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Been asked about the recent episode The Times They Are A Changeling and how that affects the comic. That episode doesn’t affect the comic for the following reasons:

  1. The comic was started long before the episode aired and I don’t want to make the kind of changes that line up the comic with canon concerning Thorax. With the path that’s laid out for the comic, Thorax couldn’t fit in anywhere without seriously distracting from the regular cast.
  2. MLP the cartoon is a child’s show. They have to ‘soften’ characters like Chrysalis so she remains 'kid friendly’. The comic is not a kids comic as shown on page 11.
  3. This is also 'realistic comic’ in some ways. Chrysalis is reflective of just about every real life dictator/tyrant in the present and past. Simply put - dictators do not care about their people. Also the Changeling Hive reflects real life insect hives, not the ones found in the movies Antz or A Bug’s Life.
Bleach 686 Liveblog

………. Alright. Alright, I can do this. I’m going to apologise in advance, because this is long. Really, really, really long. But give me this at least. Give me this. One last time. One last time. One last time, for old time’s sakes—


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an RP


Ask-De-Writer and Wind, the Mama Cat

Due to a blog URL and name change, The Whisper Sisters is now Aranel the Cyborg aka, Wind, the Mama Cat.

© 2015 by Ask-De-Writer and aranelthecyborg

Cover art by aranelthecyborg

Writing begun 09/00/15


Aranel the Cyborg aka, Wind, the Mama Cat:

The afternoon slowly progressed into evening, and as the booths of various goods had the final, finishing touches added to them, the Rom returned to their camps, and settled down for a quiet evening.

All except Fade, who, with Dark’s and Black Lotus’s help, emptied and reset the Catter’s nets and traps, and then, helped her drain, and cut up her catches. The group then salted the meat and fish, so it would be ready for tomorrow.

Esper was grateful that the hunters had decided to use Penny’s old forging tent to do all this, as she and Marchhare cooked the veggie skewers. The heavy fabric of the tent kept the smell of meat trapped inside.

Puff sighed as she feed Bijou her milk. “It is… difficult.” She said, “Having a carnivore for a mate. I love her Dearly, but sometimes the thought of her killing those animals…” She shuddered.

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