page 19

When Allah ﷻ has love for a person, Allah ﷻ grants him:

  • An understanding of Deen
  • Disinclination for this world
  • A keen recognition of his shortcomings

[Al Istidad Li Yawm Li Maad, page 19]

So…. is Kyoraku basically wheeling Aizen around on his chair all over Seireitei?

Also, omg, is my 617 prediction about to come true??? Kubo, don’t you DARE switch to the Quincy next week, I NEED this! Seriously though, I wouldn’t mind 19 pages of nothing but the Shinigami reacting to Aizen’s return. 

As humble as this guy is especially in his most recent video, he’s a damn treasure of a person and succeeded in making so many people happy and smile with his stupid commentary and videos. 

Congrats Cr1tikal. You damn well earned all those subs.

Goku: Why do you want ‘em? Gonna make one’ve them Bead Necklaces or somethin’?

Bulma: Oh, but of course! Listen, goof… An amazing thing happens when you get all seven…

…And you chant just the right chant… To summon… …Shenlong… The Dragon God!! He’ll grant you any wish! But only one!!

Goku: Wow!! That’s awesome!! 

Bulma: The last person who collected the Dragon Balls became a King!

But somehow, in the centuries since, the balls got scattered again! Leaving it to li’l me to bring ‘em back together!