paffed in the face

Creative insults and curses

Dick pickle!
Go step on a Lego!
Suck a butt knuckle!
Turd weasel!
Douche wizard!
Cork sucking bastitch!
Laser guided dildo rocket!
Take a long walk off a short cliff!
Wanna feel the business end of a well aimed accident?
You are the south end of a north facing dog!
May your wifi never connect!
Move thine fanny swiftly from my path!
Die in a pit of razor blades and lemonade!
Farking icehole!
Eat a moldy toilet brush!
I hope they cancel your favorite show!
Blow a hot curling iron!
Do as the lemmings do and jump off a cliff!
You have perpetual anus face syndrome! (PAFS)
Stevie Wonder could see you’re a dick!
Eat a dickerdoodle!
Ever so politely shut your trap flapper.