Arria and Peatus -
Arria, the wife of Paetus, who was condemned to death by the emperor Claudius, stabbed herself then passed the dagger to her husband, saying: “Paete, non dolet” (“Paetus, it does not hurt”). This subject is characteristic of the “examples of virtue” that constituted an aspect of the historical genre.

A Good Reason for Being Late to Dinner

Martial, Epigrams 11.79

Because I came to the first milestone at the tenth hour,
I face the charge of being slow and lazy.
That’s not the road’s fault, nor mine- no, it’s yours, Paetus,
Seeing as how you sent me your mules!

Ad primum decima lapidem quod venimus hora,
  arguimur lentae crimine pigritiae.
Non est ista viae, non est mea, sed tua culpa est,
  misisti mulas qui mihi, Paete, tuas.

Landscape with a Peasant Woman on a Mule, Jan Both, between 1645 and 1650