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“THIS IS WHAT TRUE LOVE LOOKS LIKE!” Page 10 ( 11th page but still 10 )

Story: @uzrfrndlyfiction @uzrfrndly

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Sorry for the insufferable wait guys, I’ve been busy with things, ain’t that always the story.

Anyway, here it is! PAGE 10! Update! I tried making it looks as aesthetically appealing as possible, Alot of it was inspired by rem289, I’m sure you all must have heard of her and read her comics, I mean duh!

And like I said, I’m very bad at writing and literature….the dialogues here aren’t exactly in the fan fic, but I wanted to make things a bit more interesting, so I added my own dialogues…..they sound quite cringey, don’t they?

Yeah, there ain’t much else I got to say about this, tell me what you guys think! I’ll try to crank that next page out as soon as possible, will try my best!

Hope you all enjoyed this page! Thank you all for following me, liking my work, helping me reach 1000 followers ( soon will! )! Stay tuned for next update!

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Im refreshing the page about 10 times a minute, eagerly awaiting the drama that will come with abuelita

refresh no more my friend. it is up

WoY Oneshot: Crashing Waves

Plot: You don’t get away with messing with Lord Dominator without getting a few scars in the process, and you certainly don’t get to rebuild your ‘awesome’ world back around you without struggle and making a few missteps along the way. 

((Basically, this is all about Awesome dealing with not only his Dominator PTSD, but other personal issues that came from the event as well. I just thought it would be interesting to sorta explore all this with him, since I’m sure experiencing something like this would lead to a pretty interesting chain of events afterwards. So yeah, enjoy!))

WARNING: Contains physical and emotional abuse, though nothing too graphic or gory.

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Takeshi Miyazawa (A)
Cover by Cameron Stewart
Ms. Marvel goes global! After the events of Civil War, Kamala goes on a much-needed road trip.
But will she be an international sensation or menace? Bonus 10-page Red Widow story!
40 PGS./Rated T+ …$4 .99

John Belushi reaction gifs

When that one kid reminds the teacher that there was homework due


When it’s 10 degrees outside and your parents won’t turn up the heat


When you just finished a 10 page paper and realize that you have to work on an oral presentation, 5 more papers, and read an entire book by Monday


When that one bitch keeps talking shit about your best friend


When you finally get to have your first meal after fasting


When that fly honey (joke intended) finally talks to you


When your favorite network show is interrupted by sports


When you’re hammered and your parents walk in so you gotta act sober


When you actually get up and do any physical activity 


And when you just have a lot of feelings


211 and 212 of 366.

Yesterday I went and saw my classroom for the first time! It’s a non-traditional science room, so no sinks or cabinets. I was a little bummed about that, but oh well. It’s actually pretty large and has tons of space. I rearranged some of the furniture and organized my desk area. I still have to set up the bulletin boards, white boards, and hang posters, but overall its looking good and I love it. I feel like a real teacher! 

I presented my research proposal last night and am now officially finished with my Ed Research class. Thank God. Pretty sure if I go on to do my Doctorate, I’m going to use this proposal for my dissertation. 

Today I have to write an 8-10 page paper and prepare a presentation for my class tomorrow night. I’ve had three weeks to do, but have been so busy with finishing my research proposal that I haven’t even started. Oops. 

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I've seen lots of your AnY fan arts in all AnY fb fan pages, seriously it's like more than 10 fan pages I think. I guess it's really inevitable, and worst they never give credits, luckily some of them don't erase your watermark but some remove it to make a collage.

Oh dear, I didn’t even know AnY had ten fb fan pages? (Maybe that’s a somewhat happy thought.)

This response isn’t meant to criticize your message specifically, because I’m glad you left it in my inbox, but I don’t want to think reposting is inevitable, because that’s just sad. It’s no fun suspecting that people (especially followers) might be ignoring artist requests to avoid reposting. That being said… erasing or cropping the watermark for edits… that… just… sucks, haha, because I usually make an effort to make my signature as inconspicuous as possible, and because it’s downright rude to toy around with someone else’s drawings. 

So I think I’ll be taking a break from posting any AnY fanart here; might post my stuff on a private twitter or something because I still love the series and its characters, but… not here.