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Fanart for Webcomics I’m Reading Right Now Every Day This Week Leading Up to Valentine’s Day!

V-Week 2016 || Tuesday || Spacejinx

Florian sure is the best sexbot ever!  What would Benedict do without him?  This one’s for @ocicatsy​ and @wensleydale​‘s gloriously fun, smutty space opera, Spacejinx.  I just love the Mission 6 suits!

Mission 6, Page 3:

Is it normal

for the sky to be

so large?


only false fart effects can push mettaton this far

sans youre dead dead dead

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Letter 44 – Aliens lurk in the asteroid belt, sending Earth into turmoil in this tense graphic novel

Letter 44, Vol. 1: Escape Velocity
by Charles Soule (author) and Alberto Jiménez Alburquerque, Guy Major, and Dan Jackson (illustrators)
ONI Press Inc
2014, 144 pages, 6.6 x 10 x 0.5 inches (softcover)
$16 Buy a copy on Amazon

On the day of his inauguration, Stephen Blades, the 44th president, finds a letter left on his Oval Office desk simply marked “44.” In it, outgoing President Carroll reveals a dark secret that he’s kept throughout his administration. An alien presence has been detected in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. And the beings there are building some sort of massive and potentially threatening structure.

President Carroll (obviously “inspired” by George W. Bush) has dragged the United States into two protracted wars and nearly broken the back of the country in the process. Now incoming President Blades learns to his horror that these wars were largely a ruse for achieving combat readiness for a possible alien attack. He also learns that, besides there being a deep black ops program for building next-gen military technology for confronting a possible alien menace, a secret one-way mission, with nine astronauts, has been dispatched by Carroll to the asteroid belt and will be arriving at the site of the alien construct soon. “Mr. President, they’re ready for your swearing in.”

And so begins the thrilling and surprisingly complex and tense ride that is Letter 44. Author Charles Soule and artists Alberto Jiménez Alburquerque, Guy Major, and Dan Jackson do an impressive job of creating a rich and layered world within this satisfying sci-fi comic series. The book confidently lays the interleaving stories of the first contact space drama, the cutthroat politics on the home front, and the geopolitical dramas as President Blades tries to carry on with two wars he now knows are shams and to prepare for a potential war coming from the stars. Cross 2001: A Space Odyssey with House of Cards (with a pinch of ol’ Heinleinian polyamory thrown in for spice) and you get some idea of what Letter 44 feels like. 

Letter 44, Volume 1: Escape Velocity sets up the entire chessboard that gets dramatically played out over the two other volumes to date (Volume 2: Red Shift and Volume 3: Dark Matter). If you read Volume 1 and enjoy it, your ride has just begun. There’s a brilliant reveal in Red Shift which caught me by surprise and made me love this series even more.

The covers to these book are gorgeous color foil and the artwork inside has a kind of crisp and vivid intensity that I think perfectly renders the fear, suspense, and futility of the story. And besides Soule doing an admirable job of covering a war on three fronts (homeland, global, space), he also doesn’t shy away from dealing with the emotional and sexual complexities of the characters in the trenches of each of these conflicts. There’s a lot going on here and lots of places to get potentially lost, but Letter 44 never lets up, never falters. I found this an extremely satisfying work of original, sweeping science fiction in comic book form. – Gareth Branwyn

February 10, 2016

I’ve been writing on a new fanfic for 3 weeks now, every time I have a free minute at work I try and write which is rather difficult because talking German and writing English is not that easy for me 😅 anyway, I have 6 handwritten pages and I hope to publish the story soon 🙈

been sitting in the library since 11am…2000 words of linguistic notes typed, 6 page lab report done, chemistry studying in full force, also went to the bathroom a billion times because all I do is drink water aimlessly

soundtrack of my sadness: I get Lifted by Peejay x Beenzino, The Orca Tape by The Cohort, all of Red Velvet’s discography lol

please remember that I basically had no idea what I was doing when I started designing this building or laying down the flats for this background so this just goes to show that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH PATIENCE AND SELF-CONFIDENCE

(self-confidence being something I lack in most every area of my life except art, so I’m lucky there at least…)