Jack McClellan - Self Admitted Paedophile

So my pal Stef told me to check out this guy. He’s a 45 year old man from Seattle who created a website (girlchat) for paedophiles, with information on how to avoid police and the best places to visit to watch children etc. The police can’t arrest him because there’s no evidence that he ever did anything illegal and they can’t shut down the website because it’s legal.

His website also contains threads such as his explanation of his infatuation with a 10 year old girl he saw in the doctor’s office. He wrote, “She appears to be possibly a mix between black and Native American, or perhaps black and hispanic. She has dark skin, a figure that any model in her 20s would kill to have, and black hair down to just above the middle of her back that is very wavy. She has what appears to be B cup breasts, and moreover, she is clearly very aware that she is a sight to behold, as she was attired in a tank top that was loose enough to make it very clear that underneath she was wearing a white sports bra that she would doubtlessly look amazing in. Aphrodite has clearly blessed this young beauty.”

Ugh. This makes me sick. Get this man locked up.

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Here’s the link to an interview with him on the Steve Wilkos show: