pagan lovers

The Lovers.

Give your heart, mind, and soul to a path of trust and communication. Walk with faith and know that you will find love at the other end.

You are a divine being of light. it matters not what your story was or how you came to be where you are. you are love you are beauty you are peace. In every moment we have a choice as to how we carry ourselves in the world. today I choose love peace unity oneness together we are so powerful united we can create so much. 🌸🌹🌻🌼🌏❤

“Don’t compare yourself with others. When you compare yourself, your lifestyle, your career, your education, your appearance, or your intelligence with others, you will end up suffering. You will always find someone who is better than you in many ways. But when you stop comparing yourself with others, you’ll see the brighter side of the picture. You’ll become more respectful and appreciative of others. Hence, you’ll be able to be grateful in your own uniqueness.” -Yamashita, Zen for Beginners

The Rite of the Other Self

*the following is a formal offertory ritual of sacrifice to the Familiar Spirit/Daemon Lover/Fetch Mate/ etc.*

   The concept of the Familiar Spirit is not a new one to that of modern (traditional) witchcraft. In my particular worldview, the Familiar Spirit or “Daemon Lover” is a similar aspect to the Higher Self or Holy Guardian Angel. It is part of us and yet separate because it is wholly Divine and Eternal (the Black Soul of my three-soul model). The ritual below is a way of calling forth this being and offering it some of your energy (in the form of enflamed breath) as a gift to this teaching spirit.

   Lay your Compass, and evoking Oudeira and Adraxen. Once the space is prepared turn the Arte of Prime to purify your body and aura. Next turn the Arte of the First Flame. Lighting the way for both the Other and yourself. Now you shall call on the aid of two of the gods of the Stardust Compass to empower you and this rite.

  “Hail and welcome, Ka'Herin Ta'al, Ze of the Crossroads Key! Stander at the Crossroads of the Worlds, holder of the Key, Blade, and Torch. Stand before me and behind me, within me and without. Watch over me and empower this rite. Az'ooul Ka'chem, Ka'herin Ta'al." 

  "Hail and welcome, Ka’ Braeh Zet as Breah Eruna, Ze of sex, blood, love, and lust! Let me don your Mask of Flesh and Blood. Fill and enflame me oh great Scarlet Beast! Az'ooul Ka'chem, Braeh Eruna.”

 Now take your ritual mask and seat it either upon the stang, or infront of the First Flame (I would only really do that if the flame itself is encased, fire hazards are not fun). Stare into the eyes if the mask and see the eyes of your Familiar looking back at you. Breathe your breath into the “mouth” of the mask, call zer name. 

  “Come _____, come to me now. I give this gift to you. Take the breath of pleasure from my lips, may it sustain and warm you.”

   Now, with the aid if Ka'braeh Zet as Braeh Eruna, raise and fill yourself with sensual energy. If it helps, pleasure yourself, but slowly and lovingly. Explore your body, imagining it is not your hands but the hands of your Daemon Lover. When you feel the moment is right, place your lips upon the mouth of the mask, as though you are gently kissing a loved one and and send forth the fire with one final breath. When all is said and done, dismiss all entities in the proper way and do something mundane to ground yourself. I found this rite to be very powerful and potent and needed a return to “normal” life after. The repeated use of this ritual will help strengthen the bond between you and the Other Self. Eventually they will come to you and through a symbolic union, transfer fiery gnosis to you.  

  Az'ooul Ka'chem fellow Wanderers.