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Pokedex Holders Bio: Yellow The Healer

Hey studyblrs!

This is our first masterpost ,it’s DIY page flags 😊 , and it was requested. We hope you like it!

For the DIY you will need:

  •     Cardstock paper of your choice
  •     Scissors or an Exacto knife
  •     Binder clips
  •     A ruler
  •     Pencil or a Mechanical pencil       
  •     An eraser
  •     Craft glue and a paint brush


1. Choose five different colours of paper, and cut it into four 1,3 cm (0,5 in) wide and 20 cm (7,87 in) long strips. (four strips of one colour will make twenty page flags)

2. Mark every 5 cm (1,968 in) on one strip, so that one strip will make four page flags. (repeat on all the strips)

3. Cut on the marks that you made.

4. Take your page flags and cut a triangle shape on each piece.

5. Stack them together. You should have five stacks of each colour .

6. Secure them with a binder clip, and then apply craft glue on the bottom.

7. Let that dry for a couple of hours or over night.

8. Take a piece of cardstock paper and cut it into a rectangle (9cm (3,54 in) x 7,5 cm (2,95 in)), and make marks (picture below). Fold the paper on the marks. This makes the holder.

9. Glue the page flags onto the holder. (Just like on the picture below)

10. Let it dry, and you’re done!!

Of course you can always change the measurments or the number of page flags that you want to make!


-Sheila 💋


my moms original home city in Mexico already kicked off their celebrations for Día De Los Muertos tonight.

they celebrate it for an entire week and have been doing it their way for ages now, tradition for them goes:

  • Oct 28- (This all happens in the Panteón -cemetery) The lighting of the first light (a white candle) and a white flower. Then they cheer for the spirit/souls that are travelling alone.
  • Oct 29- Another candle is lit, and a glass of water is laid down. This is dedicated to those who died in abandoned and forgotten places and were thus never found.
  • Oct 30- A new candle is lit, alongside another glass of water, this time accompanied with bolio (ithink the closest similar food thing i can think of is like a dinner roll?? only a Lot bigger and tbh better tasting) This one is for those who died in an accident, or haven’t eaten.
  • Oct 31- Process repeats, new candle, glass of water, white bread, and this time fruit is offered as well. (oranges and guavas are most customary) This goes for the dead of the dead (AKA your ancestors/great-grandparents)
  • Nov 1- Official day is here, Day of the Dead day 1: This day is dedicated to the departed children. Anyone who died young is celebrated, remembered, and honored on this date. All of the food is mainly sweet, pumpkins, guava, chocolate, candy in general, honey, and flowers to make the place a bright happy place for them. On personal graves or altars at home, they’re customized to what the child/children enjoyed and loved when they were still alive. A lot of toys, books, and all things alike are brought and offered in hopes that they will enjoy their day.
  • Nov 2- Official Day of the Dead day 2: This one generally goes out to all the elder people/adults. Thus the offerings are a little more catered to their likings, beer and cigarettes are usually there waiting. Of course they still have the standard flowers, food, and incense around so that they feel welcome as well.
  • Nov 3- The last white candle is lit, as incense slowly fades in and out into the night, there’s a final prayer and the still alive family members ask the departed to return again the following year.
Newt Scamander x Reader - Do You Believe in Magic?

Title: Do You Believe In Magic?

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Rating: G

Word Count: 1574

Warnings: None

Request: Hey! I really like all of your story’s. I think it would be cool to write something about the reader being a really big Harry Potter fan. And then running into Newt and starting to freak out and newt things something’s wrong but they’re just overly excited because it’s all real. Just a thought. You don’t have to do it I just thought I’d put it out there.

Sooooo. While I like that you put a lot of thought into the request it was a bit too meta for me. I changed it up just a little! So instead of the reader believing in Harry Potter it’s going to be the magical world itself!

I know it’s probably not what you wanted but I really did give it my best try…

Here we go!

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This is what a British passport could look like after Brexit

The British blue passport was introduced in 1921 and stayed so until 1988, when it was replaced by the burgundy one – 15 years after the UK joined the European Union in 1973.

Most of the words on the old passport are translated into French, from the page header to the holder’s personal details.

After Brexit, British passports will be redesigned – the Home Office says at a cost of almost £500m – and some are calling for the blue passport to make a comeback.

Produced by Claudia Romeo. Filmed by David Ibekwe.

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