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conner kent had his mind and agency violated in not only one (1) timeline but in two (2) in order for some villain to use him as a weapon and harm people he loved and in BOTH CASES he came out the other side stronger for it and ultimately died performing a heroic sacrifice and realizing that he was more than the weapon he was created to be and was content knowing that he had saved the people he loved and saved lives and nothing you say can take that part of his character away

A big thank you to Steve Aoki, Mark Hoppus (Blink 182), Adrian Young (No Doubt), Page Hamilton (Helmet), Conner Youngblood, Snoh Aalegra, Scott Minerd, Tommy Lasorda, Ron Burkle, We Care Solar, International Medical Corps, Benedikt Hilger, and all our friends who attended Relief Live last night. It was our last show of the year, our last show of the touring cycle, and an amazing night with friends and family to raise funds and awareness for the charity. Whitney, Kimberly, and the Music For Relief and Machine Shop teams, you put on an incredible event!

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