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🔑✨thrifty witch aesthetic✨🔑

• Gets half of their magickal tools at antique shops
• Is pumped at the thought of finding old gardening or divination books
• 1OO% skilled at putting anything to use
• Has the most lovely, history-scented altar
• Would live in vintage clothing if given the option

“Lavender Milk & Honey Feel Good” Potion

A simple little potion that anyone can do. And don’t worry I’ll list vegan alternatives for any vegan witches who want to make this “feel good” potion too.

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What You’ll Need

*Vegan alternatives

  • Lavender-infused milk
  • *Lavender-infused soy/almond milk
  • Honey
  • *Agave Nectar or Maple Syrup
  • Your favorite cup/mug
  • Intent

What To Do

  • Warm up your milk.
  • Pour milk into your favorite cup/mug.
  • Spoon in 2 tablespoons of honey/alternative and while spooning say/think “I feel good, I am good.”
  • Stir and say/think “Nothing can bring me down.”
  • Take a freaking sip boos.

BMC Halloween costumes!!!
If you’re new and don’t know which character is which, from left to right:
Jake, Rich, Jenna, Chloe, Brooke, Christine, Jeremy, the Squip, Michael.

Brooke’s design was made by @bittersweet-pagan-duck
Chloe’s design was made by @uncanny-willowli
Christine’s design was made by @fayzart136


Altoid tin witches travel kit.

I always like to keep certain magical supplies on hand when I’m on the go, but I tend to put a vile in this pocket and a crystal in that pocket and I forget what is where.

Altoid tins make great organizers for when you’re out and about. I’ve also seen many people make travel altars with these for when they are away from home or if they are still in the broom closet.

This kit can be anything that you find is most important to have based in what you do. I’m a stickler for cleansing and protecting my surroundings. So my kit includes:

- Sea Salt
- Dragons Blood Salt
- Rosemary
- Smokey Quartz Crystal
- A wand (one that I made myself using fox bone, clear quartz point, and some tigers eye and fire agate beads)
- A Tea Light and some matches
- A striker for the matches glued to the lid
- Mini bowl made from epoxy clay
- Home made mini runes also made from epoxy clay.

What I love most about this tiny tin is that it can fit into a bag as small as a clutch or even your pocket and you’ll have everything you need.

So have fun and be creative with your kit.

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🌙 Mabon Ritual, 2017

Look What You Made Me Do | Curse For Revenge

You have been wronged and the time for forgiveness has passed. You want this person to suffer the pain they have inflicted on you in their mind, in their soul, and in their body. Time to prove you can give as hard as you can get.

You Will Need:

  • Paper
  • Red Pen
  • Paintbrush
  • Olive Oil
  • Lime Juice
  • Salt
  • Chili Pepper
  • Thorns
  • Small Bowl

Write the name of the individual who has wronged you on a piece of paper over and over again with the pen, into a list. On the last line, write their name a final time, this time underlining it harshly. While doing so think of how they have wronged you and all of the anger and hurt they have caused. During the following segment, thinking of specific examples to accompany the words you are saying as you say them.

  • Take your bowl and pour a small a few tablespoons of olive oil in it. 
  • Get your lime juice, tip it in and say “May your foul words leave a bitter taste in your mouth.”. 
  • Get your salt, tip it in and say “May the hateful path you walk salt the ground of all you love.”
  • Get your chili pepper, tip it in and say “May your thoughts rage with inflammation and confusion.”
  • Get your thorns, tip them in and say “May your limbs snag on every hardship in your way.”

Mix this all together. Take your paintbrush, dip it into the mixture and make a cross over the underlined name on your piece of paper. Do it a second time to seal the deal and bind your intent.

Screw the piece of paper up, taking your anger out on it and throw it in the bin. Bonus points for pouring any disgusting waste items in your house on top of it.

Woody’s Roundup: Meme spell to silence stupidity and hate

With the sudden power and presence of Woody’s Roundup gang, or the Woody Collective as others have called them, it only seems right to try and channel that energy into a spell.

A small spell for hopefully getting all sorts of varmints and desperadoes to shut up.

*Not advised for petty disagreements–it’s not what the Sheriff would want–but for silencing only people whose views harm and hurt people: white supremacists, TERFs, pedophiles, etc.


  • The URL or name of the target
  • Your ‘voice’, be it just a thought or said to yourself
  • Faith in the Sheriff
  • Optionally: A photo of the sheriff to more easily call on your intent
  • Also optional: A paper doll–it can be a simple stick figure drawn on paper and a piece of tape


  • Say, or think, “Howdy Pardner” and concentrate on channeling the power of the Sheriff.
  • Focus on the name of the target and why they want your silence.
  • In your mind, push out their name and hatred, preferably while saying “Reach for the sky”.
  • If you’ve chosen to add in the physical step with  the paper doll and tape,  now is the time to put the tape over the doll’s mouth.
  • When you have finished, say “Thank you, Sheriff”.
  • If you made a paper doll, dispose of it by cutting it up, preferably head first, and throwing it away.

Thank you, Sheriff, in advance for your services.

Discover Your Spirit Guide Spread

Mkay this spread has only been used with a Rider-Waite style (i.e. The Major/Minor Arcana, 78 cards…blah blah blah) but I’m sure it would easy be easy to tweak for Oracle Cards or other kinds of divination decks.

You start by splitting the deck into three sections. The Major Arcana in one pile, the Court Cards (King, Queen, Knight and Page of each suit) in one pile, and everything else into a pile.

Keep the piles separate and shuffle them as you like.

Cards one and two tell you about your spirit guide. What they are like and what not.

1.       (Draw from the Major Arcana Pile)This is your spirit guide’s signifier. It can tell you a little about your guide and all give you a reference for further divination work.

2.       (Draw from the Court Cards Pile) This offers you a look into what your spirit guides personality is like.

For the last three cards you draw from the remaining pile.  These three cards are messages from your spirit guide.

3.       Lesson or message 1

4.       Lesson or message 2

5.       Lesson or message 3

You can also use this spread as an all-around communication spread.  Lay out cards 1 & 2 that you already know from using the spread before and then just use spaces 3-5 to communicate.

Anyway, hope you guys like it!

Me: *takes a deep breath*

Me: I lo-

Anyone who’s ever spent five seconds around me: yes, you love Aphrodite, we know, you love Aphrodite so much, She’s the light of your life, you love Her so much, you just love Aphrodite, we KNOW, you love Aphrodite, you fucking love Aphrodite ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE APHRODITE. WE GET IT.