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Crystal Herbalism - Court of Faeries (Crystal Kit)

Enter the Unseelie & Seelie Fae Courts through these stones. A mystical combination that illuminates the fae world.

  • Preseli Bluestone: awakens our past lives, strong protection, and roots you to ancient Celtic magick. 
  • Lodestone: access portals to the past, used to anchor you to the moment while you travel throughout time, and heals your energetic field. 

  • Moonstone: a key to dream travel, opens third eye and crown, provided clarity to visions, and gives you the magick sight to see the unseen. 

Access the hidden realms within your mind and other worlds. A powerful Celtic faerie energy, these stones allow you to experience the magick within and around you.

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Loitsu is the Finnish word for a spell, an incantation. Loitsu Crafts is the shop of my incredibly talented friend Renée, and how fitting it is - she came to Finland from the other side of the world, yet all of her creations sing the songs of ancient Northern magic.
And right now, her shop needs your support. Please visit LOITSU CRAFTS to help my dear witch friend.


Hey Everyone! Now that I’m somewhat settled into my new place and have my witchy working space all ready, I’ve decided it’s a great time for a summer sale! I of course have items that are ready and waiting for you in the shop, but please remember you can always custom order items as well! I make custom Witch Balls, Wearable Spells, Spell Bottles, Charms, and simple wood burnt signs! Below are some examples of what I have and previous items I’ve sold in my shop!

These are the glass Witch Balls I make with my own personal recipes for both Home Blessing and Protection. they can come with or without the charm and ribbon, and you can also have a specialty, personalized Witch Ball made just for you! Be it to invite the Fay, or keep away negativity, or promote luck and prosperity. Just ask, and I can work work something up for you! I keep the prototypes I made for these hanging in my home and I love them!

These are the Wearable Spells and Charms I make. The first picture is of my signature Honey Sweetening Charm to bring sweetness into your life and relationships, and the second is my personal Wearable Protection Spell. As with the Witch Balls, these can be customized for your needs!

Here are some examples of custom signs I can make for you. The first was a custom order made by @upthewitchypunx for her personal Hummingbird Garden. I burnt it onto reclaimed wood. Please note, signs made with this wood will cost a bit more because it is more difficult to work with.
The second and third signs were also custom orders from my shop, and the fourth sign is actually one that I sent to @breelandwalker as a gift because she’s a good friend and amazing witch. I have sold these “Kitchen Witchery Afoot” signs in the past and plan to make more for the shop, but you can always custom order one if you’d like!

For the month of June and to celebrate the Summer Solstice (which was my first Solstice as a witch way back in the day), I am having a month long sale where you can save 20% on any orders made from my shop! Just use the promo code SUMSOL2017 at checkout, and you will get that 20% off!

Please check out my shop, BeeWitching Things here! And don’t forget to use the Summer Solstice promo code SUMSOL2017 for any purchases to receive 20% off!


 Wand Update - Detailed Look

Here are some of the wands I teased and showed you guys a few days ago. They are all up and listed in the shop. Spending a lot of time working on custom orders this week so I will have photos of those soon and you can see creations others have developed for me to make. Out of this bunch the copper/black wand with the bead at the bottom is my personal favorite. I named that one “Atomic Bronze” while listening to the Atomic Blonde soundtrack. So inspired! You might be getting some retro inspired stuff if this keeps up!