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Meditation: The Seven Gifts of Druidry

1. Philosophy: A worldview with emphasis on preservation of the environment, the sacredness of all life therein and our place in that schism. Brings together and does not separate the spiritual from the physical, as one is a part of the other. 

2. Connection with Nature: The practices and eight celebrations through the year help us to connect with the natural cycle of the earth. Connecting with our spiritual self and the spirits of animals, plants, stones, water, other places and people we develop a sense of community with the natural world around us, finding our place in it and it’s place in us.

3. Healing: Through ancient practices, both spiritual and physical (as well as emotional) we bring healing not only to ourselves but to the world around us and those that live in it.

4. Life as a Journey: The journey of life is marked with initiations, rites of passage into the new stages of life. Like marriage, birth, death, graduation and life achievements. We mark our personal growth, and how we measure our place in the greater community.

5. Openness to other realities: Through certain practices and altering our state of conscious awareness we are brought into contact with the Otherworld. Many shamanic practices and ritual are used to guide us to these altered states, wherein we learn about ourselves and the world around us, greater connecting to the spiritual in ourselves as well as in other things and people.

6. Developing Potential: Druidry opens us up to growth, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, as well as developing psychic and intuitive abilities. The opening of our minds, hearts, and eyes aids in us reaching our fullest potential. 

7. The gift of Magic: Teaches us how to tap into the magic of life, the magic of simply being alive. Through visualization and manifestation we can find wisdom, healing and inspiration, not only for ourselves but in service of the world and others.


SNR • Pair of Viking hair beads • Spiral hair coils • Beard jewelry • Dwarven beard coils • Bead hair accessory • Dreadlock hair accessories

Pair of Viking hair beads, styled as a Silver New Round (SNR) pattern. The spiral shape of these hair coils makes it easy to use and fits perfectly several beard- and hairstyles such as braids and dreadlocks!

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Gifted/Enabled Witches

I rarely talk about this. I don’t like discussing intelligence as quantifiable. The truth is, I’m not smarter than anyone else for being gifted, I just think differently. 

I was diagnosed with ADHD and being Gifted from a young age. I never wanted special education, so I assimilated with the other students. I struggled, and learned to mirror ‘normal’ behavior. That doesn’t make me ‘normal’ though, it just means I can fake ‘normal’. I haven’t even discussed being gifted with my closest friends, because I don’t like being treated differently. But I am different. And I need help accepting that. 

If you are a Gifted, Enabled, ADHD, Autistic Spectrum, etc witch - you are in good company. I can relate. I’m here to talk. About any of the things that go along with being gifted. I’m sure there will be a lot of things that make me go “what you too?!” and we’ll have a good laugh. 

Please reply or reblog if you fall into any of these categories. I’d love to follow you. 



Jewelry for women, men, and those who don’t fit into little ticky boxes alike! Steampunk, pagan/wiccan, fantasy jewelry, semi-precious jewelry, day collars for the kinkier-minded, and more! Something for just about every style and budget! And don’t forget all the handmade geek-themed fragrances and pins!


North rune incense holder • Wooden incense burner • Viking runes • Witchy incense holder • Incense stick burner • Altar tools

Handcrafted from local rowan wood and home made pine resin. The symbols, written with fire, represent the four directions and their correspondent Norse runes symbols. This incense holder has space for one incense at a time. This small burner is a perfect addition for your portable altar!

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It’s all about the Skyrim in this shop update! There’s a new “soul gem” necklace in stock, made from genuine amethyst and matching Czech glass firepolished beads. Perfect for the stylish Dovahkiin!

In addition, I have TWO awesome Skyrim-themed unisex scents available! All fragrances are now sold in larger, sturdier roll-on-top glass bottles!

Lastly, I’ve made a gorgeous black onyx necklace worthy of any warrior!  A powerful protection stone, Black Onyx absorbs and transforms negative energy, and helps to prevent the drain of personal energy. Black Onyx aids the development of emotional and physical strength and stamina, especially when support is needed during times of stress, confusion or grief.

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