Sacred Circle

Circle cast and candles lit,
upon the Pentacle I do sit.
Gods invoked and Quarters called,
come to chant one and all.

Salt and water circle thrice,
protect us during our ancient rites.
Enter here in love and trust,
all evil forth shall be thrust.

Spiral dance around the Sun,
moon and stars bleed as one.
Mother Earth hear our pleas,
bring hope and light back to me.

Shining through candles’ flames,
spirits call us out by names.
Before the altar I do kneel,
recognize the ancient wheel.

Athame held up high,
tracing pentagrams in the skies.
The cauldron filled with wishful sight,
in hopes of our futures bright.

Recited spells and fresh herbs,
the fearies we do not disturb.
Instead they dance with us this night,
as we offer our love and light.

Copyright 2013 Rowan

Harvest Time!

It’s harvest time - a time when the kitchen witches fill jars with the natural miracles of life and joy known as “fruit” and “vegetables.”

It’s also the moment when I FINALLY migrated my main blog to a new address:

So to bring these two things together, here’s a little reminder of Kitchen Witchcraft’s posts on home preserves, now under the new address (but still with the exact same old amount of rambling):

Ἀφροδίτη (/æfrəˈdaɪti/ af-rə-dy-tee;) goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation.  Aphrós “sea-foam,” interpreted as"risen from the foam", and dítē “bright”

  1. teen idle - marina and the diamonds
  2. seeing stars - borns
  3. rhiannon - fleetwood mac
  4. requiem for blue jeans - bastille
  5. island song - ashley eriksson
  6. cosmic love - florence + the machine
  7. i’d like to walk around in your mind - vashti bunyan
  8. cool kids - echosmith

these playlists are of songs i use in my devotionals, that evoke imagery of and hold the advice she has given me.

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anonymous asked:

I am a gaelpol interested in starting to work with the nordic pantheon, but a lot of heathens and Asatru seem really... purist. Any resources or advice for nordic eclecticism?

Ah yeah, those purist, Folkish/Volkish (usually white supremacist/Neo-Nazis). Fuck ‘em, seriously.

In all seriousness, anyone who claims some sort of purity or anything that throws up red flags for racism, homophobia, etc., just disregard them. You’ll be better off for it.  Other than that just read critically - and you WILL have to read. That’s one of the things about Norse Paganism: there’s “homework” involved.

Also once you start interacting with things, get ready to meet the family.  You start working with one and all of a sudden they’re all poking their nose in to see what’s up. That’s not to say they’re all going to be staying, but many will at least poke their nose in to see what’s up and who this new person is.


If you’re talking about a bias against multi-tradition practice in addition to the racist shit, there was certainly plenty of historical interaction between the Norse and the Irish and the Scottish. Saigh is a Gaelic Heathen who is on tumblr.

More generally, I also recommend both this article and Lady With a Mead Cup by Michael Enright, which argues for Gaulish (i.e. “Celtic,” though that language group is broad enough that I don’t think it has specific relevance for your situation) influence on Germanic culture.

- Heathen Chinese

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