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Hey there Mod! Sorry for the long ask! I recently came across a post where you answered someone's ask about not feeling like they loved their gf enough, and I really resonated with it so I googled avpd. Before tonight I had no idea it was a thing, but the check list sounds just like me, so I was just wondering if you had some links to check out? I don't want to be reblogging posts for avpd if it's not actually a thing i have (don't want to intrude on posts made for others).

hello! if you’re questioning whether you have avpd, you’re absolutely welcome here! if you realize later that you don’t have avpd, you were still welcome, because this is what you’re questioning now. this blog is a safe place, and you’re not intruding here!

shitborderlinesdo has a wonderful avpd diagnostic checklist, which you may have already seen. it’s compassionate and simple to read, and the easiest way to understand the diagnostic criteria.

in more clinical language, here are the dsm4 and dsm5 criteria for personality disorders. scroll down a bit for avpd.

here is the entire dsm5. it’s denser, but more comprehensive. general personality disorder criteria begins on page 677 of the pdf. avpd begins on page 704. i highly recommend reading about general personality disorders too.

avpdcommunity has a tremendous amount of resources. this is their what is avpd page. i suggest reading through their blog if you have the time and energy, especially their links and resources.

keep in mind that these are by no means comprehensive, but they’re a good starting point.

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omg have you seen the goodreads page of Empire of Storms? They updated the number of pages it now says it has 704 on the hardcover edition!! I hope this is true omg

Ohhhh my gosh, yes. I knew it had to get larger soon, oh my gosh 704 pages of Aelin, Rowan, Aedion, Dorian, Chaol, Nesryn, Lysandra, Manon, Elide, Asterin, Maeve, Perrington, and hopefully silent assassins, my smol Ansel, my smol emo son Ren, and…

Yeah actually 704 is not going to be enough probably 


Beer of the Night / Orange is the New Black

This evening my dad and I went to a small ceremony for Jack. He was part of a group of people who recently completed a law enforcement training course. A short speech, some group pictures, handshakes, and a big plate of cookies marked the event. Mmmm, cookies.

It was held at the county law enforcement facility. After the recognition part we were offered a tour of the jail. It’s in the same building.

That sounded interesting to me. My dad was curious too. Jack brings people to jail but he’s never been beyond the sally port and intake room. He wanted to see behind the walls as well.

It was cleaner and less noisy than I had imagined. The inmates do wear orange jumpsuits and matching plastic sandals.

Sheila didn’t go with us because she has a new owners manual to study. She’s pulling an all-nighter because I’m giving her a test tomorrow.

Earlier in the day we bought her a new vehicle. Until today we had only one car of our own, my beloved filthy Camry. With Sheila’s new job she loses a take-home car. So we need a second one. Ella, Oliver, and Carson insist on getting to the dog park before Sheila gets home from work each day. I hope they understand how much money we spend keeping them happy.

The new vehicle’s owners manual is 704 pages! My goodness, much has changed since we got the 2010 Camry. Cameras, a radio with apps, seat belts, lane departure warnings, safety glass, automatic high beams, happy endings… it’s crazy what engineers think of.

Bob! The beer!?

Oh yeah. Tonight I’m having a Bourbon Barrel Quad from the Boulevard Brewing Co. out of Kansas City, MO. You’ve heard of dubbels and tripels, right? Well this is a quad, a Belgian style ale.

If the razor blade people have any say we should see a quintuple ale soon. Perhaps it will have lubricating strips at the top of each bottle to keep my lips moist as I enjoy the brew.


Northern European design porn of the highest order!

Scandinavian Design
by Charlotte Fiell and Peter Fiell

2013, 704 pages, 6.8 x 7.4 x 1.7 inches
$15 Buy a copy on Amazon

A stupefying collection of design from the patchwork of Northern European nation states vaguely known as “Scandinavia,” Scandinavian Design is both eye candy and an education. Through 700+ biography-driven illustrated pages we’re led from the decorative to the industrial, from the design we live with every day and rarely consider, to the pieces we covet, and to the innovations that never made it past their prototype.

When we think of Scandinavian Design we tend to think mid-century – the sexy bent wood furniture of Alvar Aalto, the smooth forms of Dansk, the irresistibly groovy world of Verner Panton – and while the book does give ample space to the iconic, we’re reminded that Scandinavian design doesn’t begin and end mid-twentieth century. The authors cover every significant Northern European design influence over the past 100+ years, from the arcane to the ordinary, from slippers to Saabs, while providing an important and intriguing contextual relationship that allows for a more meaningful understanding of the influences and evolution that informs one design development to another. And because there are never more than two or three pages devoted to any one designer or design house, you can jump in anywhere and get a design fix on the fly.

Highlighting the modern while encouraging us to contemplate the simple, functional, everyday beauty that is Fiskars scissors, Electrolux vacuums, Legos, or a set of stacking spouted melamine mixing bowls by Rosti, there are surprises here of all stripes – like the design of early mobile phones and Hasselblad cameras, to ambitious efforts like Timo Salli’s Jack-in-the-Box television. Warning: May induce design fatigue even among die-hards, but every time you pick up this volume you’ll discover something new. – Matt Maranian

March 27, 2015