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My Pagan Diary: Day 1

I should start by saying that I don’t know how this is going to pan out. I’m writing this diary as I learn more about Paganism following my disillusion with the Catholic Church. In recent years I have become distanced and can’t escape the flaws in Catholicism that are so potent and off-putting to me. Saying that, I believe that individuals are entitled to their own beliefs and are responsible for their own choices and so this diary isn’t intended to offend, or be didactic- this is my own, personal journey and so people are free to disagree with or support my choices, I won’t mind. Anyway, I’m sitting here alone. My boyfriend is upstairs studying and my other housemate has gone home for the weekend, and I’ve been doing some googling. I looked into Paganism about a year ago, and liked the sound of the general principles behind it, but I never really pursued it until now.

 I was raised without a religion for the first years of my life but when my mother met my step-father we moved into his parents’ house. His father was an Irish Catholic and went to church every Sunday. With the move came my move of schools, and it was decided that I would go to a Catholic primary school. In no way do I resent this decision. In fact, it was a decision made largely by myself. Whether it was because of underlying ‘daddy issues’ and the constant need to belong (something I still struggle with a lot to this day) I don’t know, but I chose to go to Church with my new family, who I loved and continue to love. When my younger brother was born we had a joint baptism, and then I made my First Holy Communion with my class at school, followed by my Confirmation. I went on to a Catholic high school after this, which was honestly an equally enjoyable experience- I was so lucky with my schooling and had many opportunities. The standard of education was high; I was involved in the school choir, was lucky enough to perform at cathedral services and even at the televised concert of the Pope’s visit to Birmingham in 2010. I was never bullied and had a supportive system of staff and pupils around me.

There was a strong sense of community during these ten years or so, until I left high school to attend a different Sixth Form College with several school friends. It was not a religious school and so I was suddenly immersed in an environment that supported pupils of all religions. I made friends with Muslims, Sikhs, and atheists for the first time, and it gradually became obvious that the supportive system I had grown up with was exclusive to Catholics, and was only available to me on religious grounds, not for any other personal reasons. I had so many questions. Why couldn’t my friends have had the same positive educational experiences? Why did I know nothing about their religions? Why had I not been taught to tolerate other beliefs? Why would I not have the same support if I wasn’t Catholic? I soon met my atheist boyfriend who I have been with now for over three years, and eventually stopped going to Church. As we became more serious I couldn’t understand why some of the fellow members of my church’s choir were against our pre-marital relationship. I remember one lady tutting at us when I confirmed that he was indeed my boyfriend, not my brother… This, and the lack of trust that emerged following the revelation of the Church’s involvement in covering up cases of child abuse, led me to pretty much make the decision that I wasn’t a Catholic any more. Whether this means I’m not a Christian any more I don’t know, but at this present moment in time, I feel no connection to the Catholic Church and so this is why I am exploring another religion.

From what I’ve read so far, Paganism is not a religion based on the power of an institution, but of the circular connection between divinity, nature, and the individual. I like this concept. I like natural things and have always felt something within me when I see mist on a mountain, or feel the crisp of autumn leaves, or lie on grass in the summer, or experience the coldness of spring in contrast to the beautiful flowers that are blossoming around me, or feel the sea rush over my toes. I hope exploring Paganism may help me find answers and let me develop as an individual. To be honest, I am concerned about possible family reactions. Although neither of my parents go to church or express any strong religious beliefs, I’m worried they might fall into the trap of Paganism= devil worship, but I’ll deal with that if and when it happens. All in all, I’m very excited to learn and help others learn. Nothing is prescriptive at this stage, and Paganism might well be wrong for me, but I look forward to finding out, and hope that this diary might help or support others going on similar journeys. 


Bast of beauty and of grace,
Protectress of the feline race,
Shield Bastian from all hurt and harm
And keep him always safe and warm.
Watch over Bastian from day to day
And guide him home, if he should stray.
And grant him much happiness
And a good life free of strife and stress

my beautiful Bastian, i can’t take a breath without you in my life, happy birthday <3

Loki commands

Hello :3 I’m Noah, and i worship Loki. *awaits nonsense*

Nah but seriously, I started this blog on behalf of our little circle and whatnot, so i’ll toss up some cool things and hopefully everyone will join and enjoy it all. I have a few blogs on here so it’ll be interesting trying to get this all under control. Woo!

As for me, I worship my flame-haired lord. He’s a part of me and so is his family. I absolutely love the Norse pantheon and i’m so glad that i was pulled towards it. Never has my life been filled with such response from my religion. I’m so much happier now.

I also draw, write, and do magic things. I love oracle cards and hope to one day make my own runes, if i get over the fear of them hating me (bad experiences before ;-; ).

Anyway, i hope you enjoy my future posts! :D


Pagan Blog 2013: Entry 3: Bells

Bells have been used in magic for a very long time. Even church bells weren’t just used for announcing the time of service, but to ward off any evil spirits that may want to come and hang out.

Some Pagans today use the bell to begin and end rituals, I like to use it to purify my area. I did a spell awhile back to help me ease into working and make my time there better. I was really miserable and I rung a bell over my head several times and it seemed to help chase away the negative feelings and thoughts that I would have about going into work. I have several bells laying around, including one on my altar that I use during rituals such as that. The ringing of the bell also helps calm my anxiety. 

I also use it to help me sleep. 

Here is a link to a video I found that I enjoy.

Pagan Blog Project - Week 6 - C


This week, I want to talk about colours.

It’s obvious that colours have various effects on various people/situations - a room with red walls will have a different atmosphere to a room with baby blue walls - and that’s something to incorporate. The problem is, you’re given all these charts and correspondences, and some colours may not work with what you’re doing, even though they’re “supposed to”.

As a universal rule, you can use white for almost anything. Although it may represent “purity” or “spirit” in a lot of cases, white is a blank canvass; charge it with energy or intent and it’s x colour that would work with what you’re doing.

Like most things (especially in Wicca) you have to find which colours suit you, and what each of the colours represent when you use them. Of course, this might be different between you and your friend (she says green for healing, you say blue) but if you’re solitary, it’s your personal choice.

My basic list of colour correspondences:

White - Spirit, purity, replacement colour
Black - Protection, secrecy,
Green - Earth, growth, healing
Blue - Water, cleansing, freedom
Red - Fire, passion, strength, luck
Yellow - Air, hope, wisdom, intellegence
Pink - Calm, love, youth,
Orange - Warmth, prosperity, safety.

Of course, this is a basic list, and it probably differs from the list other people have created, but it’s my list, and this is what I feel is appropriate.

What do you feel each colour represents?