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tumblr pagan poetry collection: Artemis

If you’re not comfortable having your work collected here, please tell me immediately and I will remove it. If you’d prefer I not @ mention you in other posts, let me know. If I’ve gotten the title of your poem wrong, let me know!

These are organized alphabetically by poet’s url, not by preference/importance/whatever.

Absolute favorite poems are bolded. Poems concerning Artemis and Apollon are in italics.

This is the first post in a series of many. If you know of or have written other Artemis poetry, please tell me and I will edit the post. The tag for this series can be found here, which will contain the other posts, and here, for various other posts concerning this topic.


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This Week’s Updates (Nov. 15-22)

Yesterday, I cataloged all the sigils on my blog so there’s now a page for them!