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Ok but re: Anakin being a virgin and Padme not being a virgin I always thought that bc the Jedi probs don't have a sex ed class that like. Padme had to give him the talk.

Well, you don’t *need* sex-ed to have sex so… lol seriously now, the jedi were not celibate.

Jedi Knights aren’t celibate. The thing that is forbidden is attachments and possessive relationships.” George Lucas.

Anakin was probably a virgin because padawans weren’t allowed do much without their master’s permission. Meeting new people outside the Order alone was rare for padawans and Anakin was known for being isolated from the rest of his peers. By the time, he was a teen he didn’t have close friends to experiment with.  The only people he was close to and spent lots of time alone with was Obi-wan and Palpatine and PLEASE let’s not go there.

But that doesn’t mean he was clueless. Jedi had to learn about biology to do their jobs as diplomats, they took pride in their knowledge and education. I don’t believe basic biology would be something they would overlook, especially if sex wasn’t forbidden. We know they had some sort of sexual education because Ahsoka knew enough to understand innuendos.

“But ol’ Pellaeon’s just having a spot of romance, if you know what I mean. It’s not like he gets attached to any of them, is it? Is romance allowed? Can you have a spot of romance if you don’t get attached?”

Ahsoka’s stripes became more vividly colored, embarrassed. Yes, she obviously did know what Coric meant by romance. It wasn’t the word he usually used for it, but Ahsoka was only a kid, and Rex had decided from the start that talking about that sort of thing was something best left to her Jedi Masters. Yes, General Skywalker, I think that’s a job for you, sir. It wasn’t a clone’s duty at all.

“Romance,” Ahsoka said stiffly, “is acceptable. Jedi are not … celibate. Just … no attachment.” [No prisoners. Karen Traviss]

I think Anakin and Padmé first time together was awkward because Anakin was awkward. I mean, a awkward AF 19 years old having sex for the first time with the woman of his dreams….it’s not going to smoothly lol