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Title: Niflheim
Rating: General
Summary: Scully sits in the middle of the largest desert on Earth, freezing to death.
Author’s Notes: Years ago I was working on co-writing a Fight the Future Antarctica fic. It never got finished, but I rather like how this section came out. More was written, but it is inappropriate to share another writer’s work without their consent. Therefore, I am sharing only the 5 page section I wrote. Here it is, in unedited glory.

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Selfie from my fav bathroom on campus!

I’m so swamped with work this week and have noo idea how I’m still alive even tho it’s only Tuesday. I had a problem set, 5 page paper, and quiz due today, 15 page lab report due tomorrow, 20 minute presentation on Thursday, another paper and problem set due Friday, and a midterm next Monday. help

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wait you actually like the mary-sue that is heather?? and you ship her with queen astrid!? are you nuts?!

I’ve been stewing over how to answer this ask for a couple of hours now…mostly because it (and the other 4 Heather-bashing ‘asks’ I got) make me facepalm. Also, I’ve rewritten this twice, trying to make it not sound mean, but if there are parts that do sound mean, I apologize. I’m frustrated.

1) Yes, I like Heather. In fact, I adore Heather and wish we saw more of her with the riders. 

2) Let’s list the reasons why people think Heather is a mary-sue, shall we?

  • She’s got a somewhat tragic backstory
  • She’s got a dysfunctional family
  • She’s smart
  • She starts out as a loner
  • She has a unique dragon
  • She’s ‘too pretty’ for living in the wild on her own
  • She makes bad choices at times
  • She cares about her friends and tries to protect them
  • The writers focus more on her than on Astrid at times
  • Thanks to DoB, people are convinced there’s a triangle with her, Hiccup, and Astrid.
  • She can cook
  • She’s got a badass weapon 

Hm. You know what I’m noticing? She actually shares a lot of similarities with Hiccup. I’ll bold the ones she shares with him to make it a bit easier to notice.

Sound familiar? 

Remember the trick of describing Batman as a female instead of a male and people get pissed? 

You’re doing the same fucking thing with Heather.

As to her being ‘too pretty’ and ‘clean’ for living in the wild on her own?

It’s fairly canon that the twins and Gobber are meant to be the dirtiest, smelliest, most disgusting of the Hooligans. Guess what? They look pretty damned clean to me.Yes, Gobber has some dirt and grime, but it’s part of his design. The twins? It’s not. The animators have limited time and budgets to constantly make everyone individually dirty.

  • Also, why aren’t you complaining that Astrid, Fishlegs, Snotlout, and Hiccup aren’t filthy? 
  • Astrid’s constantly doing gymnastics on the ground and practicing her fighting (dirt and sweat). 
  • Fishlegs has a boulder class dragon and is constantly feeding her rocks (lemme tell you, finding good, gronckle-snack sized rocks is NOT a clean job) while also spending many days translating the Dragon Eye without caring for himself (sweat+varying dragon breath smells+ink+the process of making paper/vellum/parchment)
  • Snotlout? Not only is constantly getting burned (soot+ash), but he rides a dragon coated in flammable gel (that gel+surely a sulfuric smell). 
  • And Hiccup? He is constantly messing around in the forge. Forges are hot. Soot+Sweat+Metal+Sawdust. He’s also constantly finding himself in trouble out in the wild. Dirt+sweat. 

Also, that triangle with her, Hiccup, and Astrid? Yeah, Astrid’s at the center of that triangle. It’s more than a little obvious that Heather has the hots for Astrid. Look at the way they interact: Heather is more playful and caring around Astrid and she gets a bit sad when she teases Astrid about her and Hiccup. She doesn’t act the same way at all around any of the other riders. 

And, uh, she trusted Astrid with the information that she was spying on the Dragon Hunters. Not Hiccup. Astrid

And, the cooking? Guess what? It was the woman’s job to cook back then and, before Alvin and Dagur happened, she was living a normal life. Guess what that means? She’s going to know how to cook. Now that I think about it, it’s actually strange that Astrid and Ruffnut are canonically bad cooks -but then again, the HttYD franchise basically throws history out the window :/

And, finally, her weapon. Yes, I admit it’s a bit excessive, but it looks cool. And, uh, do you not remember Hiccup’s compact-and-portable-bola-throwing-catapult from HttYD1? What about Toothless as a whole?

Sometimes, you just gotta give a character something badass to work with. 

Okay. Okay, I’ve spent too long writing this when that time could have been spent on my fanfiction. I’m still frustrated, but I know if I continue this, it’s going to get more sarcastic and more angry. 

So yeah. I like Heather. She’s bae <3

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kira, just letting you know, i could write a entire paper (5+ pages) of why ur so inspiring and such a positive influence in my life. i might someday, but not today. ily keep doing what ur doing 💖💖💖

oh man, thank you so much!! this was so sweet of you to send and it means so much to me, thank you!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖

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Oh my guuuuuuuuaaaawwwwwd that is so cute when can I expect to see more of that cutie

when i get the other 4 of the next 5 pages done. it might be done after those 5 or there might be 5 more after that to finish it.

Dear Shawn Coss

I am not a monster because I am mentally ill. 

I am not a victim because I am mentally ill. 

You draw us as victims or villains (tw: ableism, horror at link), trapped in the violent tendrils of our illness. You draw us as sufferers, horror movie creatures. You draw us as embodied forms of the symptom lists of our illnesses and disabilities. 

But we are something more than just diagnostic criteria. We are more than a page in the DSM-5. 

And my illnesses and neurodivergencies are not monsters either. 

They can’t be characterized by thin white able-bodied figures that hide in the shadows and cling to my body. They can’t be separated from who I am, a ghost or a spirit lingering over me. 

I am not trapped in my autism. I have not been stolen by mental illness. I am an autistic person. I am a mentally ill person. 

If you’re wondering what autism or OCD or major depressive disorder or generalized anxiety disorder or dermatillomania looks like, look at the people around you. There is no essence there that can be distilled and restructured into a monster. There is only us. 

My mental illness and neurodivergence is not my enemy. 

It is a part of me. It is a part of me that hurts me, that makes it difficult to live in this world, and a part of me that I love, a lot of the time, because every aspect of my experience comes through the lens of my neurodivergency. 

It teaches me how to experience the world, how to interact carefully and kindly with others, how to soothe myself and analyze systems of oppression and know my limitations and my skills. 

You are not challenging the stigma of mental illness with your art. You are playing off of extensive, historical stereotypes of mental illness that spectacularize us and our illnesses — a freak show view, an oddity. Jeckyll and Hyde. Lady Lazarus. 

O Shawn Coss, do I terrify?

Shawn, please listen to us. Pay attention to what mentally ill and neurodivergent people are writing about their own experiences; pay attention to the art that we make for ourselves and about ourselves. Pay attention to the ways that intersectional experience impacts mental illnessNothing about us without us. 

You’ve taken Inktober to present ableist representations of illness — take November to share articles, art, writing, musicand poetry by mentally ill and ND people. Take the next month to prioritize the actual lives and experiences of the people you’ve spent the past month spectacularizing and making monstrous. 

Yours in sickness and in health