Long Run Saturday, 1/2 Marathon Training

So today called for a 95 minute run, which should equate to about 6 miles for me (I did my 10K around 97 minutes, hence my estimation of 6 miles).  I ended up at 105 minutes for 6 miles.  It wasn’t my best time, but I’m not going to make excuses, instead I’m going to break down how my run went:

5:30 – alarm went off, and went off, and went off some more until my dad asked if my alarm needed to be shut off

6:00 – got dressed for my run

6:10 – set my Garmin and was out the door on my happy way

about .25 miles in – umm, my ipod battery died.  Really?  I contemplated turning around and switching it for some sort of mp3 device because I have to run with my music.  I stopped.  And remembered something that the wise old Ben told me last week (and YES I can quote Ben because I’ve officially met him).  "I don’t know why I don’t run with music, I just stopped one day.“  And I thought maybe that day will be today for me.  Rolled up my headphones against my ipod and ran. 

1 mile in – forgot to put blister band aids on AND duct tape.  Definitely will regret that later.

approx. 1.5 miles in – HILLS.  Well, man made bridge crossing, aka hills. (Part of today’s training schedule so–WIN!) 

approx. 2 miles inForgot to grab a snack bar for the run, oops? 

approx. 3 miles in – My foot is not going to like the wet grass I’m about to run on (they stopped the sidewalk about 10 feet before another sidewalk began…who in the world does that?!)

4 miles in OMG THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE RUNNING ON THE TRAIL.  Oh wait, they are just two ladies taking a nice stroll to the grocery store.  *sigh* 

5 miles in BIKERS BIKERS BIKERS!  Got to say hi to 6 different sets of bikers on the trail, one even stopped to see if I need some sort of energy bar, which I declined.

approx. 5.5 milesMy house is up ahead!  Oh wait, I still have another ½ mile to run. Boo.

6 miles done – 7:55 A.M. strolled into the house  "Want to go out to the flea market?”  Sure, just give me 30 minutes to eat and shower.

My. Feet. Hurt. Blisters. Bad. Need. Nap. Badly.

^~^The most random and unplanned post ever–I even considered pulling a Pa and writing out my post while heading out shopping with my parents but was just too tired to write.  And here I lay half a day later, the only accomplishment I have besides a 6 mile run, 75% protein intake for the day accomplished, calorie count under enough for massive pizza eating, is the fact that I still have 2 different homework assignments to get done tonight before meeting up with my group tomorrow for more homework.  Umm, isn’t this supposed to be a holiday weekend?

Alright, next post I promise I’ll detail my run without music because it definitely is post-worthy.