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Psychic Shorthand

When using the booklet for your Tarot deck, have you felt spent and/or disinterested in the reading shortly after with hassle or frustration because you couldn’t quickly recall the meanings of the cards? Perhaps you know the meaning, but you get caught up in the pictures or your brain has a fart and you feel blank for words? I believe the cards can express themselves much like the words in our sentences when we just feel intuitively with them. It is significant for any reader to develop what many in the practice and study call a psychic shorthand. It functions well in spreads and intuitive readings where there is no relevant information yet defined in the analysis process.

It’s a convenient system of concise sentiments and impressions that you can call upon by first glance. It’s very simple to read this way and often yields the best results quickest, especially when you throw out that limited booklet of meanings that every deck gives you along with all the time and patience it had drained from your attention span. Readings shouldn’t be a frustrating math problem to solve. Reading should be simple, only complex when need be, such as a long analytical spread. To best practice a psychic shorthand, just write out a few keywords of the cards and give it a moniker for pneumatic purposes.

Using Your Language

These keywords are not necessarily official keywords for these cards. They were derived from when they’d usually apply in many people I have read for. Use these to start, but remember to take your time as you learn and practice Tarot. Eventually, you’ll begin building a variety of your own keywords, epithets, and stories for the cards based on how you’ve seen the cards being used in readings and what personal experience you have with them.

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