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I’ve fallen out of touch with my spirituality...

I feel like the events that have taken over my life in the past 4 years, have been both  defining and soul shattering. I don’t know about anyone else’s experiences with inlaws, but I felt like mine were vampires that suck the life I knew out of me. I read book, I crafted, I created art, wrote mediocre poetry, I was on a life path to fulfillment spiritually. Being Pagan in the Bible Belt was not easy. Having a stereotypical Texan/Christian mother-in-law… well need I say more? 

I want more earthiness in my life. I want more connection to the stars and dust I was created by. If anyone has a Pagan, Uplifting quotes, Nature, any of that sort kind of blog, I’ll gladly follow. I’m not opposed to the nerdy antics the people of Tumblr hold, because I’m quite nerd obsessed as well. I just kind of want to connect with other Pagans. Pagan Parents would be amazing too as I’m raising my daughter in an Earth based spirituality. 

Let’s talk :)

September 4, 2016

Sometimes pagan parents wonder just when or how to bring things in from our paths, and beliefs to teach to younger kids. Tonight, my son of 9 years old surprised me with something very cool. He asked me to come see what he did in his room, so I followed him in, to find that he had made a circle of pennies around his bed. He looked up at me and said, “It’s so I will have good dreams, and good luck when I wake tomorrow.”

I never taught him any of this. He came up with this entirely on his own. He is nine. I don’t think it’s ever too early to immerse children into this ‘world’. Other faiths and religions do it all the time.

I personally think children need to be aware of the inner powers they do have, and how they can use the energies around them to help aide them in their days, too - especially in their own unique ways.

Getting Children Involved in Magick

* Nature Walks
(Maybe collect souvenirs like pine cones, flowers to press, branches to make wands or staffs.)

* Pine Cone Bird Feeders

* Planting a Garden

* Learning to identify herbs

* Read! (Fairytales, science books, mythology, books written by pagans. Read!)

* Collect Rocks

* Learn about local wildlife

* Meditate

* Collect Seashells

* Print out black and white tarot card coloring pages

* cooking/baking

* leave out offerings

* sigils

*tea parties (tasseomancy optional)

*making enchanted jewelry for protection, anxiety, etc.

* Gumball Machine Talismans

*making pendants out of clay with sigils, runes, etc.

*writing a BoS together

*learning basic herbal uses

*making soaps, salves, candles

*** May add more later.

My child is under one and well, children love sticks. I use it as a wand and say “ bless you.”

Also, I want to be clear here - when I talk about having a garden and owning chickens, that doesn’t in any way mean that I have a lot of land, or live in the country (I wish! haha). Like, I’m in the suburbs, and my yard is <0.25 of an acre. (Though I do live near a park with lots of trees.)

So, if you happen to picture me as being the sort of person who owns a farm, or lives out in the middle of nowhere - nope. Sorry to disappoint :P

(Not that there’s anything less magical about living in suburban neighborhoods, or even cities. All places have a connection to magic!)

I Almost Got Caught

I thought my dad was asleep, but he wasn’t. I was out in the rain doing some minor worship when he comes out and shouts at me “What are you doing boy!” I played it off as me just enjoying the feeling of the rain, and somehow he bought it. But, I was scared shitless. The only way I got away with that was because Dolos helped me lie. I need to be more careful in the future, but I get the feeling that this is going to eventually come to a head. I may have to whoop my fathers ass over my religion in the future. That being said I am getting closer and closer to being out on my own and not having to worry about this.

Proud momma moment

So my husband and I play Magic the Gathering, and our sons ages 7 and 5 have seen us play plenty of times in the past. We’ve told them that once they get a little old we’ll teach them how to play, but that was over 2 years ago. Fast forward to yesterday and my oldest walks ins on me doing a Tarot reading for a client. He gets all excited because he thinks it’s Magic the Gathering. He tells me he remembers but that he needs to get older before he can play. I told him that it wasn’t the same card game, and that it wasn’t really a game at all. He still watched my every move, and he said that he still wanted to learn even though it wasn’t a game. Not only did my nerdy heart melt but my witchy heart did too!!!
My First Grimoire! What is a Sigil?
My First Grimoire! is a series of introductory books for pagan and witchcraft practicing parents who want a fun way to include their little ones.

Next book is out! 

And don’t forget that Magic with Letters is for sale too

have some previews of the book and worksheets :)

Proud Pagan Parent Point

I’m not a biological parent. My sister, however, has three gorgeous children, and I’ve helped her raise them since they were born. They’re just as much my kids as they are anyone else’s. Mason, the youngest, has called me his parent so many times, and the older two, Noah and Aubrey, know better now, but called me their parent for a while. 

My sister and I, both raised Catholic, have hard times agreeing when it comes to religion. I, at age seven, began to study my Cherokee grandmother’s core shamanistic ideals. My sister is still a devout Catholic, and I am now Pagan and a practitioner of all forms of majik. The religious divide is still a large obstacle, but we overlook it and manage to raise these children in love and happiness.

She and the father of the first two children insisted they be raised Catholic, while I believe they should be open to many faiths and practices and be allowed a choice. I am forbidden to teach the oldest children anything that I know. 

The youngest, on the other hand, has a Catholic father that separated himself from the Church long ago. He believes heavily in religious freedom and diversity. He took authority, and told my sister that Mason would NOT be raised Catholic, but in many faiths.

And so it was. 

I’ve taught Mason small things that he can grasp. Meditation, yoga, tai chi, visualization, and even small acts of majik, like wind whistling, storm calling, and spirit communications. He is a very spiritual young man, and very enlightened. 

Aubrey, the middle child, is feeling disconnected, and begged her father for months to try what I do. After much arguing and concern, he examined what Mason and I do together. He finally agreed.

Now, Aubrey and Mason practice and study with me daily. Noah doesn’t feel comfortable with it, and that’s okay. His faith is right for him. Aubrey and Mason accept all beliefs and faiths, knowing that they show the Divine Light to everyone in a different form. Aubrey can whistle a wind and conjure a storm just as easy as she can breathe. They meditate twice daily, and Aubrey is finding herself once again, happier than ever before. She obsesses with me over incense variety and scents, and admires the flickering of a candle’s flame. Mason finds his solace in the comfort of meditation and sigils, constantly scribbling in notebooks to invent his own. 

My children are growing and blossoming quite beautifully, in their Craft and in their lives.

And I couldn’t be more proud.

NOTE: This is NOT a put-down to the Church, its methodologies, or views. Some people find solace and comfort in the Church and find it wholesome and true. Others do not. This is just a post about my spiritual practices and the effect is has on my kids. 

so I’m kinda figuring out that I might like to be Pagan and so I’ve been hardcore special interesting on Pagan rituals & holidays all day, like the Sabbats & full moons & stuff and I’m just ????? hype


Being a “Heathen” parent isn’t always easy. Especially when you wear your faith on your sleeve. Having tattoos, piercings, and being on the ‘young’ side don’t seem to help either. I spend everyday being as good a person as I can be and while I’m not perfect, no one is. I always believed that if we did what we believed was right then we were doing the right thing.

I know my parenting isn’t always what it should be. I lose my temper, I yell and scream, and just rant but honestly what parent hasn’t?

Being an outcast due to appearance and faith isn’t something that should happen but it does everyday. My life has become more difficult when I found my faith with the pagan Gods but I would never change it.

My children are being taught about the Gods and all that they are but when they come of age to make the decision themselves I will support their decision to be whatever it is they want.

This world needs more compassion and understanding for each other.


Saint of the Day – 1 June – St Justin also known as St Justin Martyr –  Martyr, first Christian Philosopher, Apologist, Orator, Teacher, Writer, Missionary (c100 – beheaded in 165 at Rome, Italy.  His relics in the Capuchin church, Romeat Nablus Palestine) – Patron of apologists, lecturers, orators, speakers, philosophers.  Attributes ax, pen, sword.

Born at the turn of the second century, Justin grew up under pagan parents and early on began to seek after knowledge.   According to Justin himself, he studied under several of the most important philosophical systems of the day but found them all wanting.

Around the age of 30, however, he went out into a field near the sea to be be alone with his thoughts and had an encounter that would change his life.   An older man began to follow him at a distance. Justin turned to speak to him and before he really knew what was happening, the man was presenting the gospel.   Finally, Justin had found the true philosophy for which he had been searching. Of that moment, he wrote:

“A fire was suddenly kindled in my soul.   I fell in love with the prophets and these men who had loved Christ;  I reflected on all their words and found that this philosophy alone was true and profitable.   That is how and why I became a philosopher.   And I wish that everyone felt the same way that I do.”

Justin spent the rest of his life defending this true and profitable philosophy.   He even went to Rome itself to found a school at which he taught Christian philosophy.   He wrote several defenses of the Christian faith, even writing apologetic works directed to the Roman emperor and the Roman senate.   His books give us insight into the early Church. In one of them he described the ceremony of Baptism around the year 160. It was similar to the ceremony today.    In another place, he wrote that the Sunday meetings of the Christian community included readings from Scripture, a homily, offering of bread and wine and giving Holy Communion.  Two of his so-called apologies have come down to us; they are addressed to the Roman emperor and to the Senate.

After contending for Christianity with a cynic philosopher, he was turned in to the government as a heretic and false teacher.   They arrested him and six of his disciples. When asked to reject Christ and make a sacrifice to the Roman gods, Justin boldly replied:

“No one who is rightly minded turns from true belief to false.” (Image below - The Trial of St Justin)

In his new found faith, not only did he find truth but Justin found a truth worth living and dying for –– as he was beheaded for his refusal to denounce Jesus.   In his life, Justin sought to demonstrate how the Christian faith was consistent with reason and logic.  In his death, he earned the surname Martyr.