Že som to asi celé pokazil

Je to cliche
Že čo je dôležité spoznáš
Až keď sa to na nitiach kníše,
Trhá, navždy ostane jak odznak

Ťažko mi bolo samému
A ja som ťa našiel v zime
Padol som pre úsmev a známemu
Som povedal, že sa spolu nevyspíme

Vždy som si našiel čas, aspoň kúsok
Aby som videl tvoj zadok, úsmev
Postavil ťa pred vášeň, prácu a kopec skúšok
“nebudeme nikdy spolu” bol predsa úspech

Vďaka tebe som zistil čo je život
Vďaka tebe do rakvy nezabil by som klinec
Vďaka tebe mi nepomáhalo len pivo
Nechcem už aby to bolo klamstvo krivé
“darujem ti zbierku”, prišlo mi clivo

Title: Something Missing ~Epilogue

Protagonists: N, Ken, Hyuk, CX, Marie

Warnings: Angst, PADoll, Depression, Attempted Suicide

Word Count: 1513

Summary: She was like a broken record.

Author’s Note: I so should have forced myself to finish this epilogue the day after I posted the original, but here I am forever later. It’s heavy. The ending’ll probably frustrate many people. Oh well. Enjoy~

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Title: To Live Again

Protagonists: Hongbin, Reader, Vixx

Warnings: Rated M,Angst, Robots, Alcohol, Sexual Situations, Dead Characters, Age Difference, Mild Violence.

Word Count: 13,805

Summary: It was hard to pick yourself back up, but Hongbin was certainly helping you along.

Author’s Note: The long awaited PADoll fic! Seriously, I hope you guys didn’t get you hopes up in terms of plot and angst quality. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to match “Thank You” again in terms of that stuff. Still, I’m rather satisfied with this piece. It’s been months in the making and I’m glad to finally have it done. When I started writing it, I actually wrote it with the purpose of it making “Thank You" even sadder by showing the reader how a PADoll is supposed to be treated. Conversely, "Thank You” should make a few scenes in this fic sadder as well. They’re not set in the same universe, but the set up of PADolls is the same. Anyway, despite this not being as impactful as “Thank You”, I hope you guys enjoy this!

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Title: Thank You For Choosing Me 

Protagonists: VIXX, Reader

Warnings: Rated M, Angst, Dubcon, Multiple pairings, Abuse, Self harm, probably others that I’m not realizing.

Word Count: 8632

Summary: You’d been waiting such a long time for someone to take you home. You were tired of being the last doll on the shelf.

Author’s Note: I had the idea for this fic a looong time ago when initially starting Trust. I finally got this finished, and actually wrote most of it today. It turned out way longer than I expected, and I personally think it’s very heavy. There’s a lot of things in it that I personally think might be triggering to different people, but its hard for me to catch those. You’ve been warned. The set up is weird, so you have to bare with me. I wasn’t happy with the way it was written at all until I got neck deep into writing it and was almost done. I think it works. Anyway! Enjoy reading!

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Title: Something Missing

Protagonists: VIXX, Reader

Warnings: Angst, PADoll/Robots, Self Harm, Depression.

Word Count: 5664

Summary: Something was missing from you and it was quite obvious when you compared yourself to other PADolls.

Author’s Note: Another non-canon sequel to “Thank You For Choosing Me”. Careful what you wish for! This is different than the two I started but never finished. As I’ve stated before any “sequels” are just “one of many possibilities”. If “Thank You”’s theme was abuse, neglect and the transience of technology, then “Something Missing”’s theme is depression. I was in a somewhat depressed mood when I started writing the fic, and then writing it made my chest literally tighten up. This fic has been weeks in the making though, so I’m not really depressed anymore. Still, I feel like it captures some of the nastiness of depression. Anyway, there is an epilogue to this. It’s halfway written, but I don’t know when it’ll be out. Enjoy!

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