she says, that i should have got her dostoyevsky
instead of guevara—a chirp of starling, backbone
of a geisha, color of padum valley, aroma of an
extinguished candle: spaces write themselves

in the basement, within a furlong; nothing is purer
than a widow’s water-filled eyes, they leave alchemy
behind and i see—remains of the dead in ganges,
if they are a sweet balm to this sal circular time.

“no further than late chrysanthemums”


I’ve been too sick to draw at home lately, so here’s a school doodle. I doodle at school a lot, actually, but I usually don’t post them. I might start posting sketches like these on my Patreon once I get it set up, tho (idk would anyone actually want to see these??? there… there are so many lol)

Also according to @hchano​ you need to know what’s happening in the last one, so basically Chat and Mari are chatting (padum ching) after Le Gamer (Mari feels guilty for endangering Adrien, and for being saved by him when *she’s* supposed to be the hero), and she’s like

Mari: You don’t understand, Chat. Adrien almost got hurt – vaporized – because of me. Because he was with me. Because he was trying to protect me. (*Chat pouty sad face*) And this isn’t even the first time! He was trapped by Kung Food because of me, too! (*Chat pouty sad face intensifies*) …I’m just bad luck. I wouldn’t be surprised if he never wants to see me again. *headknees*

Chat: I dunno about that, Princess.

Mari: *peeks up from knees* Mmm??

Chat: Trust me – I know bad luck, and you’re not it. In fact, you’re the opposite.

Mari: What?

Chat: You helped me defeat Evillustrator. And you figured out who sabotaged your uncle’s soup.  And you were more worried about Gamer getting Adrien than you.

Mari: You… really think that?

Chat: Sure. Everything turned out okay in the end, right? And I wouldn’t worry about that Adrien kid. Who knows? Maybe he’s glad he got an excuse to be close to you.

Mari: *panicked look at Chat*


But yeah, would you guys actually want to see these if I put them on Patreon (at, like, a super low tier)?

A village in Zanskar, where our driver took us for a home cooked lunch by his sister. As the caption reads, it was the best lunch ever. The experience was made better because we were not in a restaurant, but inside a home, which looked decked up, we assumed for us.