it’s okay to be a witch and worship Greek deities

it’s okay to be a witch and worship Roman deities

its okay to be a witch and worship Egyptian deities

it’s okay to be a witch and worship Irish deities

it’s okay to be a witch and worship Scottish deities

it’s okay to be a witch and worship God

it’s okay to be a Buddhist witch

it’s okay to be a witch and worship Allah

it’s okay to be a witch and be unsure of what deity you want to worship

it’s okay to be a witch and not worship any deity

what’s NOT OKAY is judging a fellow witch for their beliefs. everyone believes in different deities (or none at all) and that is 100% okay!!!


~ What is a Familiar?

   A familiar is a physical or spiritual being in which you are spiritually connected to. They are an aid to witches; their companion and guardian. Familiars are said to be healers, protectors, and helpers. Traditionally, familiars are animals, but they can also be human-esque. Animals are often viewed as familiars because of their connection with the earth. And no, familiars don’t need to be your pet. They can be any animal you feel a spiritual connection to.

~ Brief History of Familiars

   A witch’s familiar wasn’t viewed as evil until the beginning of The Middle Ages. They came to be thought of as demons and dark spirits, and were associated with the devil. They were sent by their witches to wreak havoc  because they weren’t easily detected and were fed blood. Every witch was believed to have a familiar, and close animal companions were often used as proof that the convicted was a witch.

~ How do I find my Familiar?

   You can use spells to bring forth your familiar, or to provide clarity on what your familiar is. 

   Working with divination tools and asking them questions about your familiar are also great ways to help you find it. 

   Meditation is an amazing way to bring clarity about what your familiar is or is like. Take deep breaths and let your mind wander. Pay attention to creatures that approach you, their mannerisms, the way they communicate, and the way they respond. You may go through several beings, and may find out traits of your familiar through communicating with these beings. 

   You may not find one the first time, but that’s okay. If you truly believe you have a familiar, keep trying! Keep in mind, not everyone has one. Some witches even prefer working alone.

~ How do I know when I’ve found my Familiar?

   There are many ways to know when you’ve found your familiar. Do they give you a boost? Do they follow you around? Do you trust them more than you trust anything else? If you answered yes to even one of those questions, then you might’ve found your familiar. They might take part in your rituals, be patient and aware while you are spell casting or doing spiritual work, hang around your magickal space, or be protective of you. They might be all of the above, and more! 

~ How do I bond with my Familiar?

   Most important thing I can say: respect your familiar! Your familiar will take this very highly into consideration. Give them the best life you can give them; the best food, best housing, clean conditions, positive energy, and lots of one on one time! Speak to them kindly, pet them, brush them, give them offerings, and reward them for their help. Make them a collar with protective crystals or crystals that hold your best energy. And overall, protect them, and make them feel safe. They will reciprocate whatever energy you give them, and then some.

~ How can my Familiar aid me and when?

   Familiars are mostly known for how much they help their witch. They will aid you whenever they can with whatever they can, from connecting with nature to enhancing any psychic, spiritual, and divine abilities. Familiars will protect you, physically and spiritually, and be your emotional support. You can even invite them in to harness their energy for whatever you need them for.

~ Can you have multiple Familiars?

   Of course! It is a common misconception that you can’t have multiple familiars, but you can! Remember, they don’t have to just be animals, and they definitely don’t have to just be cats, either.

~ Do you have a Familiar?

   I do! My 3-year old, female tortoise shell cat, Kaya. I am beyond grateful that we found each other. She plays an important role in my everyday life, and has aided me in more ways than I thought possible. I love her with all my soul!

Blessed Be ~ @chlovoyant


Cernunnos documentary

Cernunnos is probably the most famous yet least understood of the Celtic gods.  Like the other Gaulish gods, he’s left us no mythology, only images.  If we want to know what sort of god he was, then, there’s no alternative to sitting down with those images and looking closely.  When we do, we discover some amazing things, the most important of which is that what we thought about him was wrong.

Please note that I am dealing with the Gaulish god Cernunnos, not the Wiccan Horned God who sometimes goes by the same name.

An article every student of Cernunnos should be familiar with is Bober, Phyllis Fray.  Cernunnos:  Origins and Transformation of a Celtic Divinity.  American Journal of Archaeology, 55:1 (Jan., 1951), 13-51.  She surveys earlier views and then gives her own.  She ends with a catalog of artifacts that are either images of Cernunnos, or that have been suggested as connected with him.  There have been quite a few images found since she wrote, and I disagree with her on some, but she gives detailed descriptions of the images she includes, so the catalog is very valuable.  The article is available on-line here.

Wednesday 31 January 2018 is a full moon day.

The full moon gives us a wonderful opportunity to honour the Universe and the Divine, especially the Feminine Divine.
This can be done through devotion to the Great Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara also known as the Mother Goddess of compassion Kwan-Yin.
We can light candles, burn incense and make offerings of food and drink to Kwan-Yin at this time. We can ring bells and/or bow down in prostration as we praise the universe, offer our thanks or make requests for the future.
We can use an image of the Great Mother Goddess if we have one, or we can just use a candle as our focus point. Alternatively, we could go outside and offer our devotion to the Universe around us.
Some Buddhists who are not regular vegetarians like to abstain from eating meats on these auspicious occasions. Others like to fast, not eating after midday.

However you choose to do it, the full moon day is a wonderful time to reconnect with the feminine Divine.

Mantra to honour the Great Bodhisattva and Mother Goddess of Compassion Kwan-Yin:

Namo Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva Mahasattva
Namo Kwan-Shih-Yin Po-Sa
Om Mani Padme Hum

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Items needed:

-Any amount of currency (one penny to a one hundred dollar bill, it does not matter as long as it is a form of currency)

-Any sigil that manifests wealth, currency, or good luck (I have one [here] on my page I posted not too long ago if you are in need of one)

-A representation of the four elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)


-Arrange your representation of the four elements around your chosen sigil and form of currency. If you are using candles or incense, then light them now!

-With all of your items arranged accordingly, take a moment to pray or meditate to the universe on specific ways you wish to manifest this money! You do not need a specific intent but it is much stronger if you have a specific intent in mind such as a new job, sales, specific investments, etc. Think strongly about why you need this spell to work! You should focus on this until you feel you have conjured up enough energy.

-When you have focused your intent and energy enough, say this “I manifest money into my life, I manifest wealth into my life, I am on the path of financial success, I attract money in a positive manner, I attract abundance and wealth to me in a positive manner. I pray to you universe, I ask humbly of you universe to bring this into my life, I manifest positive sources of money into my life! So shall it be.” Repeat this as many times as you feel.

-The last step will be to burn your sigil, letting the energy of the spell out into the universe allowing this spell to manifest! Clean up your work area and you can put the currency used back in your wallet as it has served it’s purpose! Forget about your spell and let the universe take care of you now! Our blessings happen in different ways and you will see your manifestations happen the way the universe intends for you soon! Always believe!

NOTE: The more people that use this spell, the stronger it will become for all of us! Our collective consciousness and belief will charge it! So, share & reblog so we can all have an even greater year financially! Great blessings and good energy from me to all of my witches!