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Masterlist of Bullet Journal Ideas

I was going to post images with each listing, but 100 pictures on one Tumblr post was quite a task. So, if you’d like to see examples of any of these, I am adding them to my Pinterest Board which can be found [here].

1. Books To Read- Color them in as you go! Or make a fun list of them and check them off one at a time. 

2. All About Me- Make doodles of things you love, add quotes, draw yourself!

3. Future Log- There are so many ways to make this page. Please do some research to see which would work best for you

4. Movies To Watch- Pretty self-explanatory, but there are many ways to do this page too

5. Skills To Learn- Jot down all the things you want to learn

6. Important Numbers and Addresses- In case of emergency of course. Also, be careful what you put in this part for your own privacy reasons

7. Year In Pixels- Honestly, one of my favorite pages

8. Fonts, Banners, and Frame Ideas- For practice and to choose from when you are having trouble being creative

9. Snail Mail Log- Keeping a list of people who you want to send letters to

10. Savings Tracker- It’s always fun to see how much you have saved up

11. TV Series Tracker- Keep track of all the shows you still need to binge

12. Monthly Challenges- I know I haven’t been helpful with this lately, but you can always search for challenges on my page

13. Music Playlists- A list of songs that describe you, your goals, things you love, etc. 

14. Timeline of Your Life- This was hard for me to make. My life isn’t all that exciting

15. Inspiration Page- Fill it with quotes, pictures, memories, etc. 

16. Self-Care List/Ideas- I posted many lists like this on my Pinterest if you want more ideas

17. Monthly/Yearly Memories- Look back on all the good and bad things that you’ve gotten over and endured. 

18. Sleep Tracker- See how many hours you get each night. This also works well when paired with number 7. 

19. Me Time Log- Keep track of how many hours you spend with yourself. We all need to learn to love on ourselves a little more. 

20. Tiny Adventures- Go out of your comfort zone and go on some tiny adventures like reading in public, talking to a stranger, giving people compliments, etc. 

21. Word Tracker- For those who are writers who like to procrastinate

22. Daily To-Do List- This can be done on your weekly pages or you can make a page specifically for daily sticky notes. 

23. Blog Post Ideas- Got an idea, but you’re not at your computer or have what you need for your post? WRITE IT DOWN

24. Fitness Log- Keep track of how much and when you work out or stretch or do yoga or and of those fun physical activities. 

25. Food Log- If you’re trying to lose weight or just get healthy or just want to track your food intake for fun, this is for you! 

26. Meal Prep- I love how cute and helpful these pages can be. 

27. Gift Lists- Ever see something and say to yourself, “Man, ____ would really like that”? Keep a list of things people would like so that you don’t worry about it when it comes to holiday time or birthdays. 

28. Grocery Lists- Every time I go shopping, I forget something because I didn’t write it down. 

29. Goals- Oh, yes! It’s 2018. We need some goals. Monthly, weekly, daily, YEARLY. Just get some goals and aim for them. 

30. Recipes To Try- I see nice recipes all the time on Facebook, but I never think about them again after I keep scrolling. It’s bad. 

31. Daily Affirmations- Give yourself some compliments and some emotional support

32. Business Plan- Make yourself a good businesswoman or businessman or businessperson in 2018. You got this. 

33. Birthdays- Keep track of all those important people in your life that need to be remembered on their special day. 

34. Work Hour Log- Sometimes we don’t keep track of all the things we get paid for. Actual work, babysitting, photography jobs, writing jobs, pet sitting, house sitting, etc. 

35. Wishlists- Not so you can #treatyourself, but so that you can make note of things you really want. 

36. Gratitude Log- It’s always good to have a moment of gratitude with yourself. Make it a monthly challenge if you need to!

37. Quotes- Your own, friend quotes, celebrity quotes, author quotes, and lyrics. 

38. Illustrations and Doodles- Doodling helps you keep your mind fresh and ready to react quickly to situations. 

39. Jokes- Your own, ones you heard, ones you read, etc. 

40. New Discoveries and Interesting Facts- Find a new interesting fact? How about that lemonade is basically Sprite in almost any other country than America?

41. Travel Log- Places you want to go! There are so many ways to do this, so look up different versions before starting!

42. Family and Friend Favorites- Their favorite colors, animals, stores, places, hobbies, etc. 

43. DIY Projects- Things you want to try out someday. 

44. Chore List- Keep track of when you do your chores so that your house doesn’t become disgusting or dusty. 

45. Bucketlist- What do you want to do before graduation, moving out, marriage, having kids, etc. 

46. Story Ideas- I always come up with story ideas and then when I sit down to write them, I blank. 

47. Period Log- For people with periods that have many PMS symptoms or even PMDD symptoms. This is a great way to show your doctor all of the things you go through each cycle. 

48. Words That Make You Happy- Silly words, ugly words, words that are fun to say, etc. 

49. Things That Make You Happy- People, places, and things. 

50. Monthly Habits- Water intake, cleaning, bathing, exercising, reading, etc. 

51. Story Titles- This can be titles for books, short stories, poems, or just nice sounding titles for anything. 

52. Made Up Words- I make myself laugh with all the words I make up on the daily. 

53. Follower Counter- This page keeps me inspired to keep doing what I love. 

54. Index- Always have an index for easy access to the pages you want to find. 

55. Icons- Sometimes we need to have icons to make our pages pretty. Sometimes we make too many icons and never use them (me). 

56. Packing List- For those who travel often or stay at friends’ houses more than our own, it’s good not to forget the things we need. 

57. Morning Routines- Our bodies need routines for mornings to get us ready for the day. 

58. Nightly Routines- Our bodies need routines for nights to prepare us for sleep. (see what I did there?)

59. Weight Tracker- If you’re struggling with your weight, keep a chart tracker or add your daily weight to your calendar. 

60. Pen Test Page- If you get new pens, highlighters, or markers, its best to test them out before using them. 

61. Brain Dump- Sometimes we just need to jot down ideas or thoughts. It’s okay if they don’t make sense. 

62. Spending Log- Keep track of what you spend because you might need that someday. 

63. Water Tracker- HYDRATE

64. Habit Tracker Reward System- This is something I came up with myself, so if you have questions, message me!

65. Name Lists (For Babies and Stories)- Keep a list of cool names for characters or even future babies. 

66. Looking Forward To…- Birthdays, holidays, raises, pay days, vacations, etc. 

67. Compliment Lists- Make a list of your go-to compliments, your favorite ones people have given you, etc. 

68. Level 10 Life- Please look up what this is before jumping into it!

69. Pet Care Log- Keep track of how much you do with your pets. Walks, play time, park time, play dates, baths, etc. 

70. Achievements- What have you done that you are proud of?

71. Weekly Log- Keep track of your week. This is one of the most used pages in any bullet journal honestly. 

72. Monthly Log- Another overly used page in any bullet journal. Very important. 

73. Daily Log- I don’t do this too often, but I know it helps others who really need a whole page for each day. 

74. Bill Tracker- This was fun to make and something I will be using now

75. Income Tracker- How much and how frequently do you get paid?

76. Deadline Page- Prepare yourself for things that you need to get done. Do not procrastinate this year!

77. Vocabulary Practice- Sometimes we just need to educate ourselves on our own terms. (and with our own terms. Anyone? Anyone?)

78. Doctor Appointment Log- If you don’t want to add them to your calendar or they are too far out to add to the calendar you’re using. 

79. Username and Password List- Be careful with this page. If someone finds your bullet journal, this could be bad. 

80. Monthly Cover Page- These are so cute! I just started doing them, but they make my journal so artsy and pretty. 

81. Dream Log- This is a fun one. Track your dreams. This would be good to line up with how many hours you get as well. 

82. Favorites List- What are YOUR favorites? Movies, snacks, drinks, subjects, people, colors, animals, etc. 

83. Habits To Break- Do you bite your nails? Quote The Office too much? Throw clothes into piles on your floor? STOP THAT. 

84. Small Things That Matter- Puppies, getting up in the morning, pennies, smiling at yourself, laughter, etc. Remind yourself that there is good in the world. 

85. Things To Sell- Get rid of the things you don’t need. Or make things to sell! Be prosperous this year. 

86. School Schedule- High school and college students really need this. Even teachers do too. Make a chart of your classes, room numbers, buildings, and times.

87. House Projects- Things that need fixing or improvements around the house. 

88. Day Trip Ideas- Fun places to go when you have the time. 

89. Things I Am Bad At- It’s okay to admit our shortcomings and work on them. Or just accept them for what they are. 

90. Resolutions- YES! Make yourself this better this year. Be the best you. 

91. Crochet/Knit Log- When making a blanket, small items, or just keeping track of your improvements in your skill. 

92. Future Planning- Make a list of the things you want in your future and how you plan on getting them. 

93. Quirk List- Ever notice you do small little weird things? Make a list to appreciate who you are. 

94. Who Borrowed What- Sometimes people borrow things and you forget until you need it again. By then, they threw it out or gave it to someone else. 

95. Six Word Stories- Get those creative juices pumping. 

96. Love Yourself- Write down all the things you love about yourself. Appreciate yourself. 

97. Paying It Back- Honestly, a good page to have, but it doesn’t get much attention from me. 

98. Childhood Dreams- We should always try to look back on what we thought we wanted

99. Good Deed Ideas- Ever think “wow, wouldn’t it be great if I could _____”?

100. Mind Mapping- There are a few reasons I really enjoy this, but it really helps me get my thoughts and ideas out more easily

All New Voltron Knowledge From the Handbook

There’s been a lot of new information because of the handbook pages, so here’s a masterlist of everything that we learned!

* Shiro is 25, Keith is 18, Lance is 17, Hunk is 17, Pidge is 15, and Allura is a teenager (no specific age was listed)
* Keith’s birthday is October 23
* Lance is Cuban, Hunk is Samoan, Shiro is Japanese, Pidge is Italian, and Keith is…….. Part Human, Part Galra. This is not what we meant, Dreamworks.
* Shiro’s hair turned partially white due to stress.
* Space dad is a phrase actually used by the Paladins.
* Lance’s favorite food is garlic knots.
* All the paladins have a pair of lion slippers, but Lance wears his the most.
* Hunk thought that Pidge’s real name was still Pidge Gunderson, even after she told them she was a girl.
* Hunk has an “encyclopedic knowledge” of spices on earth and is learning about plants in space as well.
* Allura has super strength.
* Coran thinks that he is “hip”
* Allura calls cows “milkshake-makers”


I’ll update it as I keep writing!  

Sketches and Coffee (Steve Rogers x Reader College!AU)

Summary: Steve is an art student observing your dance rehearsals for his sketches.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

French Girl (Steve Rogers x Reader College!AU)*

*Sequel for Sketches and Coffee!

Summary: Steve draws you like a french girl.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

I Wish (You Were Mine) (Steve Rogers x Mutant!Reader)

Summary: “Yeah but you know…” You shrugged playfully, a shy smile gracing your lips. “Now I can say I got saved by Captain America.” 
He let out a hearty laugh and that was it. 
You had a high school kinda crush on Captain freaking America.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

New York Baby (Steve Rogers x Sokovian!Reader)

Summary: Steve fights for a living. So he’s most definitely fighting to have you back.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Worth The Wait (Skinny!Steve Rogers x Reader Modern!AU)

Summary: “So my friends dared me to ask a random person out on a date and the person I asked actually said yes wth do I do?!” AU
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Keep You Here (Skinny!40s! Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary: “No, I mean if you don’t mind I could draw you?”
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Home (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary: So she is a little box full of surprises. He isn’t expecting the lightness, the freedom, the spontaneity. Rare traits in the life he leads, as a super soldier, as Captain America. But exactly what he needs.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Sunday Kind of Love (Skinny!40s! Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary: He comes in and sit in the closest table to the stage. Just to watch you sing.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

98 Kisses (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary: Steve’s girlfriend promises to fulfill one of her birthday’s tradition with him. One kiss for each one of his years.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Vintage Bars and Ballrooms (Steve Rogers x Reader Modern!AU)

Summary: Tony tries to hook his assistant with his ‘muscly virgin’ friend, Steve. But she just can’t take this also muscly guy she met in a vintage bar in Brooklyn out of her mind.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

The Convenient Accident (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary:  You’re having a relaxing night back at home with a bubble bath, wine, candles and good music to keep you company. That changes when you decide to send a sexy picture to your asshole of ex-boyfriend and when that picture ends up in someone’s phone. More like Captain America’s phone.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Be Patient (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Be patient and let me grow into your arms.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Angst, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T

Just So You Know (Bucky Barnes x Reader)*

*Written as a prequel to All My Lows but can be read separately!

Summary: Mornings with you are Bucky’s favorites.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

All My Lows (Bucky Barnes x Pregnant!Reader)

Summary: Bucky has another nightmare and ends up hurting you. What happens next?
Genre: Romance/fluff, Angst, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T

The Bet (Bucky Barnes x Stark!Reader)

Summary: “Pin me down onto the mat for 15 seconds and you get whatever you want from me.” Bucky said and bit down his lower lip to hold back a grin as he continued. “If it’s the other way around, I get whatever I want from you.”
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Loved (Bucky Barnes x Avenger!Reader)

Summary: Bucky’s journey until he can accept himself again.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T

Bucky Barnes’ Infinite Playlist (Bucky Barnes x Avenger!Reader)*

*Hold ties with Loved!

Summary: Bucky would make sure remember every single one of her songs.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Second Chances (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Does Bucky believe in his second chance?
Genre: Romance/fluff, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T

Not a Bad Thing (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Bucky wants a kid while you…don’t.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Pictures Of You (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Bucky couldn’t help but feel like there was something missing, someone missing.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Angst
Rating: T

Memories Of You (Bucky Barnes x Reader)*

*Sequel for Pictures Of You!

Summary: He just didn’t want to mourn another lost memory. 
Genre: Romance/fluff, Angst
Rating: T

Liar, Liar (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Making-out without touching. Who wins?
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Skin Deep (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Bucky just wanted to help. Like you helped him.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T

Partners (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Bucky feels vulnerable and impotent when he finds out her life had been just as hard as his and yet– she smiles brighter than Stark’s stupid customized fireworks. She’s everything that he isn’t and everything he wants to be.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T

Matchmaker (Bucky Barnes x Male!Reader)

Summary: Natasha sets you up on a blind date with Bucky.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Only Forever (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: 13 days with Bucky Barnes.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T

Life As We Know It (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: When he wakes up in the middle of the night, tear stained cheeks, heavy chest and frantic heartbeats, Bucky goes out. And meets you in the way.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Homecoming (40s!Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Bucky is back home after the war.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Rainy Zurich (Bucky Barnes x Stark!Reader)

Summary: Five times Bucky finds solace in his room and one time he doesn’t.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T

Birthday Candles (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Bucky celebrates his 99th birthday!
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Two Sides (Bucky Barnes x Reader)*

*Written as a prequel to The Apartment Chronicles but can be read separately!

Summary: Every war and battle has more than one point of view. The one they’re in is no exception to the rule.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T

The Apartment Chronicles (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Bucky’s little place in Romania holds a lot of stories.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T

Loyalty and Hope (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: You both complete each other in every way possible.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T

Of Pictures And Videos (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Bucky gradually grows fond of three things; himself, social media and…his fellow teammate.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Of Games and Memes (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: In which Bucky creates a private Facebook account, enjoys fatherhood, discovers Pokemon Go and makes a meme out of Steve.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Benefits (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Having Bucky Barnes as a friend brings all kinds of benefits.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: M

Thousands (Bucky Barnes x Reader Soulmate!AU)

Summary: When Bucky is old enough to really understand what a soulmate is, he’s consequently old enough to do the math for it and he’s expecting everything but that. He’s got 36.858 days until he can meet his.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Russian Muses (Bucky Barnes x Reader Art School!AU)

Summary: Bucky ‘helped’ around the school, you got that part pretty much figured out. He just didn’t help in the way you had previously thought.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Countdown (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Placing bets with Bucky is a dangerous thing…but it often ends in pleasure so you don’t complain much.
Genre: Smut
Rating: E

Beautiful Escape (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Bucky’s secret is no longer a secret.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Victim of Love (Bucky Barnes x POC!Reader)

Summary: In which Bucky and his beautiful black girlfriend don’t back out against racist asses.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Touch (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Maybe waking up from nightmares and dreams isn’t so bad. Or so Bucky thinks.
Genre: Smut
Rating: E

Fall To Winter (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Maybe Bucky is just starting believe he’s very much loved despite everything he’s done.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T

Tastes Like Love (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Three different sweet treats for a very sweet day.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Futile Devices (Tony Stark x Reader)

Summary: You get rescued from a HYDRA base by Tony.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T

5 Stages (Matt Murdock x Reader)

Summary: The 5 stages of falling in love with Matt Murdock.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Heartbeats (Matt Murdock x Reader)

Summary: How does Matt tell you that you’re pregnant?
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Kiss Land (Matt Murdock x Reader)

Summary: Matt Murdock was an insanely great kisser. And he absolutely loved to put his lips to use.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Coming Down (Matt Murdock x Reader)

Summary: Based off Halsey’s ‘Coming Down’.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Hollow Promises (Matt Murdock x Reader)

Summary: Matt finds and loses a life he’s never had. A life he doesn’t even feel like deserving sometimes.
Genre: Angst
Rating: T

God or Goddess? (Loki x Stark!Reader)

Summary: You’re pregnant with the God of Mischief’s baby. How are you going to tell your older brother?
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Find You (Clint Barton x Archer!Reader)

Summary: You saved Clint during a HYDRA attack. And now he just needs to know who you are. 
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Karaoke Night (Clint Barton x Reader)

Summary: It’s karaoke night for Clint Barton!
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

You and Me (Clint Barton x Doctor!Reader)

Summary: The both of you were the perfect match for a disaster.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

The Five Days (Clint Barton x Agent!Reader)

Summary: Five days where Clint Barton tried to spoil you. Tried.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Sleepy Speedy (Pietro Maximoff x Avenger!Reader)

Summary: 5 times Pietro sleeps against you and 1 time you sleep against him.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Much Better (Pietro Maximoff x Avenger!Reader)

Summary: Late night talks with Pietro.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T

Lost Stars (Ben Solo/Kylo Ren x Reader)

Summary: 4 times the stars meant something good in Ben’s life. And 2 times they didn’t.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Angst
Rating: T

Lucky Strike (Poe Dameron x Reader Modern!AU)

Summary: Your excitement to meet the company’s most requested pilot was nearly zero. Little did you know you were going to swallow your words.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T

Winner’s Luck (Tom Hiddleston x Actress!Reader)

Summary: Tom is called onstage to receive an award from you, the presenter. A congratulations cheek kiss turns out to be something else.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T


My writing

Disclaimer: Works marked with * are rated explicit for sexually explicit content and/or other adult themes. Works marked with <> feature a non-gender specific character. The works are in order from oldest to newest under each category.

I. No Promises* - He needs her more than anything else, he needs to be close, to be touched and held. He needs nails grazing his skin and teeth dragging along his shoulder. Because he feels a little less like a machine, and a little more like a person when he’s with her. All despite her tenacious attempts to keep him distant from her. 

II. Patience Like This* - “I care about you. More than I want to. And that scares me. It scares me so much that I sometimes wish we’d never met. I hate that you make me feel this way. You kind of drive me nuts. But somehow I still want you. You mess me up so bad and I still want you.”

Atlas: Senses  
I. Touch* - “I wanted to stay. I wanted to fight for us, but you wouldn’t let me. You just left and took the easy way out.” 

We Talked of Forever
I. After Midnight - “You’re my best friend.”

II. 11 am* - “I’ll always be your best friend. No matter what.”

Next to Our Brand New Bed* - “Can I have a taste?”

I’ll Never Be Your Mother’s Favourite - Shawn meets her parents for the first time and things don’t really go to plan. 

Fortunes - “Shawn. Say something. Please.” 

There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back* <> - “Baby, I’ve missed you, I’ve been gone for ages, and I need you so bad.” 

Where My Demons Hide <> - “I’m not leaving you like this. Please. Is there anything I can do?” 

A Little Help* <> - “How long have you been standing there?” 

Pickering* <> - Shawn hands me the phone when he’s done uploading the picture and I look at the image, the caption underneath it saying, “Us and our son.” 

Care for You - “I’ll give you a massage.”



Last updated: 13 October 2017


Bad pick-up lines

When you fight but he apologizes

Discussing Cherry Bomb

Brother!Taeil telling you that Donghyuck likes you


Forgetting your birthday and trying to make it up to you

Older brother!Johnny

You fight and he makes you cry

Telling him you’re insecure about your height and wearing heels

Him getting worried because you passed out from studying

Brother!Johnny trying to set you up with Ten

Trying to throw you a surprise birthday party

Little brother!Jaemin setting you up with Johnny

Texting him after going to the dentist

When you pass out from studying and have to go to the hospital

Best friends to lovers


Moth issues

Discussing his new Station song

Sicheng confessing to him

You fight and break up

Him telling you how much he appreciates you feat. the rest of NCT

Telling him you’re insecure about your height and wearing heels

Him getting jealous when you’re filming a drama with Park Seo Joon

Little brother!Donghyuck setting you up with Taeyong


Worrying about him pregnant wife


Rainy Days

Comforting you after your grandma died

Older brother!Yuta

Trying to break up with him but he convinces you not to

Confessing to him

Talking about his “minion incident”

Confessing despite the age difference

Best friends to lovers

Accidentally texting him about your feelings


Asking him to help you learn a dance

Best friend!Doyoung

Discussing EXO’s comeback

Little brother!Jeno setting you up with Doyoung

Enemies to lovers


Discussing his new Station song

Complaining about Produce 101

Being nervous to meet him for the first time because you’re insecure

Brother!Johnny trying to set you up with Ten


Telling best friend!Ten about your feelings for Yuta even though he’s in a relationship pt. 1


Silly texts

Not allowed to date until you get your degree

When the 97 line group chat talks about how attractive you are and he gets jealous

When there’s a bug in your room but he won’t help you kill it

Texting him about being insecure


Surprising you with puppies

Fluffy best friend to boyfriend texts

Confessing to Taeyong

Inviting you to San Francisco’s Chinatown feat. China line (including Kun)

Spoiling him

Telling China line you’re learning Chinese for them


Taking care of you when you’re sick

Bringing junk food for your date night

Wishing him a happy birthday

Best friend!Mark comforting you after you catch Jeno cheating pt. 1

Best friend!Mark comforting you after you catch Jeno cheating pt. 2

When you break up and he wants you back


Getting mad because he pranked you

When he accidentally confesses to you

Inviting you to San Francisco’s Chinatown feat. China line (including Kun)

Accidentally revealing your crush on Renjun to Chenle

Being worried he won’t like you back because you’re younger than him

Getting insecure because you’re close with another Dream member

Telling China line you’re learning Chinese for them

Best friends to lovers for male readers

When he finds out you’ve been really sad while he’s gone


Late night texts

Late night texts pt. 2

Asking him to get you stuff when you’re on your period

When you want a pizza date but he wants an ice cream date

Little brother!Jeno setting you up with Doyoung

Finding out you kissed Donghyuck while you were dating


Comforting him

Late nights when you can’t fall asleep

Telling Best friend!Donghyuck you’re moving

Littler brother!Donghyuck setting you up with Taeyong

Brother!Taeil telling you Donghyuck likes you

Roast battle with boyfriend!Donghyuck

When he thinks you’re cheating on him with Mark

Being insecure about your relationship


Little brother!Jaemin setting you up with Johnny

When he gets jealous because you get close with another member while he’s recovering


Inviting you to San Francisco’s Chinatown feat. China line (including Kun)

Accidentally revealing your crush on Renjun to Chenle

Being worried he won’t like you back because you’re taller than him

Telling China line you’re learning Chinese for them


Best friends to lovers


When Taeyong is too nervous to confess so Ten helps him out

Sending them puns

NCT 127

Pranking them with their own lyrics pt. 1

Pranking them with their own lyrics pt. 2

Asking Taeyong about the lyrics to Whiplash feat. Ten

When you talk about another boy group

Being overprotective when Daniel from Wanna One flirts with you


Using pick up lines on you that they got from Johnny, even though you are dating Chenle

Being protective when one of the hyungs has a crush on you

Hyping up the Dreamies

Wishing you a happy birthday


Boyfriend AU










Fluffy boyfriend AU

Fluffy texts with boyfriend!Johnny

Fluffy texts with boyfriend!Ten

Fluffy texts with boyfriend!Sicheng

Fluffy texts with boyfriend!Mark

Poly AU

Poly!NCT with Johnny and Mark

Poly!NCT with Johnny and Sicheng

Poly!NCT with Johnny, Taeyong, and Mark

Poly!NCT with Johnny and Ten

Poly!NCT with Yuta and Sicheng

Poly!NCT with Mark and Jeno

Poly!NCT with Jeno and Donghyuck

Having a long distance relationship

Long distance relationship with Johnny

Long distance relationship with Yuta

Long distance relationship with Doyoung

Long distance relationship with Mark

Long distance relationship with Jeno

Long distance relationship with Donghyuck


Author’s Note: This fanfic was never intended to become a fic. It started as a one shot. So please understand if details don’t add up or the writing is poor. I appreciate any support you have or have given since I started writing this. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you!


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven 

Chapter Twelve

Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fifteen 

Chapter Sixteen 

Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Eighteen 


A/N: There already was a Masterlist page linked on my blog, but after asking if you want one and getting positive replies here is the rebloggable one!

Kim Junmyeon/Reader
Warnings: Smut/Minor breath!play
Word Count: 2,165

Kim Junmyeon/Reader
Warnings: Smut

Kim Junmyeon/Reader
Warnings: Smut
Word Count: 1,270

Kim Junmyeon/Lee Sunmi (OC/Reader)
Warnings: Smut

Kim Junmyeon/Reader
Warnings: Angst/Blood
Word Count: 743

Kim Junmyeon/Reader
Warnings: Smut

Kim Junmyeon/Reader
Warnings: Smut

Kim Junmyeon/Reader

Kim Junmyeon/Reader
Warnings: Blood, Violence, Smut

Kim Jongin/Reader
Warnings: Smut
Word Count: 3,824

Byun Baekhyun/Reader
Warnings: Smut
Word Count: 3,928

Byun Baekhyun/Reader
Warnings: Smut

Byun Baekhyun/Reader
Genre: Romance/Fluff/Slight angst

Byun Baekhyun/Reader
Genre: Romance/Fluff/More Fluff

Park Chanyeol/Reader
Warnings: Smut
Word Count: 5,678

Oh Sehun/Reader
Genre: Romance/Fluff

Oh Sehun/Reader
Word Count: 5,063
Genre: Romance/Fluff/Smut

Do Kyungsoo/Reader
Genre: Romance/Fluff

AFF: I publish the exact same stories there but it might be easier or more convenient to read there. I update tumblr first though so keep that in mind.

mvrdallasss-blog1  asked:

Omg I love you guyss!! But I need a master list rn x❤❤

making a new one because everyone always seem to find the one without updates :)


Horror Story

Killer Series

The Bet

Military Series

Wedding Series




One Shot





One Shot







One Shot





SJM Fic Masterlist

ღ: A Court of Thorns and Roses

Bouquet Full of Loathing
    Rated SFW | Elain x Lucien (Elucien)  | Fluff & Humor | Flower Shop Modern AU - Person A owns a flower shop and person B comes storming in one day, slaps 20 bucks on the counter and says “How do I passive-aggressively say fuck you in flower?” ||

Bouquet Full of Love
      Rated SFW | Elain x Lucien (Elucien) | Fluff & Humor | Elain visits Lucien at work, new bouquet in hand. ||

Do the Do
   Rated SFW | Rhysand x Reader  | Fluff & Humor || Rhysand taking care of your ridiculously drunk self. ||

Banned by the Boss
    Rated SFW | Nesta x Cassian (Nessian, Feyre x Rhys (Feysand), Elain x Lucien (Elucien)  | Fluff & Humor | Nesta pulling a mama bear move and banning both mating bonds of her sisters.  ||

The Sun
    Rated SFW | Elain x Lucien (Elucien) | Fluff with some angst | Elain has a nightmare and turns to her mate. ||

Till the Darkness Dies
    Rated SFW | Nesta x Cassian (Nessian)  | Angst and fluff | Nesta’s battle against her inner demons.  ||

An Ember Among the Shadows
    Rated PG-13/M | Azriel x Lucy (OC)  | Drama and romance ||  A sibling reunion, new friendships forged, and a possible attempt at finding love. A story about our favorite Shadowsinger.
    Chapter One

Forget Me Not
   Rated SFW | Elain x Lucien (Elucien) | Fluff | Drunk Elain and her shenanigans.

Boys Night Out
     Rated SFW | Elain x Lucien (Elucien) | Humor & fluff | Drunk Lucien forgetting what his wife looked like. – The other side to Forget Me Not.

Big Baby
    Rated SFW | Feyre x Rhys (Feysand) | Humor & Fluff | Modern AU where Rhys gets drunk at the bar and calls Feyre to rant about how much he loves her.

A Light Against the Darkness
      Rated SFW | Elain x Lucien (Elucien) | Angst/fluff | Lucien battles his own nightmares with Elain there to sooth him.

Sleeping Beauty
   Rated NSFW-ish | Elain x Lucien (Elucien) | Fluff | ‘Wake me up’ kisses because foxboy and flower girl need to constantly lock lips.

Butter My Muffin
   Rated SFW | Nesta x Cassian (Nessian) | Fluff | Nesta is very soft girlfriend in private with Cassian combined with how I picture Drunk!Nesta.

ღ:Throne of Glass

Boner for You
   Rated SFW | Elide & Lorcan (Elorcan) | Humor & fluff | Fake Dating AU where Lorcan just wants Elide to be his girlfriend for a party and Elide wants to pretend she isn’t trilled about it.

** Other fics from other fandoms can be found here.

Masterlist Page Added to Blog (Aug 2017)

Link to: Post Masterlist

Sadly, mobile is left out of easy access, but the content of that masterlist is below for those users!

It covers all of my original titled posts, listed from oldest to newest. My quick tips and asks are not listed and only searchable with the tags “To be a better writer” and “answers”.

On Perspective

Creating Romantic Feelings Between Characters

Basic Elements of Good Plot Twists

Calling a Character by Their Title

Ways to Develop Plot Idea

Why “It was all just a dream” Makes Most Readers Scream

The Subjective Elements of Writing Advice

Ways to Flesh-Out Characters

Parents in Fiction

Some Tips on Action Scenes

Covering Tough Subjects in Fiction

The Limitations of Writing and Background Comedy

Different Ways Characters Can Show Love

Detail and Description in Writing: The Law of Conservation of Detail

Three Differences Between Writing Fanfiction and Original Fiction

Writing With the Two Hypotheses Behind Revenge

How Dialogue Tags Can Affect a Story

Taking the “Unnecessary” Out of “Romantic Subplot”

Inciting Events and Their Purpose in Storytelling

Three Ways to Start a Story

Ways to Improve Writing Skills

The Danger of the Story You’ve Always Wanted to Write

Ninnie’s Big Fat Writing Masterlist!

*Bolded = Author’s favorites.

Headcanons/Short Scenarios:

S/O Pregnancy Headcanons:

Winter Chill (Winter Drabbles):

Tech is Against The Chocobros:

Oneshots/Longer Reads:

~Masterlist blog page (includes GIF imagines, gifts)~


Pietro Maximoff


You Teach Me How to Live

Pietro has a big, elaborate speech.

Content: Fluff, declarations of love, lots of character mentions

Hello, Beauty

Pietro flirts with no shame, but you’re too dense to realize he’s being honest.

Content: Pining, confessing feelings, mention of a near-death experience

You Always Come Home

Pietro comes home after a standard mission and you can’t help but be more in love than ever.

Content: Fluff

Bucky Barnes


Kiss Me or Something

You realize your (very mutual) feelings for Bucky with a little help from Steve.

Content: Fluff, very mild angst, small mentions of low self-esteem, background Sam/Steve

What’s With the Beard?

A slice of life with bearded Bucky.

Content: Fluff, very slight sexual mention.

Let’s Just Have This

You and Bucky try spring cleaning, but you’re both really good at getting distracted.

Content: Fluff, mild and brief sexual content (literally just grinding and ass grabbing for 2 seconds)

Steve Rogers


Traitor, Part 1

You run into your classmate Steve at the theater and realize you have a lot more in common than you initially thought.

Content: Mentions of Sam/Bucky, mentions of past Bucky/Pietro, very slight flirting, Steve’s a blusher

Traitor, Part 2

After an impromptu date with your classmate Steve, things get overly complicated.

Content: Pining, angst, sacrifice on part of your best friend because let’s be real who hasn’t


Allow Yourself

You have a bad day and Steve just wants you to be honest.

Content: Self-hate, insecurities, physical pain, arguments, comfort

Natasha Romanoff


Get the Girl

Natasha decides she wants to be everything you want.

Content: Friends to lovers, meddling friends, slight angst if you could even call it that, some fluff of course


Harry Potter/FBAWTFT

Tom Riddle Jr

Tom Riddle Jr Series: (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14)

Tom uses Amortentia on reader

Credence Barebone

Reader takes care of Credence’s wounds

Credence meets reader while handing out flyers

Newt Scamander

Newt finds reader as an abandoned pup



Junkrat proposes

Junkrat takes a bath

Junkrat takes reader to bed

Morning after drinking with Junkrat

Junkrat/Reader Series (1 2 3)


Lucio invites reader to the beach

Lord of the Rings

Frodo Baggins

Frodo confronts his feelings for reader

Law & Order: SVU

Olivia Benson

Olivia meets reader as a victim and stays with them as a survivor


Reader is captured and held against their will by a rogue Queen

anonymous asked:

Hiii I'm loving ur writing and was wonder if you could do Mc sitting in just her towel on their bed looking at memes hours after she got out of the shower and the reactions of RFA and minor trio thank you keep up the great writing ❤❤❤

I’m so glad you like my blog! I hope you enjoy this~

I looked through the folder of memes on my computer, so I added the ones I thought related most to the character. Not sure if they are completely accurate but these are my favorite memes so. (^v^)

RFA + Minor Trio finding MC after a shower in her towel on their bed looking at memes



  • Yoosung was really worried. He heard the shower go off about two hours ago.
  • Were you hurt? Were you asleep? Why didn’t you wait for him?
  • He knocked on the bedroom door before entering and gasped when he saw you sitting on the edge of the bed with a towel wrapped around you, falling down your chest.
  • b l u s h i n g
  • “U-uh, MC! What are you doing?”
  • “Yoosung! Come look at these memes!”
  • Meme of the Batch:


  • The actor sat on the couch in the living room waiting for you to come and join him after your shower.
  • But it had been two damn hours and you still hadn’t come to him yet, and he knows you were done with your shower because he heard the water go off… two hours ago!
  • “Jagiya?”
  • He’s your man now, ok, he doesn’t bother with knocking since it’s both of  your room. He just walks in and let’s his face go a little red.
  • Water droplets clinging to your smooth skin, cream towel slipping down your shoulders, your hair a tangled mess. Control the b e a s t.
  • “Honey, you have to see these, they’re hilarious!”
  • Meme of the Batch:


  • “MC?”
  • Dinner was on the table and it was getting cold. Granted, it came from a convenience store, but still, dinner was ready and Jaehee was growing impatient waiting.
  • Going towards your shared bedroom, she heard a lot of laughing so she pushed the door open.
  • Her breath hitched at you just barely covered by your towel as you laid on the bed scrolling through your phone, looking at… memes. You beckoned her over and practically pulled her down so you could show her the ones that were making you laugh.
  • “O-oh. Memes?”
  • Meme of the Batch:


  • He wanted to spend a nice, quiet night with you out on the balcony, sipping wine and enjoying each others warmth and company.
  • But you had gone for a shower, and over an hour ago he heard you turn the water off, so why were you not here?
  • With his ear against the door, he can hear some muffled sounds and immediately panics thinking that you are in trouble.
  • But when he opens the door and sees you sitting on the bed with your towel halfway down your body… instant bonER first off.
  • He was a little touchy touchy while you showed him memes, but you weren’t complaining.
  • Meme of the Batch:


  • Psh, he does this too.
  • He was waiting in the bunker for Choi Family movie night. Vanderwood had just finished popping the popcorn, Saeran was growing impatient, and Seven was kinda worried.
  • But he looked through the CCTV and saw that you were just lounging in your towel looking at memes on your phone.
  • Joins you. Movie night is kinda forgotten. And that pisses Saeran off.
  • “Idiot brother. Why can’t you guys look at those stupid pictures while we’re watching the fucking film!?”
  • Meme of the Batch:


  • Really, really worried because he heard the water turn off about 3 hours ago, and usually after your showers you come and join him in his studio.
  • Sweetie pie here gently knocks on the door asking if you are ok, and enters when he hears you telling him to come in.
  • His face turns a bright red seeing you on the bed wrapped in a towel that covers only your upper body, revealing your smooth legs.
  • Oh, he wants to take a picture. His little model.
  • “Honey, do you like memes?” V shrugs, joining you on the bed with his arm around your shoulder. “Then look at these!”
  • Meme of the Batch:


  • He acts grumpy to hide the fact he is actually freaking out that you’ve been in the bathroom now for four hours.
  • Saeran easily picks the lock and prepares himself to grab you and run you to the hospital since he has presumed you are hurt. Why else would you be in the bathroom for so long?
  • But… you’re sitting on the floor wrapped in a towel on your phone?
  • Doesn’t yell but kinda snaps at you; “Why are you in the bathroom on your phone? You could have done that in the living room!”
  • You’re unfaltered by it and just look up at him with that beautiful smile he loves so much that has him a blushing mess to his dismay. You take his hand and pull him down besides you, the two of you huddled together now on the floor of the bathroom.
  • You start scrolling through the memes, laughing at all of them. He lets out some snorts at a few. If anything, he just likes listening to your giggle since it’s cute and sweet.
  • Meme of the Batch:


  • He was kinda just tidying around the house, grumbling a little, and as he was organizing your shoes he suddenly realized you had been in the bathroom taking your shower for 2 hours at this point.
  • Knocks, or really bangs, to be precise, on the door before busting through. Look, he’s worried but he won’t admit it.
  • He finds you on the ground laughing with your phone in your hand, your hair all over the place an utter mess, and your towel not even covering your upper body!
  • “What the fuck.”
  • Really does not care about your memes, but you annoy him enough no it’s because he loves you that he joins you on the ground to look at the memes.
  • It doesn’t last long though because he doesn’t like how wet the floor is and now he’s completely distracted by the hair that is all over the place. “We can look at your memes later, ok.”
  • Meme of the Batch:


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