🌿 Offerings to the Earth 🌿

When forging or harvesting flowers, plants, herbs and other living things from nature to use in your craft, it is wise to ASK PERMISSION FIRST, listen and use your intuition. The plants may ask for you to leave an offering - sometimes they will tell you exactly what they want and at times they’ll ask for a surprise, but leaving an offering for the earth in appreciation and gratitude is very vital, for they are magickal alchemist.

Here are some ideas of offerings to give to the earth: 

  • A sacred song 
  • A graceful dance
  • A beautiful prayer 
  • A poem 
  • A handwritten love note 
  • A small crystal or gem 
  • Tobacco 
  • Your hair 
  • Tiny sealed jar with sacred menstrual blood 
  • Tiny sealed jar spell 
  • Moon water 
  • Rose water 
  • Holy water 
  • Herbs, seeds + other Plants 
  • Your most sacred item 

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The Signs as Colors

Aries:Red, like the Olympic flame
Taurus:Green, like a mossy stone
Gemini:Gold, like ancient crowns
Cancer:Pink, like summer skies
Leo:Orange, like solar flares
Virgo:White, like fresh paper
Libra:Silver, like a fox’s coat
Scorpio:Navy, like a new bruise
Sagittarius:Black, like the abyss
Capricorn:Purple, like a dried iris
Aquarius:Yellow, like a tropical fish
Pisces:Blue, like lapis lazuli

Would anyone be interested in a group chat for witches/magic-minded adults (21+)?

I like the idea of an online “coven” for anyone who does or is interested in magic, but I’m tired of being the oldest in the group by a large margin

Please reblog if you are interested and comment with your preferred group chat uh medium (i.e. kik, discord,, Skype, etc.)

“Dovah/Dragon” Servitor Spell

Another Skyrim inspired servitor spell but with the legendary dovah, or as most know them, dragons. Now, these servitors are to be treated with higher respect than others because in a dovah’s nature they expect it.

Now there are many types of dovah and I will list the corresponding ingredients to said dovahs.

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What You’ll Need

  • A clear quartz
  • A small bowl
  • Sun water
  • The color candle corresponding to your dovah
    -Blue for a Frost Dragon
    -Olive green for a Common Dragon
    -Teal for a Serpentine Dragon
    -Dark green for a Blood Dragon
    -Brown for an Elder Dragon
    -Dark orange for an Ancient Dragon
    -Yellow for a Revered Dragon
  • Corresponding ingredient for the dovah you are summoning
    -Ice/cold water for a Frost Dragon
    -Soil for a Common Dragon
    -Snake sheddings for a Serpentine Dragon
    -Blood or blood root for a Blood Dragon
    -Tree Bark for an Elder Dragon
    -Bones for an Ancient Dragon
    -Bright colored feathers for a Revered Dragon
  • Snapdragon flower

What To Do

  • Place your clear quartz in the bowl first and sprinkle/pour/put whatever correspondent you’re using for your dovah into the bowl next or on top of the quartz.
  • Put your snapdragon in next.
  • Pour your sun water into the bowl on top of the snapdragons, clear quartz, and correspondent.
  • Drip your corresponding wax color into the bowl and say/think “Lot dovah hon zu’u.” (Great dragon hear me.)
  • Now stir the bowl with your finger clockwise and say/think “Bo wah zu’u nu.” (Come to me now.)
  • Leave the clear quartz to soak in the water for a day and then take it out and dry it.
  • Your servitor should be there afterwards but remember to treat them with high respect for dovah are proud beings and expect it.
Some Affirmations for Witches

⚡️My touch is power
⚡️I drink and breathe magic
⚡️I speak the language of the universe
⚡️The tapestry of my life is mine to weave
⚡️The moon and stars commune with me
⚡️My craft connects me to those who have come before me
⚡️I command respect
⚡️I see beyond the surface of this world
⚡️My soul will not deny the old ways
⚡️I am a creator of new traditions
⚡️I am a part of the natural world
⚡️I project powerful energies
⚡️My heart knows best
⚡️I know how to protect myself
⚡️I am powerful
⚡️I am a witch


*silence* what’s up, witches?

So we just moved into a new house, and I finally put my altar together. A new house is a new altar, and I didn’t feel like I could just recreate the old one. I incorporated the herbs Alex and I gathered for Lammas in this setup, and I couldn’t be happier with our haul!!!

Although we’ve been just swamped with moving, cleaning, and our day jobs, we’ve still generated plenty of wonderfully witchy content. The one thing we haven’t gotten around to is posting it!!! I solemnly swear it will be up in no time.

PS: The bottom pic has been my summer reading obsessions. Highly recommended!!! 

Until next time!



Today was a witchcraft day.

Forst I made an air cleanser by taking rosmarine, rose pedals, mint, cinnamon, lemon balm, sunflower pedals, cloves, a baby houseleek, pink himalayan rock salt and a bit honey putting together and charging it with pulled tarot cards, which are surprisingly all very much what I need right now. After that, I poured hot water over it and now let it closed by the window, to collect a bit of sun.

I want it to have all, energy, love, relaxation and a big, fat dose of happiness.

After that I figured my altar lacks of background and pentagram, so I made one from a few branches and some rose quartz, quartz, amethyst and turmaline pearls I still had, adding dryed sunflowers to it.

Now my altar lacks a simple permanent bowl for offerings and I am done with it, at least for the next weeks. I like it a lot now

lagertha-the-witch blocked me because I wasn’t “nice” when I called out their racist usage of g*psy. lol k

so in case anyone is curious, I’m not nice when I call out bigotry. I won’t be cruel, but I won’t be kind either. especially to fellow white people. there is too much information easily available to use ignorance as an excuse. and tbh white pagans and witches are the worst about claiming ignorance and appropriation.

Six Ways to Meet Aphrodite

1. Strip naked and slather yourself with lotion that your skin is as smooth as marble carved into beauty by mortal hands

2. Walk through the wet sand on the edge of the sea and feel it beneath your feet and between your toes and be reborn like the goddess.

3. Fuck someone so well that the phrase “making love” vanishes from the folds of their memory and all they know is heat and the sweet feeling of tongue on tongue and flesh on flesh.

4. Walk the silent halls of a museum and see each aeon’s thought of beauty in marble and paint and plaster kept as icons in new temples for new ages.

5. Let hot water pour down your back and soak into your skin and scour away imperfect sorrow until all that’s left is your soul laid bare.

6. Fall in love like you’re hitting concrete and know why a shattered city is a fair price for the gift of the Lady of Cythera.