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“The next issue of SFX magazine, coming out Wednesday, has thirteen pages dedicated to #DoctorWho”

Now that April is almost upon us, expect a real ramp-up of publicity for Series 10.

Which is great, but I sincerely hope those 13 pages in SFX (and the other articles and reviews that will start showing up especially once the screenings for the first episode begin) aren’t filled with people writing about how crappy Series 9 and Clara Oswald was. Seriously. That’s a legitimate fear I have right now. Not that I expect SFX to do this (I’m looking forward to seeing what those 13 pages include), but it sometimes seems like people are lining up to say “oh Doctor Who is good now” and pile onto S9 and Clara in particular. Treat Series 10 as a fresh start by all means. And I hope people don’t compare Bill to Clara either because that would be unfair to Bill (she shouldn’t be compared to Rose, Martha or the others, either and she’s going to have her own story arc that won’t necessarily end with her becoming immortal). If you don’t like S9, or you hate Clara, then ignore both and move on.


Humans are destroying the planet 170x faster than natural forces, scientists say

  • Surprise! Humans are turning the earth into a garbage fire a lot quicker than previously thought.
  • According to Australian National University researchers, humans are speeding up climate change 170 times faster than natural forces.
  • “Human-caused greenhouse gas emissions over the past 45 years have increased the rate of temperature rise to 1.7 degrees Celsius per century, dwarfing the natural background rate,” ANU climate professor Will Steffen said in a statement on the university’s news page. Read more (2/13/17 3:31 PM)

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Raph realizes the time when Leo shoved him away during training was him restraining himself, jeez nothing to be said about this realization. But Leo for you to think Raph would stoop so low as to say you arent there father thats just not gonna happen he wants you to be present but most importantly he wants you to OWN what you did. Its changed him but it has had an impact on you as well so never try to escape you take the full brunt and hold the position you have in this.

If you look at it objectively, though, Dumbledore’s final humiliation of Slytherin in Philosopher’s Stone is more shocking than Snape’s outright favouritism. At the final feast, Slytherin has won the house cup and the Great Hall is decorated with their colours. Then, step by cruel step, the nice old white-haired Headmaster takes it all away from them, in public, and transfers the glory to Gryffindor. No doubt Malfoy and his ilk deserved this gratifying (for Harry and his chums) turning of the tables, but were there no innocent Slytherins who cried themselves to sleep that night?
—  David Langford, The End of Harry Potter? An Unauthorized Guide to the Mysteries That Remain

Whew! It’s done and it’s silly, but I’m happy with it despite the implausibility. Not exactly what you wanted but I hope you are happy anyway, anon. *hugs*


Hannibal is angrier than he’s ever been in his entire life. 

 He’s driving away from his parents’ home, the anger still a palpable thing in his veins as he remembers yelling back to his father for the first time in his entire life. 

 But no matter his anger, they shoved the contract in his face and spoke of honor when they had been controlling his future since the day he’d been born. 

 In one month he would marry a total stranger. 

 His betrothed, the word sat on his tongue like a weight, was a useless Prince whom Hannibal learned was seven years his junior and named Wilhelm. 

 His mother spoke of his intended with such reverence he almost asked if she herself wanted to marry him: Wilhelm was sweet, kind, he loved animals and was so shy that it was difficult to get him to make eye contact with strangers. 

 Hannibal was horrified. His husband was a useless bore who would rather roll around with a dog than have a decent conversation? Why would they do this to him? 

 So caught up was he that driving his motorcycle was almost an afterthought and when he swerved to miss hitting the man surrounded by dogs on leashes, he fell, landing on his side as the bike landed against a parked car. 

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