where is the support for sex-repulsed asexuals?? SERIOUSLY. i see so much “ace people can have sex!!!!” and it feels grossly like “hey!! it’s okay!!! some of us have/like sex!! some of us are ~~~~NORMAL~~~~!!” and it feels so disgusting and gross. 

protect sex-repulsed asexuals at all costs

yknow if people could stop bullying superwholock fans that would be great. they’re just kids. i’m p sure all of us have had a phase like that between 13-17, and if you ever felt harassed or unwelcome during it then congrats, you’ve become the thing that made you feel like crap. i hope you feel really awesome and cool! bc you know, shitting on kids (esp girls and queer kids, who get fucked over in so many ways offline and in school) is ABSOLUTELY the way to be really cool!

i love irrational pet peeves?? like you can have a friend and they seem so chill and placid but i GUARANTEE they have an irrational pet peeve, and the best thing about pet peeves is they’re always so specific. i knew a guy once and his pet peeve was when people put children’s drawings on the fridge. my mum’s is when people don’t fold their underwear when they put them in the drawer. it’s like, you think you’re weird? someone out there probably has a pet peeve that’s a whole bunch weirder.


so me and my housemate were bored yesterday and did a fic where the title, summary and body text are all just “John is wearing Dave’s shirt. Dave is gay”

above are some of the comments, but have my favourite:

I really enjoy fic that has such a clear theme and works towards that in every part. You clearly put a lot of thought into it, with the refrain of ‘John is wearing Dave’s shirt. Dave is gay.’, which is also wonderfully succinct, and that eventually culminates in 'Dave is gay.’. I cried at that part, I really love it when characters work towards their happy ending, and John wearing Dave’s shirt was such a subtle way of conveying their changing feelings.

However, the notes might be better served in the body of the fic? I don’t feel 'Dave is gay.’ is made very clear, and I only really got it after I finished the fic and read the notes. Maybe a second read-through will make it clearer, because with all the subtle nuance, this is definitely something I plan to revisit and reread! :)

you beautiful sarcastic shits

you know how straight white popular boys at high school just live to attempt to make all girls who don’t fancy them uncomfortable

now that i’m an adult i can really appreciate how fucking bad they are at it

so a month or so ago i’m walking my nineteen year old self back from the shop with my twenty year old housemate, and this group of teenage boys passes us in the opposite direction. they attempted to make a snide comment. 

the comment in question? nice bread *sneer*