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“Worth It”

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (College AU)

Summary: In which a friendship drastically changes due to an all-campus text alert about a strange man wandering the campus.

A/N: Another one from draft-purgatory. It feels weird releasing it into the wild.

“I hate you. So. Much,” Bucky deadpans, looking up from a stapled packet of papers. “It takes me two weeks to write something of this quality, yet you pulled it off in two hours.”

"We’ll know if it’s really ‘quality’ when Professor Coulson gives it back,” you yawn, snatching the 18-page research paper from him.

“How do I obtain your kind of focus? What’s your secret?”

“The startling realization that a deadline is actually 8am and not 8pm.”

The brunette stares at you as if you just grew a third eye on your forehead. “You’re either completely insane or a brilliant genius,” Bucky sighs with either admiration or exasperation.

“Well, all this insane genius wants to do right now is sleep,” you sleepily murmur as you slide your paper back into your bag.

“Too bad Coulson docks points if you’re absent.” Bucky swings his messenger bag around and swiftly zips it open and pulls out a bottled iced coffee. “Take this,” he nudges.

“For me?”

“No, for the unicorn behind you,” Bucky sarcastically says, pushing the iced coffee towards you. “I can tell by your dark circles that you didn’t sleep much.  Take it, you have class until 8pm today,” he insists.

Touched, you take the iced coffee and scrunch up your face in a cute way, but you don’t know that, of course. “You’re one of a kind, James Barnes,” you grin.

Bucky crosses his arms against his chest, a slightly peeved look crossing his face. “How many times did I ask you not to call me 'James’?“ he defeatedly sighs.

"A little less than a million times.” You laugh as Bucky looks like he can’t decide on laughing with you or strangling you, but both of you know that you’re absolutely right.

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Raph is a bit uneasy for all the little well….BIG gifts for the offspring. He isn’t mad about it but he doesn’t want her to spend all her money on them all. He prefers to be able to provide for his own, but he knows as well that he wouldn’t be able to due to the fact he is preggers and he is a mutant. So aaaah well. April is trying to get him to keep the covers off of Raph too but it’s only the head she can get.

Okay, this is brilliant. We saw Bucky every step of the way. @chrissamnee and Mark Waid are a pair of sneaky bastards :D

Black Widow #10 flashback compared to #3, page 3:

#10 flashback compared to #3, page 12 (you actually see him as a tiny silouette on page 10):

#10 flashback compared to #8, page 18:

This is amazing, I ain’t even mad. :D

Preston has a black belt in PG-fu

[V4 Deadpool #24, page 18]

Oh, Preston, everyone wants to kiss that silver fox on his … leather … pouches … ?


[Uncanny Avengers #16, page 6, modified]

The location of Nate’s pouches are … are …


Did you just tell Wade to give Nate a blow job for you?



She totally did.

Preston, think of the impressionable children that are sitting right next to you.

[V4 Deadpool #24, page 19]

Stop with your innuendo and your smirking, Stryfe. 

You get nothing!  You have no pouches!

Preston has decreed it! 

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Can you give links proving that fat shaming is wrong and harmful?

And our #fatphobia tag for more insights and resources.

- mod BP