page 18

Update! The Split page 18.  Hey, so I’ve been sick most of the week and my buffer’s almost nothing so I’m taking the weekend off to recover and recuperate!  See you Monday!

The Split is about hitting rock bottom.   This is part one of a three part prequel mini series about Cate’s origins.

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Altered Frontier is a comic adaptation of the Gunsmoke radio program.

Happy surprise update! :D

I decided to post a page a few days early, but in exchange I didn’t do any shading or proper backgrounds. 

And you know, this comic has a had a good run. This is the last page. I mean, Frisk is just fucking dead. There’s no coming back from that, and they’re the main character too! Who’s supposed to be the lead now? Flowey? Pfft, that’s stupid. 

Thank you so much for following me for this comic! And thank you for your so much for your time! Enjoy the rest of your lives! :D

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