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I was helping a customer today at work and we got to talking, eventually we ended up discussing colleges and our degrees and I was telling her about the children’s book I wrote and she thought it sounded awesome and then she got really excited because she said her brother and her dad actually run a publishing company and so she gave me their info to get in contact with them once the illustrations are finished….. THIS IS SO COOL. Honestly I’m expecting it to get shot down a few times anyway so I feel like the more publishers I can find to present it to the better. But Mickey keeps saying it won’t take that many since it is a children’s book so it’s only like 15 pages so it wouldn’t be much of a liability/cost for a company to get it printed and all of that. And anyway I swear it would not flop. I know I keep saying this but ugh I can’t wait to get at least some sketches and my copyright so I can post the whole thing for you all to see. I want so much feedback I’m getting anxious and jittery to get this thing rolling because I’ve never felt more confident about something I have written in my whole life. Can you even imagine if this happens and I would be a published author before even graduating with my degree?!

She was not the type of woman who’s entire life was chronicled with mine. She was the deepest crease of the book’s spine which when held, opened of its own accord to the beginning of her chapter with the pages stained with teardrops and smudged ink.
—  She wasn’t the beginning nor the happy ending, she was the 15 pages that held my heart embedded within each word.

1. does anyone watch high maintenance? isn’t that show absolutely unbelievable? last episode?

2. i’m trying to get myself to see leopard print as a neutral.

3. um… listening to a lot of taylor swift lately. what does it mean?

4. re-writing my BA thesis as a short(er) piece on method: 15-20 pages on portraiture as anthropological method - the impersonal (is personal) is political - representation and imperceptibility: eclipsing images of identity and individuation - (un)timeliness and tragedy.

5. Alcibiades, attachment, Bildung, Umbildung, enjoying my weirdness with wonderful creatures - and like more than once a day having that moment when i look at the person next to me and am like “who is this?”

6. everything is beautiful and horrible and borderline bearable - rite?

7. sometimes i shake, and its okay. just little ehler danlos things.

8. if i get a grant this academic year, i’ll do something interesting w my hair.

9. my apartment is dope and montreal is warm. come visit!

10. crescat scientia sensibilitas, vita excolatur