What are Familiars?

The concept of Familiars can be found in European Folklore dating back to the early Medieval period. Familiars have appeared throughout history in multiple forms but often being in the form of an animal such as cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. Some cases even describe them in human form or humanoid form. Others even describe them as being faeries.

Familiars are described as being companions to witches and assist them in their magickal work. In early times, familiars were feared to be lesser demons that fed from the blood of witches and assisted in malevolent magic. They were even considered to be imps, bestowed upon witches by the Devil. Many cats were killed around the time of the Black Plague which only brought more death in Europe. The cats would eat the mice and rats carrying the fleas that spread the Plague. The mass murder of cats caused an increase in the flea population leading to more deaths. Almost poetic justice.

How do you choose a Familiar?

Familiars are not chosen; they choose the person. Typically, a strong link or connection is felt between the person and their Familiar. This can be with any animal the person feels an affinity to but in modern times, is typical a household pet. These pets are treated as a member of the family and are often considered magickal partners.

However, some people do not discover their Familiar in the physical realm but instead accumulate pictures, statuary, or other research of an animal or creature that they feel strongly drawn to. This can be a Familiar that has reached out to you from the astral plane.

You may also have more than one Familiar. It is not uncommon to have a connection to multiple Familiar Spirits as they all may have a different function in your life to better assist you.

Magickal Workings with Familiars:

As partners in the Craft, Witches tend to treat their Familiars with respect, love, and wisdom. You can learn a lot from having a Familiar, such as patience, love, understanding, partnership, respect, and gratitude. These creatures can not only teach us about ourselves and our own Craft but also about nature and the Universe.

They can assist you in ritual or with spells by bringing with them a certain mood or tone you wish to set within Circle. They are able to enter and exit the Circle without breaking the energy surrounding you. Sometimes, they allow you to use their fur, scales, and nail clippings within your magickal work.

Familiars are beneficial mentally and emotionally. They provide stress relief and help keep people emotionally balanced. They tend to know our moods and will often act on a course of judgement to put their partners (us) in the right frame of mind so that we can continue with our path.

Familiars can also assist us on the astral plane. Since they live between worlds, they can enter with us on our shamanic journeys. In this plane. They may appear in a different form or even be able to speak. They can guide us to the answers we seek in our Craft.

Honoring Your Familiar:

Familiars are our partners, not our servants. The idea of a Familiar and their role in the Witch’s Craft has greatly changed over time. At first, Familiars were believed to be servants to Witches, doing their bidding without hesitation. Since the New Age, that thinking has changed. It is accepted that we show our gratitude towards our guides and honor them. This can be as easy as giving them love and attention during the day.

I, personally, spend time with my Familiar every morning and every night. I give him love and affection, I brush his fur, I brush his teeth, I keep him fed and healthy, etc. I also keep a small statue on my altar just for him. You can even work with Familiar Magic which helps strengthen your bond. Brown is the traditional color for Familiars if you wish to use candle magic. There are also stones and herbs that show your appreciation. Go out and buy your kitty a new toy or some catnip. Or you can get your dog a new rawhide.

Protecting your Familiar:

Most people look at the Familiar as their protector. They are protectors but they also need it too. You can place protective amulets or charms on their collar. I actually enchanted my Familiar’s collar so he would be protected even when I’m not home. I also have a certain space for him in the house where he can go to a be protected. You can do this by enchanting their bed.

Protection Enchantment


  • Collar (blank or with symbols)
  • Brown Candle
  • Salt
  • Bowl of Water
  • Incense such as mugwort or St. John’s Wort for protection and calming
  • Markers (optional)

Begin by creating a salt and water protection Circle around you (and your Familiar if present). You may cast any Circle you wish. At this time, state your intention within the Circle and light your candle and incense. If you have chosen a blank collar, you may wish to draw your own protection sigils upon it or you can simply proceed with the next step.

Pass the collar through the four elements. Sprinkle the color with the Salt of the Earth and state your intention.

Pass the collar over the flame, but not too closely, and state your intention

Sprinkle the collar with the water and state your intention.

Pass the collar through the smoke of the incense and state your intention.

The collar has no been imbued with the power of protection from the four elements and is ready to be worn by your Familiar.

I would like to introduce my own Familiar as I find him quite the character. His name is Salem, a 2 year old Tuxedo who rescued me from the animal shelter. He loves creating magick with me! I’d love to see pictures of everyone’s Familiars if they would like to share!

The “I’m Offended” Bandwagon

I have avoided a post like this for some time, but I would like to have it for future citing. 

In witchcraft, or in a chosen-path spirituality, you’re ALWAYS going to run into someone that you have offended with your practice, with a spell, or with something you like to incorporate.  You simply cannot avoid it.  

I have accepted that my beliefs, my practices, my spells, or my various traditions is eventually going to offend someone.  Probably more than once. But if I conducted my practice and my blog solely around trying to please everyone and being post shy because of potential backlash, I would be truly hindered in what I could share with everyone on what  I have learned, and information I would like to pass along. 

I recognize the views I post, the practices I keep, and parts of my craft may upset someone. But it is MY practice.  And I’m here to share it in the hopes it might help someone else, and to just be a part of an online community. If we all refrained from posting anything regarding witchcraft that someone might disagree with or be offended by, no one would be able to share anything about their craft, because each person’s spirituality is different and unique, and that’s what is beautiful about being a witch and a pagan. 

Possible Reasons for Being Offended:

  1. Not following THEIR Path’s code of conduct

  2. Not orienting my witchcraft to non-binary individuals, or LGBTQ+ (I’m Bi, but I am happy to have traditional references to masculine and feminine, and that’s just right for me.) 

  3. Not following a traditional witchcraft/religious combination and their redes, holy books, etc.  

  4. Perceived Cultural Appropriation. (I’m not going to get into this here, but there really doesn’t have to be an appropriation police. You do not know my heritage, and most of what Tumblr perceives as appropriation is not. And I adapt all of my own spells/meditations and practices to suit ME).

  5. They just disagree with my use of magic, process, method, or associations in general. 

Note: If you do disagree,  hey it’s okay.  You’re allowed to, but you don’t need to comment, reblog with an argument, or what-have-you debate. It’s not necessary and really is sucking your energy from something more important than policing my craft. 

**If anyone would like to reblog this disclaimer to their own blog, you are welcome to**

tonight, I made my first spell jar!! I used @witchy-woman‘s divination jar as a guideline, and I’m really happy with how it turned out! I’m excited to use it with the next tarot reading I do! Here’s what’s inside:

  • Cloves for divination
  • Bay leaves for divination
  • A little bit of a green tea (calmness) that included spearmint (mental clarity), lemongrass (purification and aid with magic) and lemon verbena (mental purification)
  • Chamomile for meditation
  • Lavender for clairvoyance/psychic ability
  • Sage for divination
  • Thyme for divination
  • Cinammon for wisdom

I used up pretty much all of my tealight sealing this, although it’s quite a small jar! I’m so excited to make more jars in the future! And like I said, excited to use it in conjuction with my next tarot reading!

anonymous asked:

Yesterday, I decided that I would take the first step towards attempting to receive a patron deity. I sat in my room, with the window open and the moon in full view. I prayed that a god show themselves to me and then meditated for a while, clearing my head. The first symbol I seemed to receive was the image of the face of an albino wolf. have you any idea if there is a specific deity this is linked to?

It really depends on whether the wolf was albino (missing pigmentation including red eyes) or white. Just for simplicity:

  • Anubis is commonly associated with dogs/canines but is generally seen as a black figure. 
  • Wepwawet is another Egyptian wolf god
  • Artemis, goddess of the hunt, is associated with white/snowy or gray wolves.
  • Apollo has some associations with wolves.

You may also have contacted the spirit of the white wolf with it wanting to tell you something or teach you some lesson, it may not necessarily be a god/goddess’s symbol. 


I’m gunna go ahead and also suggest looking into Fenrir, who is a literal wolf in Norse polytheism. I’ll also throw in some wolves and wolf-associated entities I know of top of my head, though they’re not necessarily associated with a specific white or albino wolf:

  • Tyr, god of war & courage and such, fed Fenrir & lost his hand
  • Hati & Skoll, wolf brothers who chase the Sun & Moon
  • Geri & Freki, wolf companions to Odin
  • Odin
  • Capitoline Wolf

 Some of these are not gods, technically, but Norse definition of a “god” can get tricky, anyhow. 

On slim occasion I have seen Skadi, a giantess and goddess of hunting, skiing, winter, and such be shown with or around wolves but having yet found evidence in lore connecting her to wolves, I feel it’s more a modern approach or aesthetic. Added her anyway, just in case.

Ahh, sorry they’re mostly Norse ahah. Like Tema said, could also be a totally different spirit, not necessarily a known god or goddess.

 Hope that helps !

~ Rose  

I’d recommend also requesting for assistance on finding the spirit’s name, such as requesting their help while you research to find out their identity or doing a bit of divination. 


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Everyone’s Witchcraft is Valid

Everyone has their own way.  Everyone’s practice is the product of their identity, experiences, struggles, hopes, dreams, personality, and spirit.  

There is NO one size fits all witchcraft.  There is no such thing as “this is what you have to believe to be a witch”.  There is no supremacy here or hierarchy. There are some cultural witchcraft traditions that adhere to a very specific set of beliefs and practices… but unless you belong to that heritage, chances are, you’re not practicing it. 

We are each paving the way for the identity of this very personalized spirituality that is fighting for it’s right to be recognized by the mainstream. 

Almost all witches today respond to questions  by saying things such as “Well, in MY practice, In MY tradition, In MY beliefs”.  This is GOOD.  This is NECESSARY. Because My witchcraft is not your witchcraft. And we’re not going to be taken seriously until we have a mature united front about it.  Even if that means admitting to those outside of the community “not everyone does it this way, and that’s okay.”

I don’t even claim the things that I post to be the authority on how you should practice your craft, or even how you should live your life. An alligator cannot tell a bird how to sing, nor could a crane tell a lion how to hunt. We’re ALL different and we all make up this beautiful tapestry of what Neo Witchcraft and Neo Paganism is becoming.

We can be accepting and respectful of all paths without needing to assimilate them into our own. It is possible. And that is the creed by which I run by blog and share my practice.

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Reblog and tell your followers

What kind of magic do you practice?

Now I don’t mean labels, labels suck. Don’t let us down by saying green magic- tell us specifics 😊 I want to prove that everyone’s path is different and that’s completely normal and good!


Here’s what mine is all about!

🌸 Tarot reading for myself

using it as a self care tool to explore problems I’m faced with and advice and possible solutions to help me move forward

🌸 Using my pendulum

To cleanse items mostly- I hold it over an object and it starts to spin by itself, I let it do that until it settles then the item is cleansed. Occasionally I use it for quick yes/no questions if I don’t need the in depth advice of the tarot

🌸 daily prayer

I’ve found prayer to be so much more useful now that I’ve written myself and use a gratitude prayer each day instead of simply praying occasionally to ask for help. It helps keep me positive as well- my mental health has been a lot better since I started 😊

🌸 daily morning spell

I’ve been saying it every morning all year and it’s helped so much- a short happiness and positivity spell I found on tumblr

🌸 charging items

And thus turning them into little charms to carry around on me

🌸 creating spell bags/pouches

Again to carry around with me

🌸 cleansing / charging items by the elemental spirits

to give it the power of a specific element

🌸 tarot charms

Charging a crystal or small object by placing it on a tarot card to allow it to take on the qualities that card represents

🌸 emotional healing and anti anxiety spells

🌸 happiness and positivity spells

🌸 practical magic

Including whipping up little spells to help me handle my money, enchanting food, enchanting my bath to spiritual cleanse myself and other everyday stuff

🌸 herbal teas for specific ailments

based on my limited (but useful to me!) herbal knowledge

🌸 little bit of energy work

especially flinging out a spiritual protection bubble around myself if I feel I need a bit of protection

🌸 meditation (I wish I did more!!)

Especially visual, going to my own little place I’ve made- Sherlock fans think mind palace. I can even cast spells there.

🌸 gathering natural things for my spells

Feathers, stones, flowers, pinecones….

🌸 colour magic

Using ribbon, thread, coloured pouches etc

🌸 using crystals in my spells/charm bags

🌸 a lot of research but on the other hand a lot of making things up as I go along based on instinct and what things mean to me personally- looking at an item and giving it a correspondence that I personally feel suits it- for example things like seeds, acorns, flower roots symbolise growth in my opinion, also if I wanted to encourage resilience I’d probably use weeds as they’re tough little hardy buggers that keep on coming back!

🌸 prayer asking for a specific thing

🌸 writing my book of shadows

(I call it this even though I’m not Wiccan but I guess when I started researching people didn’t differentiate so much between Wiccan and non Wiccan practices)

🌸 being outside and around nature as much as possible as it makes me feel connected

Especially being around little birds 💕 being around nature is very important to me as a panenthiest.

🌸 being myself!!!

As my faith is very much nature based, being as true to myself as possible is what I consider natural. So I embrace myself as much as possible- especially when it comes to people giving me shit for being LGBT- it wouldn’t be natural for me to suppress it or pretend I wasn’t so I embrace it and try my best not to let other people get to me 😊

Introducing the Pagan Children's Series of Books

Introducing the Pagan Children’s Series of Books

External image

External image

What is an Altar?

It’s with great pleasure that Immanion Press announces the first book, What is an Altar?, in our Children’s books for Pagans.

Rowan Moss has written the book What is An Altar? and T.S. Lamb has illustrated the book. It’s a perfect way to introduce your children to Paganism and What is an Altar? is now available for pre-order.

What is an Altar?is a companion-reader book for…

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This has been the second best weekend of my life.

I spent this weekend with my aunt, uncle, and cousin at a fair known as Pagan Pride days. Two days of the witchiest witches to ever witch. Crystals, talismans, garments, all sorts of knicknacks and doohickeys. There were turkey legs and pickles, hawaiian ice, chips, hotgods, veggieburgers, all sorts of great foods.

I volunteered all day Sunday and it was a blast. We collected food donations for the local food bank, raised money selling raffle tickets and teeshirts, and it was a fun time! Lots of great music (like Morticia’s Chair for example), and it was just a really great event.

It’s every year in Bedford, Ohio, last weekend of August I believe. You guys should come next year!