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Bast of beauty and of grace,
Protectress of the feline race,
Shield Bastian from all hurt and harm
And keep him always safe and warm.
Watch over Bastian from day to day
And guide him home, if he should stray.
And grant him much happiness
And a good life free of strife and stress

my beautiful Bastian, i can’t take a breath without you in my life, happy birthday <3

Pagan Blog Project - Week 6 - C


This week, I want to talk about colours.

It’s obvious that colours have various effects on various people/situations - a room with red walls will have a different atmosphere to a room with baby blue walls - and that’s something to incorporate. The problem is, you’re given all these charts and correspondences, and some colours may not work with what you’re doing, even though they’re “supposed to”.

As a universal rule, you can use white for almost anything. Although it may represent “purity” or “spirit” in a lot of cases, white is a blank canvass; charge it with energy or intent and it’s x colour that would work with what you’re doing.

Like most things (especially in Wicca) you have to find which colours suit you, and what each of the colours represent when you use them. Of course, this might be different between you and your friend (she says green for healing, you say blue) but if you’re solitary, it’s your personal choice.

My basic list of colour correspondences:

White - Spirit, purity, replacement colour
Black - Protection, secrecy,
Green - Earth, growth, healing
Blue - Water, cleansing, freedom
Red - Fire, passion, strength, luck
Yellow - Air, hope, wisdom, intellegence
Pink - Calm, love, youth,
Orange - Warmth, prosperity, safety.

Of course, this is a basic list, and it probably differs from the list other people have created, but it’s my list, and this is what I feel is appropriate.

What do you feel each colour represents?