Laughs at the ugly truth that Caslon’s optimism is a facade. Honestly it was unintentional. But woo I did it! Pacifist/Neutral and Genocide versions. It was fun ahhh! o|-<

I made a page for additional info instead of posting a long thing which clearly shows I’m too into this. You can find it HERE.
His normal page is HERE.

v v v Basic meme info v v v

In Battle
(P) - Pacifist
(G) - Genocide

Battle Theme(s):

Paficist - Trey Frey - Show Me (Shirobon Remix)
Genocide - Kubbi / Ember

Soul Color: Red(Normal) / Blue(Gravity; Only for Bone Sweep)

Combat Style:
Evade - Dodges your attack every other turn. (If Attacked)
Fireball Volley - Fireballs that stream from top to bottom. (Aim is terrible; More fireballs appear in Genocide.)
Heart Beat - Three walls of fire sweep across the box from top to bottom, escape though the small openings. (Turns to six times in Genocide.)
Bone Sweep - Bones slide across the box. (Jump to dodge, evade orange/blue accordingly. Becomes faster in Genocide.)
Flamethrower - An “orange” wall of fire sweeps across the box from side to side. (Move to evade. Genocide Only.)

Basic Attributes:
HP - ???   EXP - 0 GOLD - 956
DEF - 5(P) 10(G)   ATK - 8(P) 10(G)

Check - Check Stats. He attacks next turn.
Talk - Talk to Caslon.
Console (P) - Try to comfort Caslon.
Reason (G) - Try to reason with Caslon.
Pressure (P) - Ask him whats wrong.
Threat (G) - Threaten him.


- Console 6 times and Talk 3 times. You can spare after the 3rd Talk. (P)
- Reason 8 times and Talk 3 times. Your Genocide run will become a Neutral run. (G)