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Book Review- CARRY ON by Rainbow Rowell

In Rowell’s novel Fangirl, college freshman Cath is hard at work composing her final and most epic work of Simon Snow fanfiction ever- Carry On. This October, Rowell decided to give that fanfiction and the characters of Cath’s beloved book series a full length novel. 

And it was AWESOME. 

I adored Fangirl. Like I’m sure many of you have, I was immediately connected to Cath and the way she grew up alongside a fantastic book series- especially the strange fear and anticipation right before the final book is released. Throughout Fangirl, there were occasional excerpts from Carry On, the full length fanfiction that is the source of much blood, sweat, and tears. 

Carry On is a whopping 517 pages. (Did Cath like, ever actually go to school? Or sleep?) In it, we travel to Watford, a school for young magicians. Simon Snow is entering his final year, and is on everyone’s radar- he’s the Chosen One, after all. He’s prophesied to duel the Insidious Humdrum, the mysterious enigma that’s been terrorizing the world of mages and magic. It doesn’t help that Simon’s roommate since childhood, Baz, is also his sworn enemy. And a vampire. And most concerning…missing. 

Simon’s in for the most dangerous year of his life, but his magic seems to have a mind of its own. Powerful? Definitely. But like everything else in his life right now, it has a way of being inconveniently unpredictable. 

spoilery commentary below the cut:

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