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Whoo! It’s the first page! Every page is as detailed as this one which is why it took me so long to make 5 pages. Next page will be up on Thursday!

Please remember that this comic is unofficial and I’m in no way in correlation with the creator’s of the Underfell AU. This is merely my interpretation of the AU and I in no way believe that this is the way that this AU should go. I love seeing everybody’s interpretations! I’m just making this for fun since I love Underfell and Undertale so much. Thank you very much for reading!

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It’s Teen Dog week! Issue #1 comes out on the 10th and thats only a couple of days away! Here’s the very first page!

There’s a write up about me and Teen Dog as well as a preview of some pages over on USA Today which you might like to read. Also if you’re in Melbourne, Australia (my home town!) you should come out to All-Star Comics because i’m doing a signing this saturday (the 13th) from 12 - 3pm. It’ll be fun, so come and i’ll high-five you or something, I’ll have a couple of prints for sale as well.

I really hope you like Teen Dog!