so it stays current

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Credence meets reader while handing out flyers

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