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My new sketchbook/artzine Knightlife is finished!

48 full color pages (including the cover) filled with sketches and rough paintings, most of which haven’t been posted outside of my patreon.

It also includes a 5 page tutorial on my process of drawing and painting a portrait.

All preorders placed before I ship out in late September receive a free miniprint of the cover on stardreams cardstock, and preorders placed before August 31 are 25% off the regular price!

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Overwatch as Jem Songs

Soldier 76 — It’s a Hard, Hard Life
Reaper — Jealousy
Genji — Look Inside Yourself
McCree — Freedom
Tracer — Time is Running Out
Pharah — To the Rescue
Bastion — Alone Again
Mei — I Believe in Happy Endings
Widowmaker — Real Me
Hanzo — I’m Gonna Hunt You Down
Junkrat — Takin’ it All — Hollywood Jem
Reinhardt — Beat This
Torbjörn — Back in Shape
Winston — Putting it All Together
Roadhog — Here Comes Trouble
Zarya — Outta My Way
Symmetra — She’s Got the Power
Lúcio — Music and Danse
Zenyatta — Friend or Stranger
Mercy — Safe and Sound
Ana — Family Is…

Sombra — Who Is She Anyway

(I can’t believe I spent multiple hours on this)

hey remember that thing you vaguely remember entering like a month ago?? here are the results!! thank you so much to everyone who entered, y’all are seriously fantastic and it was so hard to choose the winners out of all the wonderful people who entered. love you all xoxo

reminder of what you won:

  • first place:
    • a spot on the winners page forever
    • 5 promos* on request
    • you can send me up to 5 prompts and ill write a headcanon bulletpoint thing answering it
    • my undying love
  • second place
    • a spot on the winners page for 3 months
    • 3 promos on request
    • send me up to 3 prompts for headcanons
    • my neverending love
  • third place
    • a spot on the winners page for a month
    • 1 promo on request
    • send me up to 2 prompts for headcanons
    • my eternal love

*promos can be whatever you want, i can give you plain shoutout or reblog selfies/original posts, etc. 

so here they are!! *cool drumrool*

once again, congrats to the winners and thanks so much to everyone who entered 

anonymous asked:

Chapter Five of New Home seems to be quite short compared others. Is it actually only 5 pages, or is that all you've planned for so far?

It’s not finished yet. Next part is on monday

anonymous asked:

Hi, i was looking through your TS 4 creations but i can't download the Nightcrawler hairstyle for men recolor, thats on page 5/6 i think. And that is posted on December 4th 2014. Could you please give me the download link?

Have you tried other browsers? If not try I know that it worked for some ppl 
If not you can always contact Tsr about links not working since we are not the ones runing the site we cant really do much to fix those issues :/
If nothing works send me of anon msg ;)


Hiiiiiiiiiiii, please don’t kill me, I’m so sorry it took so much time, but I had no idea how to draw some panels, but now, here it is, without background (’cause fuck it), and with shadows that make no sense ! :D Goddammit may someone please kill me ? 

So, now that I’m on holidays, I should have more time to draw, so the next page should be here in much less time ! But considering that tomorrow I’ll have the results of my exams, maybe I’ll get too depressed to be in the mood to draw… Don’t know, I’ll see ! =w=

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this page, I had fun drawing it ! 

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Well, compared to the page 4, this one was really quick ! °w° But… hum… I have now a TON of works waiting for me. Thanks yu all, by the way, I wasn’t expecting so much subscribers in such a short time ! The story for now don’t really go anywhere but I need this prelude to introduce you the real deal ! =w=

Skeleton’s kiss to everyone ! 

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