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The Marionettist - Preview

After seeing a lot of my favorite artists go back into EnterVOID, I’ve been pondering on whether or not to continue with Eliza’s arc. After doing the battle with Alterna Base I intended on doing another Beyond Battle that would re-introduce an old Void landmark and expand on Eliza’s story a little more. 

Despite my retail job and working on The Shufflers, I decided to go ahead and progress with her story. Much like Imouto, this will probably take me a few months in between tasks to get done. Unlike Imouto, this should only be about 30 pages.

This will be the only preview, and hopefully there will be more content to follow up with later.

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opinion on socialism?

I did this paper on Socialism in my first year of college, it was 30 pages long and I got a pretty good grade, but after that paper I felt like it isn’t enough. To be honest, I am not in the swing to write everything here and explain bit by bit, but my personal opinion relies on the fact that Socialism is indeed a great doctrine, but the adaptability required to put it to work is far too great for it to function completely nowadays. We need to wait on the inevitable downfall of Capitalism, then survive the periods of Anarchic prevalence, and then we would be able to discuss, in community, if Socialism (or Communism, or any other new political doctrine that might come) would be the best political path to take. Right now, in terms of politics, I’m more concerned with the healing of the various ills and idiosyncrasies that affect nowadays Democracy, which are many, and only after Democracy works fully, only then we will be able to also accomplish a full political plan that actually works. Until then, and if it happens, there is no real point in trying to make this or this work, because it wont, the problem is rooted somewhere else.  


(pgs 29-30; part of the dance dance video shoot)

‘This was the first multiple day shoot we ever did for a video and the first of many with Alan Ferguson. I remember Alan giving us the treatment right after we made the “Sugar” video. We couldn’t wait to make this thing. I think this may have even intended to be the “Sugar” video treatment at one point. Overall we had a really good time making this. The girl that dances with, at, or to Patrick in it ended up on 30 Rock. Put that in your fact hole’

The ASOIAF fancasting resource is a 30+ page google document for people who would like help with ASOIAF fancasting. This project was born out of our desire to see A Song of Ice and Fire brought to life. Through the combined efforts of 13 tumblr graphic & gif-makers, we created an alphabetical list of ASOIAF characters and their fancasts; we searched extensively on IMDB and YouTube for medieval & fantasy footage and sorted this footage into categories such as “warrior women,” “dragons,” “transportation,” etc.; and we created lists of actors in medieval shows, sorted by hair color. We view this resource as a perpetual work-in-progress, and we will add to it over time. 

Click here to view the google document, and please like or reblog this post if you found it useful! Thank you!

Okay so Valhalla got this review on Goodreads a few days ago and it’s easily my favorite review to date. I didn’t know how to frame it to post here exactly until my father suggested I post it without any reply, except to say that this is a real review, and that I did not write it as a publicity gag. And remember, you can read the first 30 pages free on Amazon under “Look Inside”. Enjoy :)

*Guy talks about liking bad girls.*

Yeah, that’s fair enough, bad girls are totally hot.

*Girl talks about liking bad boys.*

Ugh, women are so shallow and only like guys that treat them like shit, I’m going to write a 30 page manifesto on the struggles of Nice Guys like me.