page 18

The end of Dangerous night?

Ivlis called out Satanick’s name.
Licorice…looks like, realizing what have he done, maybe?

Guys, I think it’s end here since Funamusea said there will be 4 pages of r-18. (There’s 5 pages left btw.)
Just my guess, Licorice’s going to flee away from Ivlis’s room.
And the real Satanick shows up,
and…you bet, airhead Ivlis be like “What the heck’s going on!?!!”

Raffle Winners

Congratulations winners!

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IF I CAN’T ACCESS YOUR ASK BOX OR MESSAGE YOU WITHIN THREE DAYS, I WILL PICK ANOTHER WINNER! One person doesn’t have their ask box open/doesn’t allow messaging from people. Please send me a message if you are a winner and I haven’t messaged you (because your ask box is closed).

I copied all of the notes into word, numbered them, and let the random number generator do its thing. If it fell on a number that corresponded with a like, I kept going until I had five reblogs. There were a total of 18 pages!

I will be in contact with the winners so I can get the appropriate shipping addresses and they will be sent on their way! I will make a post/send a message to the winners when I’ve shipped them out. If I haven’t shipped them out, it’s because I’m waiting on someone’s address.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered. I wish I could give everyone that entered a print! I will be doing other raffles in the future, so I hope you guys have another chance at a free print!