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Star Wars AU: Padmé Lives

Instead of dying on Polis Massa, Padmé Amidala lives, fakes her death, and goes on to lead the Rebellion. Known across the Empire as a mysterious and unknown but powerful political figure, she is among the Empire’s Most Wanted. She raises her children, the twins Luke and Leia, while her friend and fellow Rebel Obi-Wan Kenobi trains them both in the Jedi arts.

Padmé Lives AU snippet

Snippet of a ficlet for @3rddoctor, to be precise.

Ah… none of this is happy. Padmé lives and the twins are raised together, but their mother’s life is very far from perfect.

The twins didn’t particularly look like either of their parents. Within a year of their birth, Leia’s eyes had turned brown and Luke’s bright blue, and she had gone brunette and he blond, but neither strongly resembled either the holos of Padmé as a little girl, or her memories of Anakin as a little boy. Nor, for that matter, did they resemble each other very much past their first birthday.

Still, there were times when Luke’s eyes reminded Padmé all too vividly of his father, or Leia would wrinkle her nose in the same way her mother remembered Anakin doing as a nine-year-old boy. Sometimes, on their small, chubby features so different from their father’s, they would wear faces that were thoroughly Anakin.

Padmé learned slowly, very slowly, not to let those moments faze her. In the beginning, she had cried, softly so as not to upset her very empathic babies, her heart hurting in a way that she felt sure couldn’t be healed. Over time, the hurt remained, but the tears, at least, she could push back and swallow down. Over time, the tears stopped coming, and she was left with that horrible dull pang in her chest.

As the twins grew, and went from teething to speaking their first words, to crawling, to walking, to running, to speaking in full sentences, to reading, Padmé was always keenly aware of the absence of her husband. He was missing their childhoods, and for their own sakes, he had to. She wanted to try to see him again, talk to him, talk sense into him, get him to see what he was doing and stop… but she would not risk the safety of their children again. He had already attacked her once while she was pregnant with them, and she would not risk that he might try to hurt them again, or even do something to her and leave the twins essentially orphans.

Being a queen had put a terrible responsibility on her shoulders, but even if she had died during her terms, there were contingencies in place to ensure that the government would carry on. It was, after all, a democracy, and didn’t solely depend on any one person. But being a parent, and a single one at that? She couldn’t put her life in danger any more if she could help it. She couldn’t leave her children motherless when she’d already come so close to doing that before, on Polis Massa.


“I will rebel for as long as I am able. For Luke and for Leia.”

Having fled for her life in the aftermath of Mustafar, Padme Amidala goes on the run with her newborn twins Luke and Leia. Watching as the man who was once her husband destroy the world at the orders of the Emperor, Padme decides she can no longer sit by and do nothing. 

Leaving her children in safety with Bail Organa, Padme begins a rebellion against the fledgling Empire that will change everything and lead to a confrontation against Vader…

Padme Defence Squad Theme Week:

Day 6: Padme Lives AU

Made by Mod Katie


Mother of the Rebellion

Chapter One of a Padme Lives AU. Posted for Padme Defence Squad Day 6: Padme Lives AUs. Read it on AO3 here.

Many thanks to @bruceclarkd for her beta work!

In her nightmares, she was always running.

This time, she was running through the palace in Theed, her every step echoing through the pristine marble halls.

She was being weighed down by her heavy ceremonial gown and headdress, and she knew her pursuer was gaining on her, his rasping breath also echoing down the hall behind her.

As quickly as she could, she altered her course, ducking around a pillar and into another hall, darting into the throne room and slamming the heavy durasteel doors behind her.

She paused to catch her breath, pressing a hand to her chest as she pressed her other thumb to the arm of the throne, pulling out a hidden cache of blasters.

And then she heard his laugh.

The eerie, unmistakable, gloating cackle of the Emperor, the man who had once been her friend, her ally, her mentor.

Her betrayer.

The man who stood before her now with glowing bloodshot yellow eyes bore a scant resemblance to the man who had once been Senator Sheev Palpatine, from one of Naboo’s finest families and a stalwart in the Galactic Republic.

He continued to laugh, as a shadow behind him, in the corner, turned down her heavy black cloak to reveal stunning red hair and hatred in her cat-like green eyes.

Who is she? She wondered, as the woman stepped out from behind Palpatine (she couldn’t think of him as anything but), and ignited a lightsaber, revealing a purple blade.

Padmé Lucía Amidala Naberrie Skywalker awoke, gasping for breath.

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  • Anakin: You and Satine have a history.
  • Obi-Wan: An extended mission when I was younger. Master Qui-Gon and I spent a year on Mandalore protecting the duchess from insurgents who had threatened her world.
  • Obi-Wan: They sent bounty hunters after us. We were always on the run, living hand-to-mouth, never sure what the next day would bring.
  • Anakin: Sounds romantic.
  • Obi-Wan:
  • Obi-Wan: Anakin, I love you, but there is something very wrong with your brain.

luke resting his head on bodhi’s shoulder. the only light is a large moon overhead. luke’s talking quietly about tattooine, about slaving and moisture vaporators and the local gay hang out, tosche station. about miles and miles of nothing but sand and scavengers. he finishes and runs his fingers over bodhi’s palm.

“and jedha?” he says after a moment. “if you want to.”

and bodhi tells him. tells him of markets and laughter and a walkway of glass and the sour flavour of fruits handed out by passing monks, of vibrant life crammed into a city and sand control staff and old transport ships being sold as reshaped utensils.

“of course that was before,” he says.

before it was all gone. before the empire.

“at least you dont have to live with the sand anymore,” says luke, attempting to lighten the mood.

bodhi snorts. nods. “i dont like sand,” he agrees.

“its coarse.”



“gets everywhere.”

luke kisses him.

au where anakin tells ahsoka about him and padmé and he confides in ahsoka on all the frustrations of secrecy all the time and because of ahsoka seeing more and more how anakin isn’t the perfect jedi she doesn’t leave the order and ahsoka is the one to convince anakin to go forward to tell the council about her once padmé is pregnant and they’re pissed initially but can’t lose their best jedi so it’s actually chill and ahsoka is always around helping anakin with the twins and stuff and things are great and happy and there was peace and order in the galaxy because AHSOKA KNEW

An unexpected visitor

Part of my Padme lives AU. Set about two years after ROTS, Padme receives an unexpected visitor in her exile on Tatooine

The sun is burning hot today, so much that the cooling system of the farm can’t really counteract it too much. Padme feels the sweat run down her back, but after two years of living here, she has gotten used to it.

What she has not quite gotten used to is the constant physical work. When Padme was a queen and a senator, she used to work all day, and sometimes (too often) all night as well, but that was intellectual work, done while sitting comfortably at her desk or standing in the senate. Now, she has to work all day, cleaning and sewing and helping out wherever she can. She falls into bed at night and still feels all her bones on the morning.

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Padme Defence Squad 2K Followers Theme Week 

In honor of our 2000 follower milestone, @padmedefencesquad will be hosting a week devoted to our leading lady Padme Amidala from August 14-20!

We will be thrilled to see your Padme themed creations. All content is welcome as long as it is not denigrating of any minority groups, including respecting Natalie Portman’s real life Israeli Jewish heritage! Please tag us and include #padme defence squad in your first five tags.

Our theme week will be as follows:

Day 1: Monday, August 14: Force Sensitive Padme

Day 2: Tuesday, August 15: Alternate Ships (Ships other than Anidala!)

Day 3: Wednesday, August 16: Queenhood (what was Padme’s life like as Queen of Naboo, or modern/historical AUs featuring Padme as a Queen in our world)

Day 4: Thursday, August 17: Dark Side Padme

Day 5: Friday, August 18: Other Jobs AUs (if Padme weren’t a politician, what would she be?)

Day 6: Saturday, August 19: Padme Lives AUs (canon compliant up until the end of Revenge of the Sith)

Day 7: Sunday, August 20: Creator’s Choice (all is welcome!)

On behalf of the @padmedefencesquad team, we are so grateful to all of our amazing followers and look forward to celebrating with you!

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padme and Luke headcanons please I absolutely love these

So, Padme/Luke is one of those relationships I really, really love, because they would have had such a positive, wonderful mother/son relationship…

  • Luke isn’t particularly tall, no where near as tall as his father, but he’s still quite a bit taller than his mother. He is always happy to help her get something from high up and things like that

  • Padme really loves hugging Luke and kinda disappearing in his embrace

  • she tends to look really fragile next to him, and Luke always wants to protect her, even though he actually knows that she can do that herself just fine

  • Luke likes to cook for her. Padme herself is a hopeless cook, but Luke actually has some talent, and Padme loves it

  • as a kid, he used to come to her office and just sit there quietly coloring. Sometimes he brought Leia with him, but Leia was always the more adventurous one. It’s usually Luke who can sit still for hours

  • Padme lets Luke brush her hair, and even teaches him some braiding tricks. He doesn’t want to have long hair for himself, but his mother letting him do hers makes him feel very important and adult

  • Padme and Luke have long intense conversations about politics. They share an iron idealism and a passion for justice, even though sometimes they disagree

  • Luke is always happy to help his mother fix things

  • sometimes, they just sit together, tiny Luke securely in his mothers arms, and Padme will tell him stories. Legends of Naboo, things that happened in the senate, stuff she did when she was a kid. Luke loves it

  • it’s actually thanks to his mother that Luke even considers using a blaster

  • he’s super proud to be Padme Amidalas son

  • Luke loves holding Padme’s hands, even when he is a bit older. He only stops when he becomes a teenager

  • she teaches all her kids Nabooian, but only Luke really shows passion for it

  • they also both love the opera

  • and classic Nabooian music

  • Luke is also the only one of Padme’s kids that really tries to build a relationship with the Nabooian family

  • he is always very polite and kind with Jubal and Ruwee and Sola, and sometimes snarks with Ryoo, but it’s only Pooja he actually builds a friendship with

  • they’re not close, but they’re friends, and that’s something that’s important to Padme

  • Padme teaches Luke and Leia to swim

  • Padme loves flowers. Luke picks up on that and just randomly brings her some when he sees pretty ones or thinks she could use a bit cheering up

  • there is a picture Luke drew when he was three, with just him and Padme on it. It’s not particularly advanced or anything, just a typical toddler drawing, but Padme always has it with her

  • they can just sit in silence together, enjoying each other’s company without having to talk about anything

  • they both like to read

Liberty Deserves an Encore: The Padme Lives AU We All Deserved

Padme survives her broken heart and becomes one of the founding leaders of the rebellion. She’s been tasked with the mission of a lifetime; killing Darth Vader.

It’s a split second decision, made rationally, and one for all the right reasons. That doesn’t mean she can ever forgive herself. She had barely survived the birth, and hadn’t even washed the sweat and tears off of her face from this medbay or from Mustafar, and she was already saying goodbye to the twins curled in her arms.

“If either child is with me, he’ll find us,” and it wasn’t quite knowledge that brought her to this conclusion, but a feeling. Already, she was handing them over to the droids, because a moment longer would mean she would be further trapped in her love for them. She’d lived for them. She’d continue to live for their better future than the one now.

She had Obi Wan’s full support, and two trusted friends taking the children. They were too young to ever cross paths with her, she wasn’t in a line of work that dealt in infants. She wouldn’t have to think about it again. 

She wouldn’t have to, but that didn’t mean she ever stopped. 

Padme Amidala was never afraid of dying. It’s what fueled a kindness and melancholy that had always festered in her belly, dualistically at war with herself. She knew both had made her strong.

Traditionally, at the end of the year I compile a “Best of” list, for all my posts that had 500 or more notes. However, when I went to make my list for 2016, I found myself with over forty original posts with 500+ notes!

This is absolutely amazing, but also way too many for a year in review post. So instead, I picked ten pieces of writing that I particularly loved—but didn’t get that kind of attention the first time around. Feel free to check them out!

Happy New Year!


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