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Is there a way to tell if you're an angel? I feel like I definitely am, but I have a problem with always doubting everything.

Unfortunately, there’s no test to find out your True Self. There’s a lot of faith that goes into discovering it. There’s a lot of emotions and energy you go through.

First, you have to research. I will gladly help you out with that.

About Incarnated angels: x /// x /// x /// x 

In Books of Faith

And Pagan Religions: x /// x 


After researching, you have to figure out what all of those things mean to you. Do they describe you, do they remind you of something specific? Do you have a mission? Could you be an angel?

It’s up to you to figure it out, even if others feel certain energies in your soul.

Best wishes and good luck!


Study, study, study

I’ve been working my way toward being ordained as a Priestess for over a year now.  I didn’t do it because I wanted a title.  I don’t feel I need one.  In my opinion, every woman is a priestess.  I decided to pursue it because I felt I had something to offer.  I wanted to learn more.  There’s a lot to learn, many traditions to explore.  I also thought it would be wonderful to be a part of people’s important life moments; baby naming ceremonies, weddings/handfastings, etc.  But mostly it was the craving for more knowledge.  I’ve been a solitary practitioner for over 20 years, but my way isn’t the only way.  I felt it was time to get involved in a different way and see where that leads.

My faith has always been deeply personal to me.  As of late it has been my saving grace in what has been a very difficult period in my life.  I’ve needed to listen to that inner voice very closely lately.  It’s very important to believe in something and like most people I have been consumed with life and all it entails, thereby letting my spiritual health take a backslide here and there over the years.  I’ve made a more conscious effort to give my faith and my self the time that is so desperately needed to have some sort of clarity and peace.

So in relation to the title of this post, I am studying some material that I need to know before ordination.  I am not the best for memorizing things and studying has always been a bit difficult for me.  I need to learn to relax a bit and not put so much pressure on myself.  I am generally a learn-it-while-I-do-it type of person.  I rely on intuition a lot.  I always joke that I have no more room for any new stuff in my brain unless I push something else out.  Guess I need to go and push some stuff out and get to studying…

Online “Coven” seeks friendly witches, pagans, spellwriters, tarot readers, artists, poets, crystal enthusiasts...

I am looking for help in expanding and perfecting my small witch & pagan group here on tumblr. I am looking for people willing to help admin a community page I am building to help bring the magical kids of tumblr together to make friends and to share their wonderful and unique artwork, their devotional poetry, their hints tips and sewing skills for those tricky voodoo dolls!

This is a call out to witches and pagans with big hearts and clever minds, I want to get to know you, I want to build a network of friends and knowledge safe from negativity, trolls and all those heavy unnecessary bad vibes.

Please message me if you’re interested in helping me build this! I want your dreams and ideas for you ideal little pagan community. Please, witches with your knitting needles, show us how it’s done. Diviners, share with us your spreads and interpretations.

I want to make a closed group, a password protected club for the brightest and sweetest people. I want to get to know you all and enjoy everything that being in a coven brings, in the warmth of my own home, and in the safety of a members only group of like-minded people discussing all their different paths.

Come on, hmu. Or at least reblog this so that I can find those golden ones, eh?

If you would like to become a member of my Eclectic Union of Witches and Pagans please reblog or message me with your interest.

[In order to join a club on tumblr, you must supply the host with an email address to which Tumblr sends the invite. It does not have to be a personal address, you can easily make one for free on gmail. Please do feel free to contact me as I am very looking forward to meeting new pagans and witches and making good friends through Tumblr.]
Etsy Won't Let You Sell Spells, Hexes or Love Potions
Guess you'll just have to go shopping in Diagon Alley

From the article:

Per Etsy’s new policy, which was implemented earlier this month, they are cracking down on the sale of items that make dubious promises. Their new policy reads: “Any metaphysical service that promises or suggests it will effect a physical change (e.g., weight loss) or other outcome (e.g., love, revenge) is not allowed, even if it delivers a tangible item.

”Several Etsy shops selling such items have already been notified of the policy changes and suspended.

While the new rules are ostensibly there to protect customers from getting suckered into buying products that don’t do what they claim to do, critics say the policy changes amount to an attack on certain beliefs, aka religious discrimination. According to an online petition protesting the new policy, banning the sale of metaphysical items amounts to “discrimination against Pagan and Wiccan faiths.”

And Iyá Ekundayo, a Brazilian self-described priestess who sells traditional medicines, told the Washington Post, “It [is] a Witch Hunt. They went after people supposedly offering tangible and intangible items and services [promising] end results, but steered away from anything in the Christian and Judaism sections.”

The other day a family member told me that they were worried my 3 year old son “wouldn’t go to heaven”, if something bad happened, because Im not getting him baptized.

I just said “if your kind, loving and just god would send a little baby to hell because of something his parents did or didn’t do, then that is absolutely absurd and I’d want NOTHING to do with that god or his heaven anyway.”

Then my son dumped an entire pint of blueberries on the ground.

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Please don't say stuff similar to in the closet (or in the what ever) because that is a phrase that is from the quiltbag community and specific to it ( the term in the broom closet has been talked to death among Wicca folk so please look it up)

I don’t really know how to say this, but I don’t need to go “look it up” as I’ve participated in multiple discussions about “in the closet”, and have witnessed the whole “in the closet” several times over in the community. And despite all of that, I still will continue to use the phrase.

As has been stated multiple times during these discussions, the phrasing largely ties to “skeletons in the closet” and it can have multiple applications outside of MOGAI contexts. As a member of the MOGAI community, I don’t feel that the phrase is detrimental to our cause or our plight, esp given that many people in the world are harmed for being openly pagan or “alternative faithed”. Even in the states, being open about being anything but Christian can put a big ass target on your back, and there are people who have been abused for being non-Christian.

So on this particular phrase, I will have to say “thanks but no thanks”. After all of the years I’ve watched people talk about this phrase, I’ve found that there isn’t any overarching harm in using it, esp given that I am in the closet in several ways- my religion, my gender identity, my sexual orientation and my relationship status are all “in the closet”. So you’re just gonna have to accept that I will continue to use it.

What You Will Find Here

This blog will be a place for me to talk about my faith (I have been a solitary practitioner of Wicca for over 20 years) and how it affects my day-to-day as a busy modern woman (mother, wife, writer), modern pagan issues, photos, quotes and things that inspire and interest me.  I am (as many people are) trying to live a more faith-centered life as I find it enriches not only my life but the lives of those around me. 

I don't think I have ever explained why I'm studying Asatru and Pagan Culture.

I was raised a Catholic and when to a private Catholic school for my first few years. I still have strong ties with the Church but I get nothing from going to mass. I get pleasure from being out in nature and praying. I was the Chaplin for my Boy Scout troop for a good part of my Scouting career. Catholics are supposed to believe the bible just a story book. We are not supposed to take it literal but yet so many do. Living the way of Christ is the goal. The whole original sin is what turns me off to Christianity. It not that Eve betrayed God it is that, God is so perfect and we can not reach that protection because we were not designed to be perfect. How can we be held at such a high standard? That feat is very discouraging. Why can’t believe in myself be enough. Bring honor to myself and others be enough to enter Heaven. I can not enter without devote worship and living as much like Christ as possible. Yet when one tries to love like Christ did when are shunned by these Sunday Christians. These people that are only Christ like when they are at mass. Above all that makes me furious. How can I worship the Lord in a place filled with judgemental assholes on are only Christians because they claim to be. That’s not what I found in paganism. There is a lot of self love in Paganism. To honor oneself brings honor to the gods. To do good in the world beings honor to the gods. Even if a person were to do good their entire life but never go to church or confession, I have been told they are going to Hell. Christianity seems to be built around fear. If you do not fit the mold you will go to Hell. That’s no way to live. I have lived majority of my life with depression and being told because I do not act like they other kids I am going to Hell. I have never had a blind faith, that irritated a lot of my teachers. I would challenge them and their ideologies. I would get sent to the guidance counselor or be told it would be explained later and it was never explained. It was not till I was in High School that I met people who studied Christianity because they wanted to challenge their faith. I feel in love with these people. They suggested that I submerge myself in another non-Abrahamic faith. They told me to study it, talk with the people of the faith in particular, and learn everything I can. If that faith leads you to another ideology so be it or if it strengthen your faith with God great. That’s why I am here. I am finding myself loving Asatru and the culture around it. While I do not know a lot, I will when I become more financially stable and I can buy books and attend seminars.
What is each country’s second-largest religious group?
While either Christians or Muslims make up the largest religious group in nine-in-ten nations around the globe, the religiously unaffiliated rank second in size in most of the Americas and Europe, as well as in many countries in sub-Saharan Africa.
Etsy’s Bullshit Ban is Angering Witches Who Sell Spells
At some point over the past couple of months, it appears that Etsy — the website where people sell handmade goods — revised their policy on what could and could not be sold. Specifically, they have now added magical (“metaphysical”) things to the list of services that cannot be sold: Any metaphysical service that promises or suggests it will effect a physical change (e.g., weight loss) or other outcome (e.g., love, revenge) is not allowed, even if it delivers a tangible item.

There is nothing in principle, i.e. devoid of context and application to how Christian privilege operates, in Etsy banning the sale of objects claimed to have a non-naturalistic operation. In principle, this decision is in line with Etsy’s extant ban on non-tangible items.

In principle.

Mehta is also technically correct in saying that neopagan goods can still be sold:

The petition claims Etsy’s new rules constitute “discrimination against Pagan and Wiccan faiths, as this ban will target certain sellers and items.” Which is silly, since Pagan and Wiccan goods are still allowed to be sold. They just have to be real products that don’t suggest fictional capabilities. It’s the same reason Etsy wouldn’t allow Christians to sell, say, exorcisms over the Internet or prayers on a buyer’s behalf.

The problem, however, is one that Mehta alludes to by way of denying the existence of the problem:

“Etsy seems to be only targeting those items of a pagan/occult nature while allowing items of certain faiths traditionally used for protection like St. Christopher medals, to still be marketed,” said another vendor in an email. “Personally I think it’s probably unintended ignorance and failure to consider and think through what banning all spiritual, energetic and magickal claims will really mean.”

That’s not exactly true. If someone is selling St. Christopher medals by saying they’ll protect you from accidents, that’s a no-go. That seller will be removed from the Etsy site.

If Mehta believes this, and for reasons too complex to go into here I believe he does, he is being incredibly naïve. First, someone selling St Christopher medals doesn’t need to advertise them as for protection because Catholic tradition regarding such medals is well-set and known. Neopagan amulets, crystals, and other items used in magic and worship necessarily lack the same cultural basis because neopagan traditions are diverse and relatively new.

Second, the chance that this policy will be enforced similarly on Christians and non-Christians is small. Christian privilege is a thing. Christian items comparable to neopagan ones, or sacred items of other religious minorities, are generally treated as serious and intrinsically meaningful, while the sacred items of other religions are seen as silly and “magical” (using the sense of magic common in Western understandings as “nonsense”). In other words, I doubt this medal will be taken down.

tl;dr: the fact that Christiantiy uses different language and a different cultural context to explain its sacred items means that this policy implicitly favors Christian sacred items over those of other religions.

Odd Faith and Objectivity

As a person of odd faith, it can be difficult to find any objective ground to stand on when it comes to what is and what is not in the spiritual realm. For example: There are things/movements/beliefs in the pagan community that make me cringe and/or I find flat silly, but if I think to raise my sanctimonious voice to object, my little pitchforking conscience raises her voice just as loudly to remind me, “Look at all the crazy shit you believe. Who are you to say?”

At these times, one wishes so fervently to be able to fall back on, “Because my god said so,” like the followers of Abrahamic religions do when justifying their politics by their faith. But if that is unacceptable in them, it is certainly unacceptable in myself, even if it is that my god told me unicorn farts aren’t particularly mystical.

I am an objectivist. I am willingly and joyfully bound to reason and in service to (big “T”) Truth. At the same time, I have an intense faith which seeks to be even-handed in considering the merits of all faiths. The cognitive dissonance between these two parts is intense.

Here’s the best I can do to keep my head from exploding:

It’s either all bullshit or none of it is.

You can’t believe burning bushes talk then go around saying someone believing Loki is courting them is full of it. You can’t believe Odin gave you a message but discount every other message anyone else received from Odin because it doesn’t quite jive with what you heard. You can’t use the myths as sacred keys to the personalities of the gods then bash a pop culture pagan for deriving their gods from works of fiction. All of that is completely unreasonable.

In a realm where hard, sharp reason rarely can find a foothold, real honesty about the subjectivity of one’s own faith is, odd at it may sound, the only solid foundation on which to make camp.

The gods are as they are. They are not malleable. Their characters are not subject to our whim. They exist, objectively, as existence exists, regardless of our belief in or experience of them. It is only our understanding of them that shifts and shimmies, blows this way and that, goes light, goes dim, or goes dark completely.