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✧ FESTIVAL HARAJUKU ✧ 16 et 17 Septembre 2017 ✧

Nous serrons présentes au Festival Harajuku au Parc de Bercy sur le stand 47.
Ce sera notre première convention en temps que Collectif ! *:・゚✧

Nous aurons avec nous de nombreux prints persos et goodies witchy, des originaux ainsi que l'Artbook Modern Witches réapprovisionné tout spécialement pour l'occasion !
Nous proposeront également des commandes de portraits witchy sur place ! ☾

Venez nombreux nous voir et chercher votre matériel pour vos prochains sortillèges ~


✧ HARAJUKU FESTIVAL ✧ 16 & 17 September 2017 ✧

We will attend Harajuku Festival at Bercy’s Park, Paris on table 47.
It’ll be our first con as a collective! *:・゚✧

We will have a lot of prints and witchy goodies, some original artworks and the Modern Witches artbook freshly printed for this occasion!
We will also be able to do some witchy commissions there! ☾🔮🌿

Come and visit us to grab your witchy material for your next spells~

✨ Modern Witches Daily’s Society6! ✨

As I don’t have the time to work on new goodies of my own and new art at the moment, I thought you might be interested in this! 

There are only a few illustrations and patterns available but don’t hesitate to ask for some other one you would like to have as prints or as anything else!

Thank you for your support ♥ Sending a lot of good vibes to you and lots of love!! 


Hello my sweet friends! 

If you’re feeling generous and are in the mood to buy some art, I urge to you check out my shop! Times are tough over here in university-student-freelance-artist-land and my shop is currently my only form of income (and textbooks punched a hole in my wallet). I desperately need to upgrade my scanner as well as some software for editing (etc etc etc).  I’m hoping to sell all of my #inktober drawings however until then I hope you’d consider buying some of my art (and in turn allow me to buy more art supplies to make more cool stuff for you guys!) Honestly every single order blows me away, and I still can’t fathom that such amazing people pay REAL money for my art!