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Had you heard the rumors about the National Guard gearing up for deportation raids in south-western border states? At this point, they are just that - rumors, but it's such a wild idea that I almost believe it.

It’s something that was started by the associated press. They kept going on about how they’ve read a leaked 11-page draft memo which included a proposal to militarize deportations. Sean Spicer denied this too. But I’m getting two different statements from the DHS. A DHS official said the leaked proposal was an early document that was never brought to the DHS secretary for approval while other DHS employees are saying that a proposal like this is still being considered for further immigration measures. 

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Hi!! I was curious as to how you assembled the zine ?? ( I really wanna make an e-zine but I'm not sure how to assemble the actual thing shdjsnd)

Hi anon!

We used the software, adobe InDesign. It’s used for designing magazines, pamphlets, brochures, basically anything with multiple pages. You can create spreads (a full two page horizontal sheet, 17 x 11 inches is what we used for 8.5 x 11 inch pages) and design them based on what you want each page to look like. We assembled everything digitally that way (cover art and graphics/lines within the pages by me, and the beautiful layout by Cat) and then emailed the file to the printing company that printed them out into glossy magazines :) Cat may have more to add, but this was our general process. Here’s a tutorial if you are interested:

I wish you best of luck with making an e-zine! If you need any additional help or advice, don’t hesitate to ask! ^^ 

Embarrassing trips down memory lane #1: when Foggy found me crying in our dorm because I couldn’t get my 11-page paper to align properly in Word after dictating it