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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s proposed budget—which would cut $300 million dollars out of the state’s beloved public university system—has a non-fiscal bombshell tucked in between its insane pages.

Delete the requirement that the Board direct each institution and college campus to incorporate oral and written or electronic information on sexual assault in its orientation program for newly entering students and to supply all students enrolled in the institution or college campus with the same information in either printed or electronic form.
Delete the requirement that the Board of Regents submit an annual report to the Legislature regarding the methods used to comply with the above requirement.
Delete the requirement that any person employed at an institution who witnesses a sexual assault on campus or receives a report from a student enrolled in the institution that the student has been sexually assaulted report the assault to the dean of students. Delete the requirement that each institution report annually to the Department of Justice (DOJ) statistics on sexual assaults and on sexual assaults committed by acquaintances of the victims that occurred on the campus of that institution in the previous years, and that DOJ include those statistics in appropriate crime reports.


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HS fans: oh man paradox space is such a great opportunity to explore relationships and characters and situations not given a lot of screen time in the actual comic
PS Artist 1: I’m doing one about the meteor crew
PS Artist 2: I’m doing one about the meteor crew
PS Artist 3: I’m doing one about the meteor cr

Don't Starve Comic - Blood Eagles (Page 25)

"Wilson’s outburst doesn’t bring any useful information. Heavily influenced by them he considers the option to finish off Maxwell but Wilson quickly changes his mind and decides to move on, not yet has he lost all sanity. The weather is getting worse and both men are badly injured, Wilson is aware of this although he barely feels the pain. Finding a safer location before nightfall seems to be the next logic step.”

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