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If you look at it objectively, though, Dumbledore’s final humiliation of Slytherin in Philosopher’s Stone is more shocking than Snape’s outright favouritism. At the final feast, Slytherin has won the house cup and the Great Hall is decorated with their colours. Then, step by cruel step, the nice old white-haired Headmaster takes it all away from them, in public, and transfers the glory to Gryffindor. No doubt Malfoy and his ilk deserved this gratifying (for Harry and his chums) turning of the tables, but were there no innocent Slytherins who cried themselves to sleep that night?
—  David Langford, The End of Harry Potter? An Unauthorized Guide to the Mysteries That Remain

Listen. Louis has so much diversity with his voice. Like how it can go from scratchy and almost vulnerable in I Want To Write You A Song to how much power he can put behind those notes in End Of The Day and Love You Goodbye to how he can make you /feel/ the emotion in If I Could Fly… His voice is so special and unique everything about it draws you in and makes you want to never stop listening.

That first panel was a real killer.  I want to take this opportunity to thank the following people for allowing me to showcase their work in the background.

-Zephyr Wing
-Wiggles (Ask King Sombra)
-Lolepopenon (Ask Billie the Kid)

These guys have been a major inspiration to me and my work.
Other artwork provided by me in adoration to the following people who taught me so much:

-GlacierClear (Ask C-Minus)
-Cyano (Formerly Azula Griffon)
-Jitterbug Jive



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707: “ Thanks you, MC…!”


Well..Actually… I finished 3 routes of Zen, Jumin, Yoosung, but i haven’t finished 707′s Route :( I have to study and don’t have time to play… ( huhu i feel so guilty now, uwaaaaa…), so I decided to draw this to apologize to him :((( and I won’t uninstall !!!! I will play again :((((((( I promise :((((( uhuhuhuu

( I saw a lot of comments said that they would not uninstall the game, I’m really happy now, haha. )

OK… Tell me how are you feeling now ? lol xD
Is it a good end for you ??

Thanks everyone for reading <3


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I was realizing that lately L&H have been nearer each other in public. I mean, nothing spectacular, nothing even closer the way the others are allowed, but there's an undeniable change in my opinion. We saw them singing next to each other at least twice (the SMG and NC acoustic performance on streaming and yesterday in Orlando). During interviews they happen to switch places and be next or near each other. Comparing it to the complete lack of proximity of the past 2 years it might mean something

I actually think it’s a few months something has changed (and not just about the public separation)

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And i know it, maybe one swallow doesn’t make a summer.

But when the swallows fly in in large flocks, all in a week, you do know that summer is there (and also Nirvana).

“Where do you wanna sit?”