Apparently it’s that time on Tumblr again, so here’s a reminder:

I support ALL Christian Witches, Magic Users, and Pagans!

Your faith is real and valid; you are not a bad Christian for practicing magic or incorporating other deities into your religion. You are awesome, and may your faith prove to be your armor against the silly haters! :D

I am thinking about starting an interfaith blog. With the rise of fascism and xenophobia, I think it is important that there be dialogue and interaction between religions. 

I wish to get a bunch of people from differing religions. Mods would represent their respective religions and will be willing to answer questions and talk about their faith. 

I am a Christian, and I am looking for those who are Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu, Pagan (or any other faith) that may wish to become mods. I would prefer if mods were engaged and informed in their faith (but you don’t need to an expert). You can send me a message or reply to this post if you are interested.

I think a major point that is missed by some people practicing reconstructionist faiths is that we are literally creating new traditions and practices as we go along.  So much of what we have is modern and even our interpretations of the mythos, of the beloved lore, are often modern and translated and created in the last few centuries.  We are a modern faith movement.

Why do I bring this up? What’s your point, Boggan?  Simply this: do not discount people because they value their UPG or find a modern approach to an old tradition or ritual. It’s their practice; what we take away from it as a whole is different and goes into the whole SPG part of the faith and is worth conversation and consideration but there is no orthodoxy, no central authority. We are richer for that, I believe.

What we know for “certain” in the lore and the mythology is not the be-all, end-all of a reconstructionist faith.  It has great value and importance (incredibly so!) but so does everything else we are creating along the way. 

Faiths and cultures evolve and so do the gods; remember that.

❌✝️❌ Don't Christianize My Faith/Gods ❌✝️❌

I heard someone once say “Hades is like the Satan of the Greek faith” trying to be funny. Well I’d like to stop you right there. No, He’s not. Satan is the Satan of the Abrahamic faith. He is a terrible and cruel deity who wants nothing but the destruction of the human race. He is the absolute definition of deception. He is a murderer, a liar and isn’t capable of being good or having love for anyone or anything.

Hades is nothing like Him. Even Thanatos is nothing like Him. Hades is the god of the underworld, riches and the dead. He receives those who pass on from this world and assists them to the afterlife where they belong. His realm is nothing like hell where you stay, burn and suffer for all eternity. He is also married to the goddess of spring, Persephone; who he is extremely loyal, devoted and loving toward. Something Satan could not be if he had a wife.

Hades is a very cherished and important part of our faith. So to lump him in the same category as Satan is very disrespectful and I kindly ask anyone who does that to stop and please do your research on both faiths before stating something similar in the future. ✌🏻️☠️🌹

My dash is dead, and i would love to follow any blogs that are witchcraft or pagan related.

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I’m not to terribly picky i like seeing how other people in different paths do things so like, and reblog away!
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Many poets, and all mystic and occult writers, in all ages and countries, have declared that behind the visible are chains on chains of conscious beings, who are not of heaven but of the earth, who have no inherent form but change according to their whim, or the mind that sees them. You cannot lift your hand without influencing and being influenced by hoards. The visible world is merely their skin. In dreams we go amongst them, and play with them, and combat with them. They are, perhaps, human souls in the crucible–these creatures of whim.
—  W.B. Yeats, “The Trooping Fairies” 1910

Rusalka aesthetic

In Slavic mythology, a rusalka (plural: rusalki) is something akin to the Celtic mermaids or the Greek sirens. In short, rusalki are beautiful young women who dwell in bodies of water and enjoy enticing men. The concept of rusalki originated from a Slavic pagan tradition where the young women were symbols of fertility. These nymphs did not interfere too much with human life and mainly served to provide life-giving moisture to the fields and forests every spring when they came ashore to dance in the spring moonlight. The water spirits were believed to help crops grow plentifully and so were generally treated with respect. In the modern era, a large mythos mostly unrelated to fertility has sprung up around the beguiling young women of the water. By the 19th century, the main objective of a rusalka had transformed into harassing the human population.

Looking for witches!


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Faerie 101: How to start part 2

Part 2: Local Fairies 

What are local fairies?: Fairies that exist mostly within our side of the fence (this realm).

They are the fairies that exist closely with mortals. The brownies, the home maidens, the boggarts, goblins, hobgoblins, and so on. Note: All sort of fairies can exist in our realm, but some are more common than others.

There are various troops of fae that exist within the mortal lands. The local fairy courts/groups that hold territory here. 

Also, the solitary fairies that wish to live quietly outside the faelands (sometimes willingly sometimes not), then there are the exiled fairies that were either kicked out of the faelands entirely or were kicked out of a group and decided to come to the mortal realm.

A few notes about local fairies 

  • fairies can be found all across the globe
  • fairies can live both in rural and urban areas (or in the middle of nowhere)
  • forests aren’t the only place that fairies enjoy to be in 
  • they have been known to migrate alongside people  

Letting local fairies know you’re interested in forming a relationship

Sometimes outright going and saying “hey guys, I’m interested” can do the trick. Leaving gifts out can help show your interest, and help show the fairies you mean well.

You can make things like shrines, fairy houses, fairy doors, fairy welcome matts, and so on to help get them to notice you.

Sometimes going to certain locations can help get them to notice you as well. (for times when you’re just not having any luck in your immediate area)

  • fairy mounds (fairy forts)
  • fairy circles
  • witches’ circles
  • certain trees (hawthorn, elder berry, willow, oak)
  • wild places 
  • gardens, parks, lakes

I will let you all know that sometimes looking for fairies can be a bit like fishing. Sometimes you’re lucky, and you get a bite right away…other times not so much. Sometimes patience and consistency is key! 

Now what are some things that can draw their attention?

  • shiny things
  • pretty things
  • sweet things

these are the usual themes that I follow; however, they can differ from fairy to fairy. Some fairies do not enjoy sweets.

Some fairies enjoy bread and oatmeal, while some will actually take offense to being offered them. 

Research is key when trying to attract fairies. They can be a fickle sort. 

You can help gain their respect by picking up litter or caring for various animals (cats especially). They are also drawn to children or child-like people. 

Why local fae?- Solitary, Exiled, and Troops

Local fairies tend to be more “people friendly” from what I’ve experienced. They are a good choice for those who do not wish to travel to their lands. 

The majority of them usually are solitary or live in small groups. Exiled fairies are those that were kicked out of a group and now live alone (or joined another troop). Be careful, the reasons behind their exile can vary, some small and some dangerous.

There are local fae courts and clans that exist in this realm. These troops might have a piece of the faelands brought with them, or might have made claim to a territory long ago. 

Depending on if they are in a group or not, it will help determine how you will approach them.

With the solitary, I find that they can be approached more casually and directly.

With troops, I find it best to ask permission before hand. It can help make a good first impression and show that you give respect. A more formal means of introduction is needed, but either way a fairy will enjoy a gift (or more so a trade).

Why some fairies might reject your gifts?

Local fae are more familiar with human costumes and behaviors, though they still hang on to their own views, morals, and beliefs. Fairies might be hesitant to accept an offering or a gift.

I sometimes find that straight forward and open trades are better than gifts. It is more clear on both ends what you desire, and it can make the fairy feel more comfortable to take the gift. 

A few reasons why you might be having trouble

  • fairies can be very fickle and shy
  • the ones in your local area could be very wary of humans
  • something in your area (or on your person) might be warding them off
  • Guilt by association: I’ve had a few times when fairies refused to work with me because someone I associated with insulted them
  • you’re being too subtle (perhaps trying a bit more loudly?)
  • you haven’t attracted their attention yet (do something to make them more interested)
  • they don’t want to (sometimes fairies just don’t want to)

I hope this section helps with those planning on “working” with local fairies~ 

parts to come

  • Arcadian fae
  • Wandering fae
  • What to do and what not to do around fairies 
  • How fairies may act 

“My power - the ability I got at birth - allows me to break the laws of physics and scientific absolutes. I’ve often heard the spells I cast referred to as ‘chaos magic’… but in actual fact they’re far from chaotic. Their power and intensity are linked to the energy of the earth and womankind, revered by anciets pagan faiths, feared by men. Its name is witchcraft. In my past, I have ill-used that power. But I am more than the sum of those mistakes. I am better than that.

You can call the spirits that live in the pools and trees God’s grace if you like, old man. But if Jesus were from this land he’d be putting milk out for the fairies himself.
—  Confessions Of A Pagan Nun
Lol - or, as I call it, “laughing through gritted teeth”


So, there is this ethnic group in Russia known as the Mari people.

In 16th century, some of them took up Orthodox Christianity, while others still practiced the native Mari faith, centered around reverence for the forces of nature, which humans must respect. The Native Mari Religion has existed continuously (it has an “unbroken lineage”) and survived Christianisation organically. It is something of a phenomenon among the religion scholars. Today, 25-40% of the Mari people are worshipers of the Native faith. (Others are Orthodox or Muslim).

The actual lol:

If you go to Polish wikipedia, it says “the Mari are Orthodox Christian since the 16th century, some are Muslim, and there is a revival of pagan faith observable over the last few years.”

Way to go, wiki author, whoever you are, you robbed these people of their proud and exceptional heritage in just a few words.

A (probably incomplete) list of the groups and communities specifically endangered by the Trump presidency


-African Americans

-Native Americans

-Hispanic/Mexican Americans

-Practitioners of the Islamic Faith

-Practitioners of the Jewish Faith

-Practitioners of Pagan Faiths of many kinds



-Arabic Americans

-Asian Americans





-Soldiers and veterans

-Beneficiaries of healthcare and welfare

-The Homeless

-Low income families

-Government employees, especially intelligence officers and members of the national security apparatus/ overseas agents or representatives

-Anyone with a darker pigmentation

-Non- Trump supporting conservatives

-The press

-Advocates of free speech

-Members of the legal community who stand up for civil rights

-Activists of all kinds

-Feminists of all genders and orientations

-The Press and journalists

-Scientists and members of science based agencies or organisations

-Individuals associated with or who defend any of the above groups

-Survivors of sexual assault

-Survivors of mental illness

-Individuals not prepared to survive a small to medium scale nuclear conflict

-The 3-5 BILLION people who will NOT survive a large scale nuclear conflict

-Historians and teachers

-Artists, writers and musicians

-Those who resist

Again, the list is incomplete. Feel free to reblog and add to it, and spread it around. These are the people who are most at risk in Trumps America, and both as a member of a number of these groups and an advocate for the others, myself and many others have an obligation to stand up and not remain silent in the face of tyranny. Our generation was raised with novels about fighting dystopian systems, and if we find ourselves in one, like we soon may, it is our duty to resist with every fiber of our being.

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