(just a heads up, this post will NOT discuss any fan theories…)

Padmé died of a broken heart; she lost the will to live in canon timeline. I never asked myself before how did that happen precisely and now I feel like an idiot. The first thing she says when she wakes up is “Is Anakin alright?” but she never gets her answer, and she’s an intelligent woman despite her pain, she could still read between the lines. She couldn’t ignore the vision of doom Anakin told her about any more either and more importantly she wanted to leave her children with their ‘real’ father || the person he was before || if her time was truly upon her. So, she tries to convince Obi-Wan with her earnest believe “There is good in him, Obi-Wan. I know there is…” however, yet again she receives no answer.

Now we all know why this woman would be heartbroken. The husband who was hell-bent on saving her destroyed himself and countless others with him. Her heart couldn’t handle the fact that her children might never get to know the kind man their father truly was before this atrocity happened, and what made her lose the will to live is… what if her believes were misplaced? Even the littlest seeds of doubt can do so much harm: What if there was no more hope for the love of her life? What if he was lost forever… all for trying to save her? Save their family << now this thought can take my will to live too. Padmé believed in her husband till her final moment, that is true, but there wasn’t anyone or anything that could reassure her that things were going to be okay. *for good reasons, but rly now…*

*let me rectify one thing quick: I’M NOT SAYING OBI-WAN KILLED HER. That’s stupid, he was simply busy choking down his own feelings…*

But she can rest easy now as well as the rest of the galaxy, because her hope lives on and succeeds in bringing his wayward dad back with him. ;)

You want to know what the biggest nonissue in Star Wars is? 

Leia having memories of Padme.

And people make such a big deal about it all the time!

Leia is incredibly force sensitive! The force gives force sensitive people visions all the time! If Leia didn’t know what the force was or that she was force sensitive then she could easily mistake a force vision for a memory! 

It’s literally that easy. 

There are so many plot holes and in universe arguments to be had and people continue to get so worked up about this one? 

The one with the easiest explanation?

if luke and leia were born during the clone wars

like, during season 4, not after when everything went terribly wrong

- Padme, 6-9 months pregnant, rushes into combat all the time. Anakin has an aneurysm. “YOU ARE A SENATOR. HOW DO YOU GET SHOT AT ALL THE TIME???” and yet she never actually takes damage because she is ~flawless~

- officially, Padme’s children have no father. In an interview with the press, she said “I wanted a baby, so I acquired one” and that’s that. unofficially, anyone with the Force knows Anakin is the father. Honestly, anyone with eyes knows Anakin is the father.

- because you know how Anakin and Padme are the least subtle secret couple? Yeah, that goes out the window when she gets pregnant. Anakin kisses her mid-battle and smooches her back at camp and watches her with stars in his eyes and professes his love for her all the time. When Padme asks about this, he just shrugs and says “well they haven’t kicked me out of the order yet!”

- which is mostly because of Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan is deliberately pretending he didn’t see his former padawan makeout with a senator. it’s like, okay, he knows he’s supposed to do something about this, but they are in the middle of a war, and if they have to kick Anakin out of the Order right now for knocking up a senator then they will lose this war. Obi-Wan has more important things to worry about than Anakin’s libido. 


- speaking of the clones, oh man, they are so fiercely protective of Padme. She is their general’s lady and their senator and they would gladly die before letting her or her babies get hurt.

- (but also, preggars Padme makes them sad, because will any of them ever get that for themselves? probably not–they were made to die, and with the rapid aging…but maybe one day…)

- Rex has absolutely had to go get weird food combinations in the middle of the night for his general’s wife. absolutely. that is in Rex’s job description.

- also you thought Padme gave effective speeches before? Imagine pregnant Padme giving speeches about needing to end the war for peace for the future. 110% approval rating comes from soft pregnancy glow.

- the twins are born on a battlefield in a camp where there’s blasterfire and smoke not two feet away. Obi-Wan is there, and he intends to tell Anakin and Padme both that he’s sorry, that they’ll get the twins for a little while, but they’ll have to go to the temple, they’ll have to be raised in the creche–

- but then luke is born, and the Force screams at Obi-Wan this is your padawan and obi-wan goes “oh” softly.

- also, Leia comes into the world and Ahsoka watches and goes “oh look it’s my padawan. I mean I’m a padawan myself but that girl is going to be my padawan some day this is rad.”

- so Anakin relaxes a bit, ‘cause the Force is going to take care of its grandchildren okay, it wants it’s favorite son to be happy.

- which means Palpatine has lost any and all chance of converting Anakin to the dark side. It will never happen now.

- i’m not saying that after they are born, Anakin and Padme strap a twin each to their back and then head out into battle, but Luke and Leia’s first lullaby is the sound of blasterfire and lightsabers