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Siren Allure Spell

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Sirens are dangerous creatures, who lure nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island. This spell is used to bring allure to your speaking and singing voice, to enchant those around you.  It is best used when a witch is wanting to kill it at an interview, dominate a speech, or perform like the greatest diva.  And it is so simple!


–tablespoon of honey
–bowl of sea salt
–glass of water


  1. Begin outside.  (If you are near a body of water, this would be even better.)  Toss a pinch of salt in each of the four directions, saying:
    Northern sirens of rivers carving stone and dark depths, aid me.
    Eastern sirens of cliff drops into jetties and sea spray, aid me.
    Southern sirens of pale sands and hot lava rock, aid me.
    Western sirens of endless horizon and ancient shipwrecks, aid me.
  2. Make a circle with the remaining sea salt, large enough for you to stand in, and step into it.  Shut your eyes.  Envision the tide rolling in over your toes, kissing your ankles, and drawing you out waist deep.  
  3. Open your eyes and distribute your honey onto a spoon.  Recite the following chant:
    For words sweetened as fresh honey,
    for song as powerful as hurricane gales,
    for confidence as strong as undertow,
    for appearance as alluring as siren maidens.
    I am one with the sea and the sea is in me.
  4. Consume the honey.  Let its warmth spread over your tongue, along your teeth, down your throat, and into your stomach.  Concentrate on that heat and feel it spread through your veins.
  5. Taking your glass of water, drink the entirety of it.  When you are finished, say: My siren spell begins now and all will be enchanted.
  6. Step out of the circle and your spell is complete.  It should last one full day.

Hope this helps, darlings!


hi, lovelies! here is a witchy spring mix for Beltane, filled with atmospheric, chill-out music. listen to while meditating, walking through the park, performing magick, or just spacing out. 🍃🌸🍃

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Ode to Valhalla - 13th Warrior

Lo, there do I see my father.
Lo, there do I see my mother.
And my sister and my brother
Lo, there do I see the line of my people
Back to the beginning.
Lo, they do call to me.
They bid me take my place among them
In the halls of Valhalla
Where the brave may live forever.


Vesnyanki (веснянки) are ritual songs of the East Slavs, sung in the rites of invoking the spring (весна). This song is an example from Ukraine.

Ой, ти, соловейко, ти ранняя пташко, ти ранняя пташко,
Ой, чого ж так рано з вирію вилітаєш, з вирію вилітаєш?

Ой, да ще по горах білі сніжки лежать, білі сніжки лежать.
A ще по долинах цілі льодки стоять, цілі льодки стоять.
Ой, да ще водиця не розливалася, не розливалася.
Ой, да ще вербиця не розвивалася, не розвивалася.

Ой, а тії сніжки ніжками потопчу, ніжками потопчу,
Ой, а тії льодки крилечками поб'ю, крилечками поб'ю,
Ой, а ту вербицю дзьобиком розклюю, дзьобиком розклюю.

Оh, you, nightingale you early bird, you early bird.
Oh, why so early from Vyriy* you have flown away, you have flown away.

Oh, and still on the mountains white snow lies, white snow lies.
And still in the valleys ice is whole, ice is whole.
Oh, and still water didn’t flow, didn’t flow.
Oh, and still willow didn’t sprout, didn’t sprout.

Oh, and that snow, with your legs you trample, with your legs you trample.
Oh, and that ice, with your wings you strike, with your wings you strike.
Oh, and that willow, with your beak you peck, with your beak you peck.

*Vyriy is name for otherworld in Slavic mythology, described as evergreen and warm place where birds fly for the winter, and where souls resides before the birth and after death.

🛁 🌟"Soap" Protection Spell 🌟🛁

🛁 Purpose: To protect yourself from saying dumb stuff you’ll end up regretting later. Inspired by the song “Soap” by: Melanie Martinez

🛁 Need:



🌟 Lipgloss

🛁 Steps:

🌟1. Take your toothbrush and toothpaste and hold them in both of your hands. Charge them with a cleansing white light, visualizing them becoming tools with abilities to help cleanse your mouth from any word vomit you’re used to. Say the following:

“Uh-oh there it goes,
I’ve said too much it overflowed.
Why do I always spill?
I feel it coming out my throat
Guess I better wash my mouth out with soap.
God I wish I never spoke.
Now I gotta wash
My mouth out with soap.”

🌟2. Brush your teeth and visualize yourself being protected from any future convo mistakes. Then put the lip gloss on to add as a helpful “seal”.

🌟3. Keep an amethyst on you to keep you always calm for times you have to talk with others.

👻💔👹Shake It Out Spell👹💔👻

inspired by florence + the machine’s “shake it off”, a spell to banish any spirits or people that have been pestering you 

And I am done with my graceless heart
So tonight I’m gonna cut it out and then restart
‘Cause I like to keep my issues drawn
It’s always darkest before the dawn

👹 preferably done at night, or early in the morning.

💔 play the song while you perform the ritual, dance and sing along if you like.

👻 gather: paper, chamomile and coffee grounds

👹 on a piece of paper, write down the names of those who are plaguing you

💔 cut out the names in the shape of your “graceless heart”

👻 bury the heart in the ground with chamomile and coffee grounds

👹 look to a new dawn


Songs for Moon Witches // a mix of chill, atmospheric songs to finally let you ascend into the night sky. 🌙✨💫 

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Rainy’s “Song of Storms” Enchantment

Musical Instrument Enchantment Spell for Whistling up Rain/Storms 

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Hello there all of you music-playing, rain-loving, and pop-culture witches! Here’s a handy little enchantment to put upon your musical instrument, so that you can use it to “whistle up” a wind whenever you play a certain song. This spell was inspired by Legend of Zelda’s “Song of Storms”, so of course, we will be using the sheet music from that during the enchantment.

(To get a “feel” for the song, I recommend listening to this cover, or this cover!)

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Disney Songs Correspondence in Witchcraft 🎶

I was inspired by @kemetduasekhem to create my own post for Disney Song Correspondence pertaining to witchcraft.

Here goes nothing!🎵

*Friends on the Other Side from Princess and the Frog: Spirit work, Divination.

*God Help the Outcasts: Justice, Hope

*Bella Notte from Lady and the Tramp: Romance, Love

*Poor Unfortunate Souls from The Little Mermaid: Cursing, Jinxing, Hexing.

*I Wonder from Sleeping Beauty: Attract a Romantic partner

*Go the Distance from Hercules: Inner Strength, Determination

*A Guy Like You from Hunchback of Notre Dame: Confidence, Increase Self-Esteem

*Let It Go from Frozen: Confidence, Self-Acceptance, Self-Esteem

*Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid: Determination

*Beauty and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast: Love, Romance, Companionship

*I’ve Got No Strings from Pinocchio: Empowerment, Self-Esteem

*Topsy Turvy from The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Chaos, Confusion

*I’m Wishing/One Song from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Attract Love

*Why Should I Worry from Oliver & Company: Letting Go of Worry or Fear

*Spoonful of Sugar from Mary Poppins: Destressing, Acceptance

*Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas: Connection to Nature and Higher Spiritual Realm

*A Whole New World from Aladdin: Interpersonal connection, Romance.

*You’ll Be In My Heart from Tarzan: Family, Love, Protection

*Can You Feel the Love Tonight? from The Lion King: Love, Passion, Raw Emotion

*I’ll Make A Man Out of You from Mulan: Masculinity, Strength, Determination

*Give a Little Whistle from Pinocchio: Friendship, Reliability

*Just Around the Riverbend from Pocahontas: Journey, Inner Strength, Spiritual Growth, Crossroads, Decisions

*Almost There from The Princess and the Frog: Strength, Determination, Business

*Circle of Life from The Lion King: Cycles, Birth, Life, Nature

*Family from James and the Giant Peach: Appreciation, Companionship, Love

*Be Prepared from The Lion King: Organization, Military, Leadership

*Out There from Hunchback of Notre Dame: Exploration, Appreciation

*Hakuna Matata from The Lion King: Relaxation, Acceptance of One’s Past and Choices

*Stand Out from A Goofy Movie: Confidence, Self-Esteem, Courage

*In a World of My Own from Alice in Wonderland: Dreams, Hope, Imagination

*Friend Like Me from Aladdin: Friendship, Companionship, Trust

*What’s This? from The Nightmare Before Christmas: Curiosity, Exploration, Magick

*The Sorcerer’s Apprentice from Fantasia (orchestral piece): Magick, Spellwork, Confidence

*When You Wish Upon a Star from Pinocchio: Hope, Dreams, Desire, Wishes

*Reflection from Mulan: Self-Examination, Convictions, Honesty, Inner Truth

*Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast: Hospitality, Kindness, Entertainment/Parties

*I See the Light from Tangled: Realization, Awareness

*Once Upon a Dream from Sleeping Beauty: Dreams, Attract a Romantic Partner, Hope, Love

A rather magical post

As a practitioner of Asatru, I implore you to not get so caught up in prayer, and reconstruction, that you forget the entire magical piece. We are the children of the North. Free, strong, and proud. But without Magic, none of that would be possible. Magic is anything you want it to be. A gust of wind. A dance. A song. A poem. Channel what you feel, into being. That is the essence of magic. Being free. Using your feelings and thoughts to bring things into being. Pride, strength, and freedom. The three best traits of a practitioner of Asatru. The three traits that are the essence of magic. Pride, for confidence. Freedom, to use your mind. Strength, to pull what you believe in, into Midgard. Magic doesn’t need a ritual, or a complex incantation. Magic is whatever feels right. A ritual or incantation can help it along, but they are far from needed. Do what makes you feel okay. You can sit with a cup of tea, and just talk. You can dance. Because you see, the very act of doing magic, is magical. And you honour the gods by doing it.

Songs for the Theoi

Aphrodite: I am Trying to Break Your Heart // Wilco | Take Me to Church // Hozier | This Girl // Punch Brothers | Landmine // Pearl and the Beard | The Ballad of Mona Lisa // Panic! at the Disco | Last Night on Earth // Green Day | If I Die Young // The Band Perry | Out Tonight // Cast of Rent | Rhiannon // Fleetwood Mac

Apollo: Heavy Metal Drummer // Wilco | Libertango // Astor Piazzola | Devil’s Head Down // Pearl and the Beard | Heretics // Andrew Bird | Romeo & Juliet // Dire Straits | Satin Summer Nights // Paul Simon ft. cast of Songs from the Capeman | Ukulele Anthem // Amanda Palmer | Casimir Pulaski Day // Sufjan Stevens

Ares: String Quartet (op. 27), Mvt IV: Finale // Edvard Grieg | Black Skinhead // Kanye West | Babe Ruthless // Angel Haze | Yet // Pearl and the Beard | String Quartet no. 11 // Dmitri Shostakovich | Holiday // Green Day | Let’s Kill Tonight // Panic! at the Disco | So What // P!nk | Crown // Run the Jewels | New Year’s Day // U2

Artemis: Wolf // First Aid Kit | Either Way // Wilco | Hummingbird // WIlco | Battle Cry // Angel Haze | Yellow Flicker Beat // Lorde | Magnets // Lorde | Tiger Mountain Peasant Song // Fleet Foxes | Blue Ridge Mountains // Fleet Foxes | Furr // Blitzen Trapper | Wolverine // Sufjan Stevens | When I Was a Boy // Dar Williams | Blackberry Blossom // Michelle Shocked

Athena: Academia // Sia | Space Oddity // David Bowie | Dark Matter // Andrew Bird | Bravado // Lorde | Last of the American Girls/She’s a Rebel // Green Day ft. Cast of American Idiot | Plasticities // Andrew Bird | Imitosis // Andrew Bird

Demeter: Adagio for Strings // Samuel Barber | Loved and Alive // Jim and the Povalos | Iowa // Pearl and the Beard | The Circle Game // Joni Mitchell | Landslide // Fleetwood Mac | Woodstock // Joni Mitchell | Proserpina // Martha Wainwright

Dionysos: Chandelier // Sia | Gasoline // Halsey | GDFR // Flo Rida, Sage the Gemini | St. Jimmy // Green Day ft. Cast of American Idiot | Fiery Crash // Andrew Bird | Teeth // Lady Gaga | Sin Wagon // Dixie Chicks | German Sparkle Party // The Something Experience

Haides: You // Pearl and the Beard | Golden // Fall Out Boy | Boulevard of Broken Dreams // Green Day | Hell is Chrome // Wilco | John Wayne Gacy, Jr // Sufjan Stevens | Live and Die // The Avett Brothers | One // U2

Hephaistos: Sim Sala Bim // Fleet Foxes | The Once and Future Carpenter // The Avett Brothers | Take ‘em Away // Old Crow Medicine Show | Radioactive // Imagine Dragons | Gwyn, Lord of Cinder // Dark Souls soundtrack

Hera: Prodigal Daughter // Pearl and the Beard | Rumour Has It // Adele | Single Ladies // Beyonce | Heirloom // Sufjan Stevens | Don’t You Worry Child // Swedish House Mafia | You’re Aging Well // Dar Williams | St. Judy’s Comet // Paul Simon | Hide and Seek // Imogen Heap

Hermes: Lie, Cheat, Steal // Run the Jewels | Travesty // invoke | Twin Skeleton’s // Fall Out Boy | Bitch, Look At Me Now (Two Weeks) // Childish Gambino | Wing$ // Macklemore | Jesus of Suburbia mix // Green Day ft. Cast of American Idiot | Fiery Crash // Andrew Bird | Irrational Anthem // Plain White T’s | Long Way Around // Dixie Chicks | Smooth Criminal // Michael Jackson | Poker Face // Lady Gaga | Chicago // Sufjan Stevens

Hestia: Miss Missing You // Fall Out Boy | Home // Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes | Our House // Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young | Fatima // K’naan | Round Here // Counting Crows | Angel of Montgomery // Bonnie Raitt | Baby Blue // Bob Dylan | Welfare Music // The Bottle Rockets | When I’m Gone // Phil Ochs

Nemesis: Goodbye Earl // Dixie Chicks | Two Black Cadillacs // Carrie Underwood | Better Than Revenge // Taylor Swift | Not Ready to Make Nice // Dixie Chicks

Persephone: Keep You On My Side // CHVRCHES | Good Death // Pearl and the Beard | Death Valley // Fall Out Boy | Just One Yesterday // Fall Out Boy | River // Pearl and the Beard | 21 Guns // Green Day | Uma Thurman // Fall Out Boy | Die Die Die // The Avett Brothers | The Cave // Mumford and Sons | Walk On // U2

Poseidon: Swimming // Pearl and the Beard | Hurricane // Panic! at the Disco | Armchairs // Andrew Bird | Swimming // Florence + the Machine | Lusitania // Andrew Bird ft. Annie Clark | What the Water Gave Me // Florence + the Machine | Never Let Me Go // Florence + the Machine | Northern Downpour // Panic! at the Disco

Zeus: Panthers // Wilco | Weather Systems // Andrew Bird | Beautiful Day // U2 | Rain King // Counting Crows | American Girls // Counting Crows | Deja Vu // Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young 

     “That night the wind was howling almost like a wolf and there were some real wolves off to the west giving it lessons.”  
 ― George R.R. Martin


na volačej streše holubienka nese
{at someone’s roof a dove is sitting}
tak ona hrkuta morenu nam pyta
{and it is cooing and asking for our morena}

my si ju nedame až o velkej noci
{we won’t give her until the easter day}
bude sa vydavat fialkovem venci…
{she will wed in violet wreath…}

“Slovak folk song Morena sung by children in Western Slovak dialect (which is less soft than official language based on Central Slovak dialect). Morena is Slavic pagan Goddess of Death and Winter and feast Burning of Morena is one of the most celebrated feast days in Slovakia nowadays.”

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Ziemio, ma Ziemio, Matko wszelkiego stworzenia
Odkryj przed nami historię swego istnienia

Nieś ją, wietrze, nieś wszystkim ludziom
Niech ich serca wreszcie się zbudzą x2

Ziemio, ma Ziemio, praojcowie nasi tu żyli
W zgodzie z przyrodą rytmem słońca i księżyca żyli

W gwiezdne noce z ogniem tańczyli
Mądrość bogów Słowian dzierżyli x2

Ziemio, ma Ziemio, krew moja z twoją się splata
Płynie, wciąż płynie, od źródła po krańce świata

Nieś mnie, Ziemio, nieś poprzez życie
Znacz mi drogę serca swego biciem x4

Ziemio, ma Ziemio, Matko wszelkiego stworzenia                    

Sati Sauri - Slavic prayer

O Earth, my Earth, Mother of all creation.
Reaveal to us the story of your being.

O wind, carry it, carry to all people.
May their hearts finally awaken.

O Land, my Land, our great fathers  lived here.
They lived in harmony with the nature, the rythm of the sun and the moon.

They with the fire in the starry nights,
they wielded wisdom of the Slavic gods.

O Land, my Land, my blood is mixed with your blood.
It flows, still flows from the source to the ends of the world.

Carry me, carry me through the life,
mark the way for me with your heart beat.

O Earth, my Earth, Mother of all creation.