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That first panel was a real killer.  I want to take this opportunity to thank the following people for allowing me to showcase their work in the background.

-Zephyr Wing
-Wiggles (Ask King Sombra)
-Lolepopenon (Ask Billie the Kid)

These guys have been a major inspiration to me and my work.
Other artwork provided by me in adoration to the following people who taught me so much:

-GlacierClear (Ask C-Minus)
-Cyano (Formerly Azula Griffon)
-Jitterbug Jive


Raph realizes the time when Leo shoved him away during training was him restraining himself, jeez nothing to be said about this realization. But Leo for you to think Raph would stoop so low as to say you arent there father thats just not gonna happen he wants you to be present but most importantly he wants you to OWN what you did. Its changed him but it has had an impact on you as well so never try to escape you take the full brunt and hold the position you have in this.