the Signs as Norse gods
  • Aries:the Trickster Loki, and spring goddess Ostara
  • Taurus:Idunna, keeper of the apples of youth
  • Gemini:Freya and Freyr, the twins of fertility
  • Cancer:Frigga, Goddess of marriage, and Manni, of the Moon
  • Leo:Thor, protector of mankind, and Sunnna, of the sun
  • Virgo:Sif, the golden haired wife of Thor
  • Libra:Tyr, known for law and glory, and Forseti, the god of Justice
  • Scorpio:Hel, Goddess of death
  • Sagittarius:Odin, the allfather
  • Capricorn:Skadi, Goddess of Winter and Ullr, God of the Hunt
  • Aquarius:Heimdall, watching over the rainbow bridge Bifrost
  • Pisces:Njord, God of the ocean

Love Tarot Spread

For those looking for love.

Instructions: Separate the Kings, Queens, Knights, and Pages from the Minor Arcana and shuffle them. Place them separately from the rest of the deck. For Cards #1-#7, choose from the main deck, not the separated deck of KQKPs.

#1: What has held me back from love in the past?

#2: What is currently holding me back from love?

#3: What do I need to work on in order to open myself up to love?

#4: What else do I need to work on in order to open myself up to love?

#5: How will the relationship affect my future partner and I?

#6: What will cause setbacks in my future relationship?

#7: How can I solve those setbacks?

Now, turn your attention to the smaller deck. Shuffle the small deck again.

#8: What traits will my future lover have?

I know you’ve heard if this new internet craze of summoning an ancient Mexican demon named Charlie. I believe this is the appropriate time to talk about summonings. Ouija boards of any various origins should not be used unless you have protection and a spirit guide. Even then I believe they shouldn’t be messed with because once you’ve called upon the dead the dead will seek you out. Not just the good either, you’ve called attention to yourself and without protection you’ve painted a target on your back. If you have a familiar, specifically a cat, they will aid you if you have a strong enough bond because cats are known as protectors. I think that’s enough of that, just be careful when dealing with spirits and Ouija boards.

Some Herbs for Love:
  • Apple Blossom: Add apple blossoms to teas, incense or potpourri when working on love magic.
  • Bleeding Heart: Plant bleeding hearts around your front door to invite love into your home.
  • Lavender: To bring love your way, carry lavender flowers in a sachet on your person, or hang stalks of it in your home.
  • Periwinkle: Include periwinkle flowers when making love magic poppets.
  • Tulip: Wear a tulip close to your body if you know you’ll be around the person you’re in love with, and they’ll be more aware of you.
  • Violet, Daisy & Daffodil: Make a garland to wear in your hair, or carry a bit of violet, daisy or daffodil in your pocket to attract a new lover.
  • Yarrow: Yarrow is associated with Venus and Aphrodite - use it in rituals in which you call upon deities of love for assistance.
Magickal Uses for Mullein

Planetary Association: Saturn

Element: Fire

Gender: Feminine

Deity Association: Hecate

In Great Britain it was used to help bring back children who had been kidnapped by fairies. Various Native Americans knew a good thing when they saw it and used this Eurasian native that became naturalized in North America to return people to their right mind. For instance, the Hopi mixed the leaves with osnomodium to be used as a smoke by crazy people and those who had been betwitched. The Navajo wrapped the leaves in a corn husk to be smoked to help a mind return if it was lost, and the Potowatami smudged unconcscious people with the leaves to help them return to consciousness. Consider mullein useful in centering the spirit and add it to the pipe smoked as an aid to astral work.

Magickal Uses:

If you are making your own candles for ritual, consider using Mullein stalks for the wicks. Or the whole stalk may be burnt as a candle of itself. In Indian lore, mullein is considered a sure safe guard against evil spirits and magic.

Powdered mullein can be used in spells that call for graveyard dirt. It belongs to the crossroads, to Saturn, and to the underworld. It is Hecate’s torch and Lucifer’s staff. It is a key and a door. Mullein resembles a torch with it’s tip covered in bright yellow flowers with orange and red pollen mimicking flames. Perhaps Hecate’s saffron robe was dyed with rich yellow Mullein flowers instead of actual saffron. The flowers were once used in ancient Roman dyes and pigments.

Add the flowers to a recipe for a yellow magical ink – perhaps steeped in vodka with tumeric and saffron heated with frankincense or pine resin. Use for drawing prosperity sigils, sigils of the sun, wealth, success, and strength. Witches can use the soft leaves as candle wicks or soak the dried stalk in beeswax or tallow to make a torch for rituals of necromancy. Mullein is used to see manifestations of spirits, to see into the otherworld, and to commune with the spirits and deities who dwell there. It is used for divination and dream work or a combination of the two (prophetic dreaming).

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anonymous asked:

I want to write my own spells, rituals, etc. because I don't have many usable materials since my family is against paganism. Is it unsafe in any way?

Well, it depends.

  • Always do your research before consuming anything, especially herbs and herbal teas/infusions, or putting something like an anointing oil on your skin.
  • When you write your own spells and rituals, especially if you’re new to it, I’d really recommend writing down everything you used, said, and did; that way, if you need to reverse it, you know exactly what happened (and if it worked, you know how to do it again).
  • If you intend to deal with any entities but especially fairies, then do so carefully.  This is where the infamous “be careful what you say/wish for“ is particularly relevant.
  • Start simple.

Generally speaking, however, no, you’re fine.  I personally find that the most successful spells are the ones I adapt or write from scratch with my own words and associations.  When it comes to materials, common Western witchcraft is very flexible – the “budgeting” tag has plenty of ideas for substitutions and alternatives.

- mountain hound

I am but a single shuddering whisper trapped beneath the shroud,

a lingering fluttering flicker of self indulgent doubt.

I am but a small one, an itty bitty insignificant flake of dust,

among the sunlight.

A little soft, though not soft spoken,

a little daft, a wee bit broken,

much too hardened, yet, too young

to be outspoken 

instead of “spoken for” or

“in love.”

I am but a girl, spirit frayed and bittered hag

softly and constantly being reborn.

The Norns, rulers of the destiny of gods and men

This piece will appear on the back cover of The Illuminated Edda.
Ink, watercolour, ps.

© Nataša Ilinčić, please do not remove credits

Hello Spirit Workers!

A little background before my question: There are two types of meditations I do. The first is the official, lay-on-the-floor, meet your guides in the meadow kind of deal.

The second kind I just started doing a week or so ago. It’s where I kneel before my altar, meet my guides, then say a quick good morning or good night. The first kind is much longer than the second kind.

While I am doing the second kind of meditation, I’ve notice these shadowy, human-like figures (in the place where I meet my guides) making a semi-circle around me but a little bit away from me. To keep their distance I suppose, plus I also haven’t officially met them yet.

In reading sopherielspeaks’ blog, he mentions that when you encounter an entity you can say something like “…only let those who come in light near me” to help you feel protected. I thought that was good advice so I incorporated it when I say hello to these figures because I don’t know who they are and have no idea what their intentions might be.

There are between 4-9 (with an average of 6) shadow figures when I start. I will greet these figures, since I get the feeling that they are here for me. But when I greet them, I will say something along the lines of, “Hello spirits who are around me who come in the light.”

Now, I’ve noticed that between 2-3 will walk away or disappear when I say my salutations to them. After the first couple of times I tried to reach out to them, to just feel them, not to talk to them (I know I’m not ready to talk to them). And they’re all pretty neutral or positive feeling. But even the few who turn away are still strongly neutral feeling. (Note: I don’t interact with spirits. I’m more of an energy person.)

And when they turn away their attitude is not like, “Damn, I can’t fuck up her shit today.” It’s more like me putting up a metaphorical “No Boys Allowed” sign. They turn away with shoulders slumped, like, “Aw, I can’t be by her today,” or even “I guess I’ll go somewhere else.” Like they’re saddened or disappointed.

I guess what I’m trying to say or ask is, even if I feel that all of the shadowy figures are neutral or positive in feeling/attitude, why is it that some of them walk away after I greet them and say my little bit? I don’t think any of them mean to harm me.

Can spirits be neutral towards a person yet not be able to be near them because of the person’s warding? Also, can a spirit be positive toward a person but not be able to be near them because of that person’s warding? Also, if this spirit is supposed to be near me, like be a guardian or a guide, why do they walk away?

Or is it not them but the wording in my greeting?

Well, this kind of turned into more than a simple inquiry, but if you have any ideas, I’d be very interesting to hear.

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(This was hard to put into writing because I’m trying to translate non-word, emotion-heavy ideas, so if you have any questions or need clarifications, let me know.)