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We recorded another one B)

PK and I are trying to keep these up once a month. This one’s just barely made it and was recorded on the day after PK’s birthday!
Lots of fun interesting facts and stories once again, but also some serious time as we talk about certain conditions that might be afflicting us.

You can give it an ear over here:

Top of the page, Number 6.
Be sure to pack some spare time, as it is 1h 20min long.

Oh and PK requested that for future questions, you maybe should ask things focused on specific characters, because they will be able to talk more freely about those!
Except Cayenne. No one can ever talk about Cayenne.
Just send your questions to this blog and we will be sure to feature them on a future episode.


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hello! thank you so much for the fast haikyuu translations! i just wanted to point out there's a bit of inconsistency with shirabu kenjirou's year since in page 2, it says he's a third year while in pages 6-7 it says he's a second year

Wow I can’t even read numbers now -_-

Thanks for telling me! I changed it - he’s definitely a second year~

Who’s Who: The Definitive Podcast of the DC Universe, Volume XXVII, The Victory Lap

On the latest Who’s Who Podcast, we celebrate our completion of the first volume of WHO’S WHO by taking a victory lap! We conclude this run with a look at AMBUSH BUG #3, a couple AMAZING HEROES articles, and a special bonus… an interview with WHO’S WHO artist Dan Jurgens! We wrap up the show with your Listener Feedback! 

Below are a few select pages from Ambush Bug #3

Below you’ll find the Amazing Heroes article asking, “What about those beloved DC characters who didn’t make it into the Who’s Who?” Click the page number to enlarge!

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Up next is the Amazing Heroes article, “The Official Guide to the Who’s Who Artists”. Click the page number to enlarge!

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Luke Daab says, “Zatara and Penguin wore the same outfit to picture day! Aaaawkward.”

Tim Wallace (from Kord Industries) says he’s ready for whatever comes next with this next photo!

So jealous of Ryan Wing’s Who’s Who bound edition!

Up next the Charlton heroes poster by Pat Broderick discussed on the show!

Up next, the same Charlton image but used as a house ad.

Finally, below you’ll find the Yellow Dot Award winning image from Derek Crabbe! It’s the Who’s Who Podcast Wrap Party!

Come back next month when we tackle the first issue of WHO’S WHO UPDATE ‘87!

Be sure to check out Who’s Who: The Definitive Podcast of the DC Universe on iTunes!

the truth: actually really horrible thanks for asking I keep losing things and I think that is a reflection that I am losing my mind and I have a 15 page paper due on Monday that I only have 6 pages of and I…
a lie: aw yeah I’m good how are you?


To be continued……………………………………………….??

What the hell is Ryugazaki Rei? by fallen-lucifiel

…the thing I’ve been struggling with last month (around ep 2 and I haven’t touched it after ep 3). First part directly taken from the last part of Rin & Rei’s mini-drama cd… I just wanted to share what Rei’s smile does to my heart. Rin is my scapegoat. (•⊙ω⊙•)