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still some genderbender stuff and an new au my freund BZ and i been workin with.

can’t really call it a fanbook but a pamphlet like 20~30 pages(its title’s not really decided yet i only did this to view the effect), only print 20 copies so i would release elec edition later.


Some early design work for my klance Swan Princess AU. I’ve got about 30 pages of notes on the plot along with some script and storyboard stuff already. Aside from this thread on twitter I haven’t reeeally yelled about it publicly, but I’m excited about it :D I have Plans. 

So… they cancelled that comic to replace it with a 125 page wedding extravaganza, right? I need at least 30 pages of Jack arguing with Gabe over the ratio of black to other colors in the interior decorating scheme before I won’t be mad at Blizzard anymore. 




That’s right! Bounty Bots is well on its way to being inked! And as a little celebration - here’s a sneak peak at the mini comic! I’m super stoked for this short story! I hope you all will enjoy it! :)

Stay tuned. 

Dear Mass Effect fandom,
Remember all those discussions we had about your hatred of MShep and what it meant to people playing him? We told you different people play MShep: men, women, trans, non-binary, others…
We told you they all have different reasons to play him and identify with him, reasons that are important to them and that we wanted you to respect.
Well. Can we NOT start all over again with broRyder? Can we not call him a loser already? Can you let people who want to play broRyder play him without asking them to write a 30 page essay to justify why? 

Because I see you making broRyder the butt of all jokes, portraying him as pathetic, while sisRyder is perfection. I see that and it’s your right to post those things. I’m not here saying “oh poor broRyder” because that’s not the point. The point is that I have a feeling you all won’t stop at a few posts and you’ll be shitting all over him for months before we even get Andromeda. 
Sure, you find it funny and mostly harmless but consider the feelings of ACTUAL PEOPLE with various IDENTITIES who just want to have a good time with the character they identify with the most. Like I said: there are men, woman, trans, non-binary, and others. People who might see broRyder as their new source of identification (there is NOTHING wrong with that, I should say) and who feel annoyed and sad that the anti-campaign is starting all over again. 
I swear, you can respect those people regardless of your feelings about male protags and Bioware’s marketing. That would be a nice change in this fandom. 

Thanks for reading,

REIGEN 1000% is a global fanbook project dedicated to everyone’s favorite psychic of the century, Mob Psycho 100′s beloved Reigen Arataka! 

  • This project has 26 participating artists representing 11 different countries! 
  • The fanbook will be an A4 (~8x11.5″) size perfect bound book with approximately 30 pages of full color illustrations featuring Reigen.
  • The fanbook will be sold online for a limited time.
  • More information to come soon!

Please follow this blog for updates and @reigen1000p on twitter

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