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stone by @mrsthemes

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a network/members page with name + url and a fold-out effect for a small description. can be used as a character/movie/music/whatever you want page aswell. 


  • basic HTML knowledge is preferable but I’ve left some comments in the code on where to put what.
  • you can add as many boxes (members) as you want
  • please tell me if you find any glitches/errors in it!

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bullet journal ideas

winter’s the perfect time to scrapbook and write ideas into your bullet journal! here are a few ideas for you if you’re in need of inspiration!

  • Christmas recipes
  • movies to watch (fantastic beasts and where to find them!!!!)
  • books to read
  • shows to watch (personal recommendation: the crown)
  • Christmas wish list
  • songs/albums to listen to
  • plant care guide
  • topics to self-study
  • motivational quotes page (i have a few on my blog)
  • bucket list
  • what am I working for? (motivation page)
  • things that make me happy
  • where do I want to be in 5 years?
  • pretty color palettes
  • favourite drinks
  • favorite food/snacks
  • cities to travel to
  • stationery wishlist
  • habit tracker
  • movie/book quotes
  • places you want to go to with your friends
  • 2017 release dates of stuff you like
  • ideas for doodling/drawing
  • tips for time management
  • goals for your studyblr
  • “dog page” where you count all the doggies you saw every day
  • books I’ve read in December/January/insert month/year
  • online shopping hauls
  • letter to your past or future self!
  • playlists!! for a certain mood or situation
  • grade tracker
  • page to try out your new washi tape, pen, marker, etc.
  • handwriting practice/calligraphy
  • birthdays + possible presents
  • list of your friends and their best qualities
  • you + your friends MBTI types
  • sort your friends into Hogwarts houses!
  • mood chart
  • a sentence a day
  • plot ideas
  • character ideas
  • cryptography
  • beautiful words to use more often
  • untranslatable words!! 
  • “friend pages” where your friends write stuff in
  • your favourite feelings, smells and fabrics
  • fashion inspiration
  • textbooks to buy

Hopefully, this is helpful for some of you, if you have any more ideas, just add it on here. I know that finals are hard, but they’re soon to be over, so don’t give up!!

hogwarts house aesthetics

gryffindor: laughter in the moonlight; angry tears and clenched jaws; daffodils; burnt wood still smoking into the dawn; love against hungry lips and desperate fingers; fear so crippling it forces the lungs to expand despite its readiness to sleep; moments alone on the rooftop, sharing a smoke with the sunset; hums because of nerves, glances at every which way because it’s all you can think to do

ravenclaw: being quiet, but never silent; too many mugs perched on a variety of surfaces; a chaotic cleanliness; whispers that are giggles beneath cool sheets, against warm fingertips; toes poking from under cooled duvets; deep inhales of the ocean air, long exhales of something heavy; too many pens, too many notebooks - never enough; roses pressed between nervous fingers, petals gripped but never ripped; lullabies without words; steps and twirls across every smooth surface; thin lace against bare skin; a promise kept silent because it wouldn’t be a promise otherwise

slytherin: happy smiles at the simple things - the simple factors hardly anyone cares to think about; jewelry spewed somewhere in a forgotten box; letters left unfinished on paper, but said through the mind; promises are oaths - oaths are nothing more than empty phrases to be desired; wet sand between toes on a breezy day; the warmth behind closed eyelids on a sunny day, just beneath the shelter of leaves; glances in between bookshelves; a breath let go into a winter afternoon; the feeling of leather brushed over knuckles; scars faded but felt; the hum of a car going somewhere far; back pressed to the wall, nighttime, eyes closed, fingers idle; stories trapped under the pretense of apathy

hufflepuff: a smile that never quite reaches all of the corners of her face; the way he tilts his head; rice, grain slipping between finger crevices; the anxiety of having to let go; post bath drowsiness; napping in the afternoon, curled up in an odd position; being held, being touched, being observed at a distance; charcoal stained wrists and palms - too many ink streaks kissing your fingertips; thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts; resilience to bend in the face of all; an open window during the winter; laugh even when it’s not true to it can become true; flowers pressed and left to dry; the song sting of a mug; palms just straying for another touch


welp there you go, now i’ma get back to my prior comic.

don’t judge me this is my first time drawing kissing….seriously

previously on this trashy fluffy comic that’s completely unlike me at all:


these are the last ones, hope you all enjoyed this little thing. yeah I got lazy at the end.