pagan pride festival


Spent the day at the local pagan pride festival. Saw some old friends, made some new ones, had a really good time. Picked up a book about evil eye folklore and superstitions, an essential oil blend (Lavender, Peppermint, Rose & Basil - it smells so good and helps relieves headaches), Silver Sheen Obsidian Egg (good for protection, scrying and dealing with deep embedded emotional fears and traumas), Garnet bracelet (one of my fave crystals and good crystal to have on for protection while traveling), Silver Rose Quartz ring (heart healing and promotes self-love) and Silver Stromatolite ring (fossil formed in shallow waters, I love the earthy-watery energy of it and it is suppose to aid in transformation and transitions). I was also given a small free bag of what I recall to be lampblack powder, used for making ink, super excited to try that out, as I love ink making! So happy I went there. Everyone was so kind and welcoming and I felt very comfortable there and had many good conversations with other witches.

Got back from the Pagan pride festival and it was so nice. Unfortunately I missed any and all ceremonies but I did see every vendor, heard some cool drum music on stage, and saw lots of beautiful people. The energy there was so positive and fulfilling and I felt so at home and like my stress was finally leaving me. Everyone was burning sage lol. Got some lovely crystals and other goodies. I hope to reattend next year. Much thanks to all the vendors there and people responsible for setting this all up. Pics on my insta @ xposeidonnn and my Snapchat story @ jcbumblebee (INeedHealing).