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Monster Hunter Frontier G10 Artbook 
Artbook we just got in and scanned for those who would like to use them as art reference or cosplay reference. Please do not redistribute scans/re-upload scans

1:  Front Page
2:  Back Page
3:  Page 1: Guanzorm, Page 2: Guan Hammer and Dual Swords
4:  Page 3: Guan Heavy Bowgun,  Page 4: Guan Armor Blademaster
5:  Page 5: Guan Armor Gunner,  Page 6: G10 Premium Charge Axe, Senryukons, and Bow
6:  Page 7: G10 Premium Armor,  Page 8: G10 Premium ‘Partnya’ Armor/Weapon
7:  Page 9: Event Weapons (Top, Long Sword, Buttom is Senrykons),  Page 10: Toridokuresu Armor
8:  Page 11: Toa Tesukatora Armor Blademaster,  Page 12: Toa Tesukatora Armor Gunner
9:  Page 13: Guildmaster Armor and Weapons,  Page 14: 2015 Anniversary Armor

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I'm pretty new to columbine and wanted to ask what evidence is there? I know about the journals and apparently there are also some papers they wrote for school? Anything else? And where can I find and read it? Thanks in advance😄

There is a ton of sources for evidence about the case online. I mean tons.

The best website to look up records and reports is this website. Here they have  the 11k. The 11k is a document made up of 11,000 pages with interviews, police reports, etc. on Columbine.  They also have Eric and Dylan’s writings and all of the autopsy reports. It’s a really great source. Good luck lol! 

White people are more likely to get hired because their names sounds white.

White kids are punished less for the same behavior than black kids

White convicts are more likely to get a job than black people without records.

A white person with no college degree is just as like to get hired as a black person with a college degree

All white juries (it’s starts on page 11) are  more likely to convict black criminals than white ones.

Black people are more likely to be stopped and frisked than white people even though they have a higher drug usage than us.

White people (majority of doctors) think that black people feel less pain

Black people get longer sentences than white people

White people use the majority of drugs but black people go to jail longer. This talks more about why our jails and prison are full of black and poor people

White people push for harsher laws when they think it will affect black people

Black people are more likely to get death penalty if their victim is white vs white people if their victims is Black. (Really it applies to all races. Any race that isn’t Black is less likely to get the death penalty if their victim is Black.)

Since this is much longer than the others if you scroll down to figure 5 and read the information about it that’s where this is detailed but the whole thing is a good read.

Reblogging this to here because I can never find examples of white privilege and systematic oppression when I go searching for it in our blog or my personal one.



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Ok yeah I think I might have false advertised a bit….this isn’t exactly that….emotional….plus, the direction I gave this comic doesn’t really go with the whole fan fic….a bit….plus that “gulp” part…looks quite terrible….I MEAN! I wanted Nick to feel a bit embarassed and all for being so affectionate and….”out-of-character“ to the little kit if you know what I mean, but it doesn’t look quite right, eh whatever.

So yeah, I separated this page into two halves because what I want to show really doesn’t work if I make it into 2 separate pages, it needs to be a whole….I think I am making sense pah i don’t know…

SO…YEAH! Thank you guys for such lovely feedbacks, awesome comments and being SUPERB! Sorry for the long wait, I will try and crank that next page out ASAP and I’m going to try my best to crank it out sooner than this page!

Hope you all enjoyed! And thanks!