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Energy Work FAQ

These are Frequently Asked Questions I get about energy work. Please check this guide before asking me questions concerning energy work!

What does energy feel like?

It just…feels like energy. Energy, in a way, is a catch-all term. There really isn’t a way to describe the whole of energy; sure, you can describe parts of it, like the texture, color, or scent.

Does everything have energy? Even inanimate things like paper, crystal?

Yes everything has energy- science says so too because you know, potential and kinetic energy- though that’s not the only parts of energy you can sense.

Are there any energies that are better for beginners to start with while sensing?

I wouldn’t say so, I believe it’s best to do it wherever and whenever you can. There’s no place or energies that are better than any other to sense

How do I sense energy?

This is the tl;dr version but honestly there is not much more to sensing energy than this. It is genuinely simple

  • 1. Ask yourself, “What does the energy of (insert thing here) feel like?”
  • 2. Use your gut/intuition and pay attention to whatever comes to mind.
  • 3. Practice.

How do I send energy?

This is the tl;dr version but honestly there is not much more to sending energy than this. It is genuinely simple. You do not need to be able to see energy with your physical eyes or third eye to be able to send energy.

  • 1. Focus on your target or a representation of your target.
  • 2. Imagine energy flowing from you/your energy source to your target. You do not need to be able to see energy with your physical eyes or third eye to be able to send energy.

Do I need to see energy with my physical eyes or third eye to be able to sense or send energy?

You do not need to be able to see energy with your physical eyes or third eye to be able to send or sense energy.

What kind of exercises can I do to strengthen my energy sensing skills? How can I practice?

Basically just try to sense energy everywhere; try to feel the energy of a certain object, try to feel the energy of a certain room. Then describe it; and try to be specific in your descriptions. At first you might just be like “the room feels nice”, but as you keep trying to grind for detail it will turn into “the room feels nice because of the plant energies and generally calm and warm emotions of the owner of this bedroom”. So basically just try and practice anywhere, everywhere! You don’t need any specific tools/items to do this which is why u can practice anywhere. Expose yourself to different environments and elements and try to get the feel for them. 

But how do I know I’m right? How can I verify that’s what the actual energies are and not something I’m just thinking is there because I want it to be?

Your gut, practice, and possibly input by other people/spirits. There’s no way to scientifically/empirically verify that whatever you sensed was right. You’re just going to have to be confident in yourself.

What is grounding? When should I ground? And how do I ground?

Grounding is an energetic exercise that can help balance and cleanse your own energies. This is only one version of “grounding”; grounding is sometimes used as a catch-all term to bring yourself back to reality, out of magical feelings. You can ground before/after a magical working, and whenever you want. 

  • 1. Sit or lie down somewhere
  • 2. Imagine roots extending from your back down into the ground
  • 3. Imagine those roots absorbing energy from the ground and giving it to you, and/or have a second root branch that gives your negative/unnecessary energy back to the earth.
  • 4. Do as long as you want.

A few Not-Energetic Exercise forms of grounding, to bring you back to reality, are:

  • Eating food
  • Going for a walk outside
  • Playing video games
  • Talking to others about mundane topics

It is not limited to these few, these are just a few examples. Anything where yu are focusing on the mundane/physical reality an be considered the not-energetic exercise form of grounding. 

What is centering? When should I center? How do I center? 

Centering is the act of gathering your lost/scattered energy. It can also be used to raise/store energy for a magical working. Center whenever you want and/or before a magical working. 

  • 1. Focus on yourself
  • 2. Imagine glowing bits of your lost/scattered energy flowing back into yourself.

What resources concerning energy work do you have?


Again, please check this FAQ before you ask me any questions concerning energy work, please ^-^

Contacting Spirit Guides and other entities

If you have questions, message me. Spirit work is no joke!

Before we go over the steps of real contact with spirit, let’s go over some warnings and some advice on technique. This guide will work for calling any spirit, whether it be a fluffy unicorn bunny or something extremely uncomfortable and dangerous. It’s like picking up the phone: anyone can be on the other end.

When you do spirit work, you are interacting with a real world filled with infinitely many, and infinitely varied, beings.

  • There are some spirits that prey on humans like wolves prey on rabbits.
  • There are some spirits that are extremely kind and helpful.

In my experience, whatever you call will come.

If you leave your request open-ended, anything may come to you.

The more specific you are, the better.

But you must understand what you are doing when you call spirits to you.

For example:

  • “Spirits of light, come to me!” Many demons are considered to be “of light”, as well as gods you may be uncomfortable dealing with (Lucifer comes to mind).
  • “All spirits of darkness, leave me!” Well, spirits of all nocturnal animals could be interpreted as being spirits of darkness. The essence of storms and night-time, or even a spirit of sleepiness, could be considered spirits of darkness. Are you sure these are forces you want to send away?

Do not use poetic language. Speak plainly.

Instead of using flowery language, simply say what you mean.

Begin by writing down your intent.

  • What kind of spirit do you want to interact with? (Good, evil, nice, kind, mean? Nature, elemental, bunny, unicorn, demon?)
  • What is your purpose for calling this spirit? (Searching for a guide/guardian/teacher/friend? Have questions to ask? Need help with magic?)
  • How powerful do you believe this spirit will be? Is it going to be more powerful than your abilities to banish it? Never call up what you cannot put down.
  • What do you have to give back to this spirit? (Offerings? Time? Energy?)

In my experience, all spirits get something out of an interaction with a human. It could simply be that their curiosity is sated. A spirit could just be curious as to what kind of human is sending out a call in to their world! It could be that helping or aiding you assists their calling in life or a job they currently have. It could also be that they would like some kind of payment in return, such as offerings of incense, food, or drink. If you have the ability and inclination, have some small offerings on hand. Coffee, tobacco, any foods (I find they seems to like processed foods less), and any alcohols are good. Even a glass of fresh water and/or a little incense will be good.

Once you have your intent written down, formulate your call. Here are three example calls that I would use myself.

  • “I am [magical name]. I am calling out to the spirit world. I am seeking any good and helpful spirits that are willing to help a human such as myself. I wish for assistance with [guardianship/teaching/guidance/etc]. Please come to me so we may interact.”
  • “I am [magical name]. I am calling out to the spirit world. I am seeking any noble and strong warrior spirits that are willing to help a human such as myself. I wish for assistance with guarding my home. In return I can offer brandy and cigars. Please come to me so we may make a deal.”
  • “I am [magical name]. I am calling out to the spirit world. I am seeking a spirit of storms and rain that are willing to help a human such as myself. I wish for rain to be brought to my region. In return I will tell others about my experience so you gain fame in the human world. Please come to me so that we may help each other.”

Quick notes:

  • For spirit work, try adopting a magical name. It does not sit well with me that someone uses their true name immediately with spirits. It’s like giving your telephone number to every stranger you meet. I use my online name, typically Briar although now it is Thicket. Magical names do not have to be permanent. Choose any name or word you like.
  • “I am calling out to the spirit world” can be replaced by any phrase or action that connects you with “the other side”. Find an action or method of connection that feels comfortable to you.
  • It is important to mention that you would like a spirit who wants to help you! It may seem self-evident, but trust me, it is not. Plenty of spirits come to my call who just want to see what’s going on, or who want a chance at the offerings at my side.

Actually calling the spirits, interacting with them, and formulating a relationship

Suppose you would like to meet any guardian or guide spirits that you may have already. Try using a call like this:

“I am [magical name]. I am calling out to the spirit world. I am seeing any guardians, guides, or helpful spirits that are attached to me. Please visit me so I may get to know you.”

Take your notebook and write down the exact call you plan on using. If you like, have some offerings on hand (this is just good form in general). Have with you any divination tools you plan on using. Also have with you the basic tools for banishment.

Sit in a quiet place. Make your environment as witchy as possible to get you in the right mindset. Candles and incense work great if you have them, otherwise try atmospheric music. Do whatever it takes to make you feel like you are connected to the “other” world. Try praying for protection or wearing protection amulets that you may have.

When you are ready, read your call. Read it out loud or mentally, it doesn’t matter; nothing on this plane of existence will hear it anyway.

At this point one of two things will happen: a spirit will visit you, or it will not.

If a spirit does not appear within a few moments, read your call again. Repeat this for three calls total, then try again the next day or the next week. If necessary, do divination to discover why spirits did not want to appear for you. Is it possible the spirit you called for does not exist? Try a different call (more will be listed below) for practice. Is it possible you just do not know how to detect a spirit if it does appear? If nothing seems to be working after a week or so of trying, send me a message. Please send me the exact calls you used.

Remember that spirits are not physical. It is extremely uncommon that a person will see a spirit with their two eyes. A being isn’t just going to appear three dimensionally in your bedroom. Most likely, that being will appear within your imagination. The imagination is an extremely powerful magical tool and should not be ignored because it is “make believe”. If you call an air elemental you may imagine a whirlwind, a bird, a cloud, or anything else that is ‘airy’ in nature, for example.

When your imagination suddenly changes with an image of something, mentally or verbally greet it. Try, “Hello, you may call me [magical name]. Are you replying to my call?”

Understanding what a spirit is communicating to you is tricky. If only they spoke plain English! Look for any sign that the spirit has responded. The image of the spirit may seem to move closer to you, or further away. It may appear to be happy, sad, or upset. You may suddenly get empathetic feelings of agreement or disagreement. You may actually hear, feel, or think words. It is your job to interpret what the spirit is trying to communicate with you. If you like, ask the spirit to influence your divinatory tools so you can communicate through those.

Avoid repeating questions. They do not seem to like it. Ask once, and if you can’t interpret, apologize and ask another question instead.

If absolutely nothing seems to happen, take it as a sign that the spirit did not respond to you. In this situation, if the spirit does not respond, say, “if you are not here to answer my call and assist me, please leave. Thank you for your time.” There is no need to be hostile or rude, just send them away. If they refuse to leave, it is time to banish.

If something does happen, for example if you sense a feeling of agreement or the image seems to nod at you, take this as an affirmative that the spirit is here to answer your call. Continue with your line of questioning. Try these questions:

  • “What may I call you?” (Do not ask for their name directly, I have never had good results when I do).
  • “Are you [the spirit I asked for]?”
  • “Would you like to continue communicating this way?”
  • “What is your role in my life?”

If you are here to make a deal and get it over with, don’t drag out the small talk. “Are you the spirit I called for? Will you protect my house for some brandy? Awesome, I’ll pay you once a week and we’ll revisit the contract in a month.”

If you are there to make a lasting connection, speak for as long as you like or until the spirit appears to become restless or bored.

When the spirit departs, or when you ask it to depart, the mental image of them should leave their mind. Carefully distinguish between having that spirit actively within your imagination, and memories of the spirit within your imagination.

After this first meeting, you can call the same spirit by the name they gave you. Try, “the spirit that gave me the name [spirit’s name] on the date [the date you first met the spirit], please come to me so we may speak.”


I don’t have the time or inclination to include full banishing rituals in this small guide. Simply google “how to banish a spirit” or ask a friendly Tumblurian to help :)

Detecting fakes

Alright, so here’s what you gotta do. Just pay attention. If something feels disturbing, wrong, or scary, DO NOT IGNORE THOSE FEELINGS. Fear is an instinct that exists to keep us safe. It is not you being a scaredy cat. It is not you being silly, nervous, or having stage fright. Ask the spirit to leave immediately and do a quick cleansing on your space.

Think about what you asked for and judge a spirit by those standards. An air spirit is not going to take the form of a boulder. A rain spirit is not going to take the form of a candle flame.

If something sounds too good to be true, it is. If a spirit is telling you that you are the chosen one, that you need it to be powerful, etc., you are going to be dinner. Send it away.

Practice calls

I would consider these calls to be relatively safe and good just to get a little experience in. Ask these spirits to come visit you for a short time, then bid them farewell. There is no need to get a name from them unless you really want to call them back. The offerings are just suggestions, to give you some ideas.

  • “I am seeking rabbit or hare spirits that wish to visit me in exchange for some fresh lettuce.”
  • “I desire to contact any spirits of flowers who are nearby, so I may appreciate your beauty.” (Remember to give the flowers many compliments in exchange for their time)
  • “I would like to visit with a good and benevolent water spirit who will teach me about healing.”
  • “I am seeking a dog spirit who would like a nice treat in exchange for his time.”
  • “I wish to speak with a bird spirit, who can show me what the world looks like from the sky. In exchange I can offer bird seed.”
  • “I wish to contact a spirit of beauty who can help teach me magics for clearer skin. In exchange I can give you three dried roses.”
  • “I would like to call upon the spirit of clutter that lives in my home, so that we may make a deal for you to leave my property.”
  • “I would like to call upon the ghost of [my deceased pet*****] so we may visit and share good times.”
  • “I desire to contact any good and benevolent spirits who are directly involved in my life, so we may speak and get to know each other.”
  • “I desire to contact any spirits who wish harm against me, so I may make amends and heal our relationship.”
  • “I am seeking a spirit of hard work to bless me in my future endeavors, in exchange for a small shrine built in your honor.”

*****DO NOT call human relatives to you at this point. It is way too easy for a demon or spook to pretend to be a human relative. It is okay if human spirits come to you in general, but it is a suckerpunch to the gut to realize that your beloved departed is really an evil spirit in disguise. Stick with animal friends for now.

Calling gods and other such beings

This method will work to call gods as well. Be very careful of petty spirits that pretend to be gods. Judge each being by its folklore and what you know about them.

What to do with offerings?

For any offering, set it aside and watch the spirit enjoy it. When the spirit is done, dispose of the offerings just as you would clear a plate from the guest table.

Pour any liquids on to the ground or down the drain. Bury or compost foods, or dispose of them in the trash. Simply allow incense to burn and throw away the ashes.

4 mindsets to help you with your craft

Since my “How to be witchy and stick to it” article got so popular I decided to continue the series of articles and write another one. This is to help out all of those who want their practice to be unique and to not feel like their are mundane beings performing just silly rituals, because sadly even in witch community it happens a lot and we lose our magic along the way by stopping feeling like we are mystical-like, because guess what? We are.

Disclaimer: As always this is just my own opinion and everybody else is welcome to have a different one.

1. Reality is illusion.

I know what you think. Why, Nat? It feels pretty real to me! And we both will be right. It feels real to you, but is it really? Can you change anything in the physical via your craft? Heal perhaps? Became not noticeable in the crowd when you are scared almost as if you were invisible? See, we are both right. Even if reality is real indeed thinking it is not will help out a great deal to manifest your spells. As all illusions this one can also be broken and/or changed with enough effort. The more people believe something is real the harder it becomes to break but with enough power and time it is  possible to do so.

 Let’s talk about real physical glamouring when you are able to change some aspects of your outer  appearance or make objects invisible  by breaking the illusion for a while. I won’t lie you won’t see it in the mirror and others won’t see it at first with their physical eyes (they will however see it with their subconscious mind), but with enough practice the illusion will break completely and you will be able to change it into something you desire [but only for a limited period of time]. (Yes, I tried it and yes it worked.  It takes a lot of patience and time but the more you try the longer you can keep it up. The change is slight but noticeable by others).

Not only it applies to glamouring but also to any other spells. Thinking you can actually change something by breaking illusions will crease your self-doubt related to witchcraft. It opens your mind to new possibilities ;)

2. Imagination is source of your power.

You don’t need fancy supplies. Once you learn how to use yourself as a tool things like herbs, crystals and candles will only be a bonus. The real fun with witchcraft is that you need to be creative to be a witch. Without creative power you can’t create reality that you wish for, so any for of art and visualization is the best thing you can do to enhance your magic. Convince yourself that whatever you think about has a potential power of manifesting. Just because “it’s all in your head” doesn’t mean it’s not valid. The most powerful rituals I have done were done on the astral exactly “in my head” without use of any physical tools.

3. You are divine. You are Goddess.

I know this will be ridiculous to most of you, especially atheists and agnostics, but thinking you are Goddness is actually helping. This is not to say you are indeed a embodiment of some kind of Goddess, it’s just a type of mindset that helps you feel more powerful and magical at the time when you perform ritual. If you can’t get behind this thinking you can also try thinking you are The Queen or High Priestess or any other title that you like. Give yourself that title the one that suits you, a title that makes you feel like more than just a mere powerless human, and use it during your rituals. Believe it or not but it does helps you feel more mystical and thus making your magic more bonded with your body.

4. Not everything has to be physical. [Magic is energy.]

This is kind of extension of the mindset 3. This time although I will talk about effects of the spell. Not everything that is an effect of your spell will be tangible. That’s why so many witches spend so much time on astral plane. Intangible things often have more value to us than tangible ones. And when it comes to spells you often won’t even notice they actually manifested. Magic is subtle and often chooses the easiest way possible to manifest. The way which to you is barely seen.

Examples: When you cast a curse on someone magic might choose to punish them via nightmares. Will you know about it? No, unless they will tell you. Curse worked but you are not aware of it. You think curse failed, when it actually didn’t. 

On positive aspect: If you cast ‘be rich’ or abundance spell you might not get any money and instead get some answer you were looking for or strengthen your relationships with your friends and loved ones. Spell manifested because abundance and being rich is not only about money, but you will be left thinking it didn’t because you were expecting physical thing to manifest out of thin air. You will get disappointed and doubt your craft once again if you will not aware that magic prefers intangible things to tangible ones. So the rule goes more like that: The more you are rich inside as a person, the more easier it is for you to get the things you desire on the physical.

Stay safe my little hatchlings <3 Be magical and mystical and live the fullest of it <3

Hair magick

I already talked about tea magick, so I decided I should also discuss another underappreciated form of craft that is perfect for secret witch: hair magick.
This is very, very powerful and non suspicious form of magick which is not practiced commonly.
You could ask why I think it’s powerful? Well, hair are part of your body. They hold your energies, intentions and in some traditions even your powers. During witch trials every witches’ head was being shaved to make her weak and powerless. Some cultures do not cut their hair at all or cut them only if big accomplishment were achieved.
By adding your hair to spell you bind it to yourself, making it almost impossible to affect anyone but you.
I personally consider it as powerful as blood magick.

Ok, this is great. But how do I practice it?
Traditionally you would cut piece of hair and add it to spell you are already crafting.
But as all of craft hair magick evolved too. So, today hair magick can be adding piece of hair to spell and binding it to you, thus making it more personal and stronger or using hairstyles as a spell itself

You can also take some hair from your hairbrush, twist it into something ‘rope’ like and do knot spell on it. (I did glamour that way. It was very strong. I almost looked like goddess of some kind and have to break it bc I got too much attention.)

Now you must surely wonder: hairstyles? How? Isn’t it ridiculous?

And that’s exactly the reason I’m writing this post. As I said hair magick is very underappreciated and I find it fun and fashionable way to do my craft. Your body is your shrine and every spell made on part of your body is powerful because of it.

Hair magick spells can be (and mostly are) wordless, because focusing on your intention is all that it takes for it to work.

I don’t understand. Could you give some examples?

Hair magick is all about personal associations. Everyone has different, right? So I’m going to give you some ideas about mine associations and spells and you are going to decide if they suit you, ok? You can always make your own for your practice ;)

3 strand braids: knot spells, basically universal usage. Can be used for everything except curses.
(Twisted?) Ponytails: ‘getting things straight’, motivation, ‘getting job done’,
4 and 5 strand braids: combo spells. For example: combined good luck and money spell to help you win some money. Use for complex goals and long term wishes. Braid ribbon/s into them to connect two spells and add more power to them.
Messy Buns: ani-anxiety spells, anti stress spells, spells to make you get rid of unwanted thoughts
Braid Crowns: honoring your gods if you have ones, glamour, confidence spells
Curls: binding and curses to ‘wrap your target around your finger’ (be careful with curse to not attache it accidentally to yourself!)
Waves: honoring water element, getting hold on your emotions, emotional healing
Twists: getting rid of obstacles,
Chinese Staircase Ponytail: wish spells (this one is very effective. You can find out how to do in on YouTube)

That’s all I have for now. Hope it helped a little and opened you to new kind of fun in your practice!

Healing: Energy Systems

This is a post on how to actually go through an energy system and remove/deal with blockages/anomalies. For information on how to actually read energy systems, refer to this article.

This isn’t a strict guideline of course, you are free to edit the method as you see fit. This is just a recommendation based on my own methods, with an explanation as to why I do each part.

Note that this should NOT replace going to the doctor/psychiatrist if you have an actual physical issue/mental. Doctor/psychiatrist first, magic second.

Pre-Requisite/Related Info:

Onto How to Actually do the Healing: 

1. Obtain permission to read and heal the person’s energy system. Permission is obviously very important because of consent. It also gives a person a chance to set their wards and other protections to allow you through.

2. Gather information on your patient’s energy; what energies they do and don’t work well with. The quickest way is to just ask them, most people know what energies they do or don’t mesh well with. This is important to know as some people react badly to certain energies, while on the contrary, energies they do work well with can ease the healing process even more. If your recipient doesn’t know what energies work well with them, you may have to do a general reading of their energy and/or use your intuition.

3. If you’re going to have something to help supplement your energy, get it now. “Supplements” are things that help to provide energy, so you’re not using too much of your own, or for the purpose of providing the element of the supplement. Some examples would be candles for fire energy, a charged bowl of water, etc. You can do a healing without a supplement but they do help, for both reasons listed.

4. If this is a distance healing, cleanse and ward your “connection”. This means cleansing your phone/laptop if using those, and/or cleansing the chat you’re using to talk (such as Tumblr IM, Discord. Usually just uploading a cleansing gif or two works wonders.) This can prevent gunk in the connection from interfering with the reading and healing. Not a strict requirement but it does help. Warding is necessary to prevent parasites and/or negative energy from coming back and sticking to you.  

5. Cleanse them or ask them to do a cleansing of themselves. Have them cleanse their environment (if distance), and cleanse the environment you will be performing the healing in as well.  This will help clean out any “interference” with the reading and make it easier to read their energy. It can also help to loosen blockages/anomalies a bit. This also isn’t a strict requirement BUT I do find it to be very helpful.

6.  Read the energy system. If distance, having a map is very very helpful. Additionally for distance, I recommend sending the actual energy through your communication device (phone/laptop/whatever) but using the map to “aim” the energy (and of course you will be using the map to read the energy system as well.) Details on how to make and use an energy map are available in this post.

7. Gently accustom the receiver’s energy system to your energy, or whatever energies you will be using. This is to prevent “startling” or “shocking” the energy system; to make sure your energies do not hit it too hard, and so that a person’s subconscious magical defenses don’t activate. I accustom the receiver by slowly sending a small amount of energy to each point, beginning with the Heart Point, moving down, then getting the points above the heart point.  

8. When you find a blockage/anomaly, figure out what you need to do to heal it. These are just a few examples; what blockages/anomalies you see and the methods to heal them are not limited to these few; also these are short summaries; for more detailed information, refer to this post. And of course, you can also communicate with points to help ease the healing process.

    • Rocks: Remove them, slowly and gently.  If the rock simply reforms, there may be an additional cause inside the point or in another part of the energy system. 
    • Leakage/Cracks in the point: Seal them up.
    • Toxic/Negative energy: Slowly remove it while adding in beneficial energy to replace the loss.
    • Blocked/closed valves” to points. Why is it blocked or closed? Are the valves calloused shut? Or are they blocked by something? Or are they shut with no apparent cause?
    • Shrunken energy point/point too small: Slowly add in energy to stretch and open up the point. Also check for blocked entrances that flow into these points. *
    • Point too large: This is usually because energy is not exiting correctly, the point is producing too much energy, or both. *
    • Calloused point: This is usually accompanied by a layer of negative energy. Remove the negative energy while “washing” the point; gently scrub and massage away the callous. If the callous simply reforms, there may be an additional cause inside the point or in another part of the energy system.
    • Parasites: Remove them from the body, then capture and kill it. Be EXTREMELY cautious as the parasite could just jump into your energy system instead; have your wards and other protections up.
    • *Tip for all of these: Always check if there is something else in the system that is causing the blockage/anomaly.  

9. Finish up. Methods may differ, but I like to close with an all-over healing and full body cleansing. Let your recipient know that you are finished with the healing.

10. Cleanse yourself. You want to make sure you didn’t pick up any of the recipient’s negative energy.

*Remember that energy systems are very relative- determining if something is unhealthy is based on strange, noticeable differences. For example, if someone has gigantic points in general, and their hand points are super large as well- then those hand points are probably healthy. However, if the hand points were small while the rest of the system has rather large points, then those points are highly likely unhealthy.

This is not an end-all-be-all guide; this merely contains suggestions based on my experience and my own method. Remember, this should not replace going to the doctor/psychiatrist if you have an actual physical issue or mental issue.  

I hope this helps and inspires some of you to learn advanced healing work! And remember, you have to practice, practice, practice, to git gud. 

The Origin of Witchcraft

The word witch came from the Anglo-Saxon word for Wise Woman, also descendant from the “cunning folk” term of the Romani. It is said that witchcraft was an early form of feminism, empowering women. And therefore strong women in a misogynistic world… You get the picture. 

 And Earth/Nature worship was also a form of herbalism. Knowing what plants belonged to which deity and medicinally what they were used for. When people were sick, they went to a “witch doctor”. Sound familiar? Paganism or Pagan means “of the land/earth” because it is what they worshipped. And usually, the care givers of the village were women, and so witchcraft is a woman’s craft. That’s why it is called witchcraft. The whole world of witches was intuitional. Priests were against it; their whole world was intellectual. 

Remember, all the witches, almost all the witches, were women; and all the priests, almost all the priests, were men. From the Christianisation of Europe, when disease and illness was seen as God’s punishment and the reason for your sins, it was the beginning of the banishment of witchcraft, aka herbalism. And the conformity of pagan holidays and practices into the Christian religion also started. The myths and negative connotations of witchcraft associated with the devil, also started around this time as well (5th century AD). 

 First, priests tried to burn the witches. Thousands of women were burned in Europe in the Middle Ages because the priests could not understand the world of intuition. They could not believe in it — it looked dangerous, strange. They wanted to wipe it out completely. Ever wonder why the devil is depicted the way he is? Think of what the horned God looks like. 

 I could go on and on about this. I’ve studied for years the origin of witches and paganism, written articles and my masters on it! If you have any questions, let me know!

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Categorization of Astral Beings

I notice people use term ‘spirit’ too generally. They say ‘spirit’ when they mean ghost and they say ‘spirit’ when then mean an astral being. This is my view on the subject and what I believe they should be called. (as always disclaimer that this is solely my opinion and opinions aren’t facts)


  • no body
  • not alive
  • intelligence depending on what they remember
  • repeating patterns, only remembering what they have been, not what they are
  • ghost is not same as person that died. it’s only shadow of it. talking to ghost is not talking to the actual dead person. it’s more like taking to it’s copy. the person is dead, while it’s copy remains wandering, without ability to learn anything new or to change
  • stuck in our plane
  • interfering with physical takes a lot energy from them. it’s hard for them bc they don’t have much energy themselves

Ghosts divining into 2 categories:

  • (Actual) Ghosts - described above
  • Phantoms - phantoms aren’t ghosts. they are energetic memories trapped in places. they are on showing always same thing at the same time. it’s like putting video on constant replay in empty house. video will play but it doesn’t mean anyone is inside it.


  • alive beings
  • very intelligent
  • living in other planes than ours, but having ability to travel between them
  • both good and bad. (demons could be classified as spirits too)
  • intelligent thoughtform might be also a spirit
  • when talking to spirit you are actually having conversation with them. they can evolve and learn
  • having a body which is invisible to human eyes simply bc it’s made of different energy
  • having enough energy to interfere with physical

Now spirits divined into 4 categories:

  • Guardians - have ability to interfere with this plane. Work with humans to learn something from them, while protecting them in return. (they can also teach humans if they choose so)
  • Guides - not having ability to interfere with this plane, but having ability to help you out internally. They help with advise and work with humans to teach them.
  • Nature spirits - inhabiting anything made by Mother Earth. May live in 2 planes at the same time, or choose to stay just in ours. Nature spirits can be both guardians or guides depending on their importance in Nature.
  • Other (thoughtforms and gods) - byproducts of constant believe something is real (this is true especially to religions), servants, familiars, and divine
Nicnevin Essay

   In Scottish paganism,  Nicnevin is a transformative goddess of witchcraft/witches, necromancy, death, water, and the Queen of the Unseelie Court of the Fae in Alba, Scotland. Her most sacred day of the year is the Celtic sabbath, Samhainn(one of the many Scottish Gaels spellings), and because of this as well as her many associations across the Scottish high and
lowlands, her ability to transform into an older “hag witch” or a younger, more beautiful woman, and her position as Queen of the Unseelie Court in Alba she is no Goddess to be reckoned with and alludes much mystery.

   So what is a pagan/paganism and, more specifically, what is Scottish paganism and who are the Scottish Pagans? Well, the modern definition of a pagan is someone who doesn’t hold religious beliefs that adhere to the main world religions. However, in the past, it was used as a derogatory term to describe people that lived in a more rural or uncivilized way as well as those who were not Christian. Paganism is thus the practice of these people and is usually tied with the earth, polytheism, and religious practices that do not fit into
the mold of society. So, with those things in mind, Scottish pagans were and are people of Celtic blood who practice hard polytheism, animism, will usually hold a belief in the three realms(Land, Sea, and Sky), honor their ancestors and be in tune with their surroundings/nature. Scottish paganism is also more geographically specific seeing as the land itself is viewed as a representation and or home for the Gods, Goddesses, Sidth. Each clan/area of Scotland also had/have their own take on the Gods as well as their own way they practice(d) their religious systems. Though, despite the differences between the different areas of the country, the overall basic mythos, ethics, and ideologies were and are the same.

   Now, traditionally, Nicnevin’s sacred day of Samhainn(October 31/November 1st) is the last harvest of the Celtic cycle and a time to witness the end of summer and honor the darkening of the year. This day is also heavily stooped in supernatural antics, such as honoring the beloved dead/ancestors, the lowering of the veil that separates our world and the next, and the roaming of
spirits/fae who enjoy messing with anyone they choose. Nicnevin’s part to play in all of this is that of the role of a gate opener if you will, guiding her host of Unseelie fae and spirits into our world to revel in acts of chaos.

   As for her associations across Scotland, there are two main ones I shall focus on; The Cailleach from Scotland as a whole and Gyre-Carline, which is used in the lowlands. The Cailleach is a Scottish Hag Goddess who, like Nicnevin, can appear in an elderly like form or that of a younger woman and is almost unfathomable as she is one who creates, destroys, and divines. She is also associated with the darker part of the year and is said to form landscapes by
dropping boulders and stones from her apron. Another connection that can be made between Nicnevin and the Cailleach is that “Nic” means daughter of and “Nevin” mirroring the tallest mountain of Scotland, Ben Nevis, which is the seat of the Cailleach. So, perhaps Nicnevin is the daughter of the Cailleach or they may be one in the same and Nicnevin being one of the many names for the Crone goddess figure across Scotland. The Cailleach herself is also a tip of the hat to the value of wisdom and the elder years of our mortal lives and how much can be appreciated of those times. On the other hand, she is also associated with the Gyre-Carline. The Gyre-Carline is an ogress whose name, like Nicnevin’s, is used to refer to witches of elderly age and in places of
power thus linking her to the supernatural(Sir Walter Scott). She is also said to have a liking of good Christian men’s flesh(Dunbar) which is surely something that alludes to the fact that this Goddess is not one to be messed with.

   One last thing Nicnevin presides over is the Unseelie court of the Fae in Alba. In short the Unseelie court of Fae are the darker, merciless, and more mischievous faeries and tend to be avoided, as if anyone who does not hold knowledge of the denizens of the otherworld would want to encounter any of the fae, really. In folklore the fae, as a whole, are creatures of the supernatural like that posses powers beyond our imagination and also like to medal in human affairs. One example would be in the short tale of Tam Lin when Nicnevin or the “Queen of Fairies” appears to have the main man captive and tries to keep him from the woman who eventually rescues him from her company.

   Having all of these things in mind, Nicnevin is an otherworldly goddess of much mystery, beauty, wisdom, and power who spreads far and wide across the land of the Scots.

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What is Fairy Faith?

Fairy Faith are folkloric traditions and practices that interact with an enchanted class of creatures that live in a realm connected to ours with some cross over between.

People of most any religious or even an areligious belief system can practice fairy faith.

A partial list of fairy faith tradtions and well known teachers and authors regarding:

  • Feri Witchcraft (Victor and Cora Anderson, T Thorn Coyle’s-early work) 
  • Pop Culture Fairy Faith (Brian Froud, Amy Brown …)
  • UnderWorld Faery Traditions (RJ Stewart and Orion Foxwood)
  • Heritage Witchcraft (Ari Devi and Grayson Magnus)
  • Cornish Pellars (Gemma Gary and Jackdaw)
  • Folklore based traditions 
  • Sabbatic Witchcraft (Daniel Schulke and Nigel Jackson’s early work)

So, what exactly does Fairy Faith involve?

To put it simply, it involves fairies. Some traditions focus solely on fairies, but others may only have fairies as a part of a greater number of beliefs and practices. 

An important note to make is that a Fairy Faith isn’t always in itself a religious practice. There are traditions that incorporate Fae into their magical practices or every day lives in a non-religious way. It may also be incorporated into other religious practices and beliefs as well.


1. complete trust or confidence in someone or something.”this restores one’s faith in politicians”

2. strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.

3. a system of religious belief.plural noun: faiths

“the Christian faith”

4. a strongly held belief or theory.

Fairy faiths and practices differ from specific tradition and individual/group. Some focus heavily on the teachings from historical folklore and books (such as The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries by W.Y. Evans-Wentz), while others focus on the personal experiences and teachings they learn from their interactions with the Fae. And others continue living traditions of Fairy Faith going back generations.


A special thanks to spiritscraft​ for taking the time to help edit this short article <3 

A Korean's Thoughts: Sea Witchery

Tired and I’m wanting
to embrace this haunting
Feeling deep within,
the ache of you beneath my skin.
You have my all.
- Eternity by Rachel Taylor

These lyrics I felt were something that explained my ties to the sea. It’s not something I really escape. Neither is it something I tend to actively bring forth in my practice these days. It takes a more subtle role, which I will explain in this article.

Spirits of the sea
Koreans have a large, popular island called 제주 (Jeju) Island. Its history is steeped in mugyo (the Korean initiatory animistic religion), though unlike the rest of the country, its mudang tended to be men. Some of Jeju’s women were called 해녀 (haenyeo), which literally means “sea women” and were traditionally female divers, very important for Jeju’s economy. They have also been called Korea’s mermaids.

I remember 해녀 when I work. They have to have excellent diligence and energy to work all day to fill their nets and make a living. ALL year. In some respect, I can easily envision what we believe to be mermaids within their bodies. Sometimes they have to fend off the sea’s dangers, such as sharks and jellyfish. When a manyeo or manshin does sea work, they give thanks to haenyeo and ask for that strength and tenacity. We remember them and pay homage. They are a part of our ancestors.

Now, the sea actually has a deity. Yongwang, the Dragon King. He is typically seen as an old man with a staff surrounded by dragons, sometimes he may choose to be seen as a dragon. The great thing about mugyo is that it adapts to whatever religion the manyeo and manshin are participants in - so my respective sea deity would be Sobek-Ra as the Nile flows into the sea and Nile crocodiles have been found residing in the ocean. Though I still view Yongwang as residing and controlling the ocean as well. A couple other manshin have been noted to have their patron spirits identify with “Jesus Christ” and a famous war general.

Tactics, techniques and everything in between
My work tends to focus on these things: sympathetic magic, words, motion, paper/pen, oils and candles.

So where exactly does the ocean come in?

Simple answer: from me.

When you are as a part of the sea as some of us, you are never far from its shores, its waves, its storms. All of that resides within us. Every time I blow into a bowl of water, I am breathing down harsh winds to crush their ships. Every time I stir the water around, I am creating a maelstrom to devour my enemies. Every time I sink a stone with their essence, I am drowning their core.

Yeah yeah so what can I do to be a sea witch?

Well, I know (and it tends to be more popular in the summer) that it can seem all showy and constantly cool, but it’s not. I want you to think about why you want to be a sea witch in particular (and not just with this path, it’s the same with any other).

Is it because you like feeling ‘powerful’ and 'mysterious’?

Is it because you love sitting on a sunny beach in the tropics?

Is it because you feel that the ocean is some forgiving mother-like deity?

If you said yes to any of these, I’m going to need you to full on stop. None of these things automatically mean you’d be a sea witch, let alone a good one. The sea in my practice has its ebbs and flows, its own tides. It comes forth in bursts for a while, I’m constantly bubbling with ideas and then it pulls back and it is simply there to help me contemplate.

What is so important for aspiring sea witches to know and remember?
The sea owes us nothing and takes everything.

Will you still feel so connected to it when you’ve nearly drowned by its waves?

Will you still feel so connected to it when you’ve almost been killed by its inhabitants, the sharks and jellyfish and countless others?

Will you still feel so connected to it when it’s frozen outside, the wind as sharp as the icicles hanging from your roof and the shore is as rough as a champion MMA fighter?

How many of these things can aspiring sea witches say they’ve lived through and accepted as a part of their history with the ocean? How many can honestly tell themselves that even if this did happen, they would harness the lesson and power that came from it all the while not allowing these events to make the connection suffer?

I’m betting they die off. Just like the typical summer children, these shore crabs disappear once the season’s over.

No, you don’t need shells, kelp, rocks, glass. But it’s all pretty, isn’t it? What’s the point of keeping them around if you never use them?

I know landlocked sea witches in particular truly feel the hurt and separation. Like I said in a previous sea witch guide, you can buy these kinds of things for (relatively) cheap from law-abiding beach combers. But the tools of the trade isn’t always necessary. The true sea witches have been born again from the waves in one way or another. With each of us, there are different methods.

What are yours?

I mainly use sea witchery for scapegoats, defensive spells, guardians. Sometimes I’ll write a person’s name on one and crush the shell to curse them. There’s nothing too different with my methods, other than when I buy seafood to eat at home, I tend to use the shells/bones.

Healing FAQ

These are Frequently Asked Questions I get about healing. Please check this guide before asking me questions concerning healing! This will be updated regularly, as I receive more questions. 

Can healing magic replace going to the doctor/psychiatrist?

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NO. No. Absolutely not. The origins/cause of physical/mental issues are mundane 99.9999% of the time, and thus should be treated with mundane treatments first. Even if you believe the cause is spiritual/magical in nature, it could never hurt to get yourself checked out through a mundane method.

Do I need to be born with the ability to heal?

No??? Not at all.

Do you have to have a certain personality to be able to heal?

Not at all, no.

Can some people heal easier than others?

Yes, the ones that practice healing more will have an easier time performing healings.

How do I become a healer?

  • 1. Want to heal stuff.
  • 2. Go cast healing spells/do healing energy work.

How long do I have to practice healing before I can consider myself a healer?

There is no minimum length of time you have to practice healing. You could call yourself a healer as soon as you cast your first healing spell. In my opinion, it is more about the intent/willingness to heal others that makes you a healer, than the length of time.

Can I do healings on animals?


Can I do healings on myself?

Yes, absolutely. When you get a bruise, does someone have to swoop in and heal it? No, your body repairs itself. Same applies to magic; you are perfectly capable of healing yourself magically.

Is it safe to try healing someone else?

Yes, as long as use your own caution, common sense, and communicate with the healing recipient, it will be. For minimum safety guidelines I suggest you ward and cleanse beforehand (yourself and the person you are healing/have them cleanse themself), and cleanse yourself again afterwards.

Can you heal spirits/entities?

Yes, though energy bodies will vary more than on Earth, so you will have to be more cautious.

Will it be alright to be a healer if I have issues myself?

As long as those issues don’t interfere with the actual sending of healing energy, and you cleanse yourself before and afterwards and ward , you should be fine.

What resources do you have on healing/healing-related energy work?

What types of energies are used in healing?

You can use whatever energies you want. Some people use white light, others like one of the four traditional elements (water, earth, fire, air); all types of energies can be used for healing. However, I recommend asking the recipient what types of energies work best with them, and what energies do not , or harm them. Energies that work best with the recipient are absorbed more easily and thus can usually heal more effectively. Energies that they do not work well with, however, can actually do harm, thus defeating the point of the healing.

What preparations should be done before healing?

These are not 100% necessary, but I highly recommend them for maximum safety: Cleanse whomever you’re cleaning/have them cleanse themself, cleanse yourself, ward yourself/your connections/link against possible parasites/the recipient’s negative energy. You may also want to gather energy, possibly through grounding and/or centering beforehand. Again, none of these are strict requirements but everything in the first sentence is highly recommended for maximum safety and ease of healing process.

How can you find beings to practice healing on?

  • Ask your friends/people you know well
  • Offer your healing services on tumblr. And do ask that people leave reviews, so that you are able to learn.
  • Ask your spirit guides/guardians/companions if you could practice healing on them. 
  • Heal yourself.

What are some simple ways to practice healing?

  • Heal yourself after a hard day at work/school.
  • Heal yourself after watching a show/movie or reading a book that had a sad scene and made you cry.
  • Do a healing on yourself at regular intervals, maybe once a week, or once a month.

How can I get better at healing?

  • Practice, actually do the healing.
  • Ask your spirits/entities/guides/guardians if they could help teach you healing.
  • Ask people you know that do healing, for tips on how to git gud at healing.
  • Ask for feedback/reviews when you perform healings.

What healers do you know on tumblr?

I know @duskenpath and @spiritvexer offer healing services, however check if their services are open before asking them for a healing. 

There is also myself, though I do not heal for free.

Anyone who would like to get the word out about their healing services is free to IM me so I can edit them in!

What do you know about Reiki?

I know that it is a type of healing energy work, using the energy of the Universe. It was founded by Usui, and you need an attunement to be able to send reiki energy. I do not use Reiki so I am no expert on it, however Duskenpath has resources on it and offers reiki healing (though check that her healing services are open first).

Can healing magic replace going to the doctor/psychiatrist?

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NO. No. Absolutely not. The origins/cause of physical/mental issues are mundane 99.9999% of the time, and thus should be treated with mundane treatments first. Even if you believe the cause is spiritual/magical in nature, it could never hurt to get yourself checked out through a mundane method.

Is it morally okay to heal people if they didn’t ask for it, or they said no?

Morally, that is up to the practitioner.

Logically/rationally however, consent allows the healing energy to reach the healing recipient with more ease; without consent, the healing energy could be blocked by a person’s wards or other protections. Additionally, without consent you will have no way of communication; you cannot ask about pre-existing conditions, if they went to the doctor/psychiatrist already, if there are certain energies they do or don’t work well with, etc. So logically/rationally, not having consent puts you at a major disadvantage for healing.

How does healing physical ailments versus mental versus emotional ailments work?

Physical ailments: The person should REALLY REALLY go to the doctor first. If the origin is mundane in nature, healing magic will be absolutely ineffective unless the person is already receiving physical treatment for their physical issue. For physical ailments, healing magic can do nothing but cover up the symptoms until the person receives mundane treatment for their mundane physical issue.

Physical ailments are tied to the physical body first and foremost, and the energetic system second, IF they actually show up in the energetic system. That’s right- a physical ailment might not even show up in someone’s energy system because of that fact. This is why I stress so, so hard to go to the doctor for physical ailments.

While miracles are possible, they are few and far between, hence the term, “miracles”. If you want to use magic for physical healing, rather than trying to put healing energies on the physical wound, it would be more effective to cast spells that encourage going to the doctor, such as summoning a trip to the doctor, or a spell to make the trip to the doc smoother/more effective. Of course, be sure to actually schedule an appointment and go.

Mental: Same as above, please go to the doctor/psychiatrist first if the issue is severe. Many mental illnesses are due to chemical imbalances in the brain, and thus cannot be effectively treated with magic alone.

Emotional: Again if your issue is severe, please please go to a doctor/psychiatrist first. However, being slightly more often non-physical in origin, these issues are more likely to show up in someone’s energetic system. An emotional issue can show up in nearly all points or energetic flowpaths.

Astrally, is it possible to use healing to replace lost limbs?

Yes, though that is rather advanced healing magic, and will take some time if you want to learn healing that far.


Again, please check this FAQ before you ask me any questions concerning healing, please ^-^

Healing/Energy Reading: Energy System Checks

An energy system check is what an advanced healer does when healing. This involves looking at the energetic points and pathways/flowpaths in your body to assess where blockages/anomalies are. This is just about checking/reading the system; actually performing healing will be detailed in another article.

Pre-requisite/related info:

You will need: decent energy sensing skills, and your intuition.

1. Have something that aids in the visualization of their energetic system: Of course, if they’re physically right in front of you then that serves as the best visual aid. However, when doing this from a distance, you may need something that can help you visualize it so you can focus. I find that the best method is through a drawing of a generic energy system map, as shown above. Cleanse the map beforehand, then “copy+paste*” a portion of the person’s energy onto the map, into the Heart Point**. This makes the map represent the person, and you will be able to do the sensing through it, lowering the amount of energy and concentration the healing will require (you will still need both of those of course, but not the massive amount that it takes to visualize the map in your head the entire time.) Example of a map is above.

2. Gaze at the map; feel it and use your intuition to find out what doesn’t “feel right”. You might not see anything on the map with your physical eyes, and in fact you don’t need to. Take your fingers and lay them on whatever portion of the system you want to check on, and then “feel” for what’s there; again you will need to use your gut/intuition for this. Something HEALTHY should feel like energy is flowing smoothly, and not too slowly or quickly; it may feel like a river or flowing water to the touch. Something UNHEALTHY will feel abnormal, to both your intuition and to touch. Some examples would be feeling no energy flowing at all, itchy feelings, rock/completely solid things. Again, you will need to use your intuition because there could be exceptions, but those are some basics.

3. Talk with the person; tell them what you sense. If you are correct, 9/10 times what you describe will make sense to the person, even if they don’t really understand energy systems too well. Be transparent and detailed about what you describe; “I think there’s a rock in your Heart Point. This could mean you’re holding onto a grudge, or having some other problems with emotion that you have trouble letting go of.” Most of the time, if you explain it well, they will agree- which means you are most likely correct in your intuition. To be able to interpret and describe, know what the basic meanings of each point/flowpath are, and think logically- rocks are hard to remove, and they take a lot of time to form, which could equal a grudge/general stubbornness in moving on from that issue.

4. When finished, cleanse the map/other representation you used for this healing. This is so that your current person’s energy doesn’t affect the next energy system reading you do. You don’t need to throw away the map and draw a new one each time, just cleansing it will do. 

*To copy+paste energy, grab onto and take small portion of that person’s energy (with their permission of course), then place that small orb of energy onto the Heart Point** of the map. You can grab on through any active representation of them; I find that their icon in a recently used instant-message system (such as tumblr IMs or Discord) tend to work very well.  

**Because the Heart Point is the most central of the points, and where all energy flows through to circulate through the rest of the body.

This is just a how-to on the reading portion; I will detail healing in another article. And of course, you will need to practice, practice, practice, to git gud at this. We need more healers in this community, so I hope this was able to help and inspire a few of you!


Pagan Calendar for March

1: Matronalia, the Festival of Women
6: Birthday of “official witch of Salem” Laurie Cabot in 1933
17: St. Patrick’s Day
17: Celtic Tree Month of Ash ends
18: Celtic Tree Month of Alder begins
20: Ostara
20: Mabon (Southern Hemisphere)
23: Full moon — Storm Moon at 8:01 am
26: Birthday of author and folklorist Joseph Campbell
28: Death of author Scott Cunningham in 1993


Patti Wigington, Paganism/Wicca Expert
Article published on & owned by

Posted by, Phynxrizng

Energy System Reading Worksheet

This is a worksheet for reading on energy systems. This is good practice for honing your more detailed energy senses, or even for beginners to attempt to sense more detail. As you practice, always try to grind for the most detail; details are where the consistencies begin to happen.

When sensing, do NOT try to interpret! Interpret AFTER you have finished your sensing. Interpretation during sensing will cause bias, thus causing you to not see what is “actually there”. Energy Systems and their blockages/anomalies are often highly concrete/consistent to an extent as long as you do not try to interpret while sensing them.

First Impressions of Energetic Health:

Health of the Points: Here, analyze for blockages and anomalies. Talk about anything and everything you sense from the point.

Mind Point:

Throat Point:

Heart Point:

Confidence Point:

Enjoyment of Life Point:

Security Point:

Hand Points:

Feet Points:

Miscellaneous Notes on Point Health:

Health of the Flowpaths: Analyze for blockages and anomalies here as well. Again, talk about anything and everything you sense.

Hands to Heart and Confidence Points:

Feet to Root Point:

Mind to Communication Points:

Miscellaneous Notes on Flowpath Health:

Miscellaneous Notes on the Overall Energy System:


Notes (Not part of the actual worksheet):

  • This is based on my own energy system, NOT the Chakra system.
  • This is just for READING the energetic health of a system; a worksheet on HEALING will come later.  

My other resources on energy work are: 

I hope this was able to help you all!! -Jelly

Energy System Healing Worksheet

This worksheet is to make it easier to record notes on healing, and to ease the healing process by acting as a guidebook/source of information. I highly recommend coupling this with my energy system reading worksheet, found here.

How I cleansed beforehand:

How my recipient cleansed/how I cleansed them:

How I warded (myself and my connections) beforehand:

What energies the Recipient gets along well with:

What energies the Recipient does NOT get along well with:

What energies I will be sending:

Summary of Process:

Blockages/Anomalies Found and Corrected:

How I finished up:

How I cleansed myself afterwards:


Notes (not part of actual worksheet): 

My other resources on Energy Work: 

Living The Path: Sacred Acts Everyone Can Perform

One of the questions I get asked more often from our customers is “I want to have a Spiritual Path – how do I start?” - well, the answer couldn’t be simpler: Living It Every Single Day. Entwining your everyday life with a set of regular devotional practices will gradually increase and empower your energy, connect you with the energies and entities around you, ground you, and build the Personal Power you will need to have efficient results on more demanding practices like Spell Work.

Keep reading

Articles and Essays on the norse, Loki and Paganism

Over the last year or so I have been building a small library of essays and articles on paganism, Loki and the Norse. I’m happy to share, just message me which ones you would like to read and the email address you want the pdf sent to and I’ll send it over:



 Loki, the mischief-maker and adversary of Norse mythology, is a dynamic and ambiguous persona, best understood as figure belonging to the mythic type known as Trickster. This thesis presents three distinct points in its treatment of the mythic figure Loki as Trickster. The first is an argument of the criteria and attributes that make a mythic figure a trickster and the validity of the trickster as a comparative category within the study of religion and myth. Next the Norse myth cycle is examined as it pertains to the attitudes, actions, and personality of Loki, showing him to be an ambiguous contradictory creature. Lastly, there is an explicit comparison between the descriptive and theoretical rubrics and the myths, illustrating how Loki is best understood as a liminal, Trickster figure.

2. The Age of Loki The Dismantling of the Self.  In: Seven Basic Plot: why do we tell stories? by Christopher Booker

There is one mythological tradition in human history which stands separate from all the others. This is the web of myths which we can piece together from various epics of the pre-Christian peoples of northern Europe, which show the whole adventure of life on earth ending in a mighty, all-consuming catastrophe: the Teutonic Gotterdammerung, the Norse Ragnarok, the passing of the gods and the destruction of the world. There is one particular feature of this story which makes it an apt prologue to our final chapter, which looks at how storytelling has reflected the evolving consciousness of Western civilisation over the past 200 years.

3. Motivation and meaning in Lokasenna

by McKinnel and Kirk

(no abstract available)

Norse Culture/ The Norse & culture

1. The Flying Noaidi of the North: Sámi Tradition Reflected in the Figure Loki Laufeyjarson in Old Norse Mythology

The early 20th century’s revolutionary proposal that there may have been remnants in the multifaceted Old Norse culture of the culture of the Sámi people, whose contact with the Norsemen was close and reaches back to a very early period, has gradually become a very popular topic among many Old Norse scholars. Until now, however, the chief focus seems to have been directed to any connection with the figure of Óðinn and the Norse concept of seiðr, of which equivalents can be found in Sámi magic practices.The aim of this paper is to look at evidence of the ambivalent role and existence of the figure of Loki in northern Europe and certain cultural parallels from those northern and eastern areas with which he seems to be most closely associated. These parallels are suggestive of a “foreign” and possibly Sámi origin for this figure, or at least of strong influence from Sámi culture. In the light of these possible connections with the Sámi, it is noteworthy that in later accounts, Loki seems to have developed into a devilish character at the same time as attitudes toward the Sámi and their “primitive” magic became more hostile with the northerly progress of Christianity in Scandinavia. Under scrutiny will be those features of Loki’s dualistic character that reflect various aspects of Sámi beliefs and worldview and the possibility that Loki’s figure may possibly have originally developed in the northern parts of Scandinavia, on the border of Sámi and Norse cultures.


2. god geyja: the limits of humour in Old Norse-Icelandic paganism

by Richard North

Laughing at religion was easy for medieval Christians, whose Twelfth Night and Shrovetide revels seasonally encouraged the parody of God’s priests and scriptures (Screech, pp. 220-61). Here it is presumably the worshipper’s, not the agnostic’s, familiarity with the divine which ‘breeds innocent humour withingroups who share common knowledge and common assumptions’ (ibid., p.228). Within religious groups the humour is innocent even when propriety is transgressed, for ‘without the veneration there would be no joke’ (ibid., p. 232),and the common set of beliefs amplifies a shared response to jokes, be they ever so irreverent (cf. Cohen, pp. 25-9). The joker elicits the knowledge of others,who then find themselves contributing the background that will make the joke work; if it works (even tastelessly), the audience joins him in its response (even unwillingly) and both find themselves ‘a community, a community of amusement’ (ibid., p. 40). And yet there are some who fail to see the joke, who might regard religious irreverence as blasphemous. To what extent heathen jokers could blaspheme is a question I shall face here


3. HANDBOOK OF NORSE MYTHOLOGY : The nature of mythic time – Myth and History


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General Paganism

1. Inclusive Families, Inclusive Traditions: Supporting Queer Children in Family Pagan Practice

by P. Sufenas Virius Lupus

Modern Paganism, however deep its roots in the past and in ancient civilizations might be, is a relatively new religion. However, it is old enough that there are some second (and even third) generation Pagans now, who have been raised within the religion for much, if not all, of their lives, and have continued on with it in their adulthood. Difficulty arises, though, when parents discover that their childrens’ spiritual needs differ from their own - particularly when the child expresses a different sexual orientation or gender identity.

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