padlock bridges

So I found this padlock on a bridge in Venice.What I love most about it is that you don’t know for sure the story behind this,you don’t know if the person said yes,you don’t know if they’re still together,you don’t know if it was a straight or homosexual couple and I think that’s wonderful.It makes your mind wander

Old Man Lily under the bottomless pond

On the corkboards you can sometimes see strange, waterlogged advertisements of the pull-tab variety, advertising cheap fiddle lessons for beginners as well as free advanced courses and tuning. If you pull off a tab and stain it with the blood of a black-haired mammal (a human will suffice), and bring it to the murky pond covered in waterlilies along with food, snuff, and strong alcohol on a Thursday, you’ll meet him. Old Man Lily, the grumpy, skinny, greenskinned man with dirty hair, webbed feet, green skin, visible ribs and equally visible gills. He only teaches on Thursdays, on all other evenings he sits under the murky pond and plays his fiddle for himself. You need to be alone for the lessons, otherwise he will not appear. Many claim the title, but in truth he is the best musician on campus, though he teaches only bowed string instruments for the beginner courses. He is a brilliant teacher, though he is constantly trying to persuade you to enter the advanced courses, telling you about how he’ll be able to teach you any instrument, about how you will be able to make trees dance and rivers stop in their paths with your music, and about how you will get to meet his pet pike Bessie. Do not enter the advanced courses, they take place below the bottomless pond and are a scam, you will be taken. The beginner courses are more than enough to master any bowed string instrument. The free instrument tunings, however, are legit. Do not fish in the  murky pond, and do not pick the water lilies. Do not enter the pond if you have ever touched any kind of instrument, as you may be enrolled in Lily’s advanced courses. Do not enter the pond in general, at least not without sticking an iron knife into the ground before jumping in.

Those who are Taken may return, of course. Those who do can often be found drinking large amounts of water or constantly showering, yet always show a constant fear of all bodies of water and of being submerged in them. Most don’t bother to hide the gills, and stop eating fish and seaweed. They will never touch any musical instrument, out of fear of what powers they will unleash. It is said that many summers ago, some band kid was pressured to play the harpsichord for some forgotten event, his poor friends oblivious of the fact that he had attended the course under the bottomless pond. The moment he touched the instrument the trees started to dance, as did the tables, the chairs, and humans and Neighbors alike, and the poor kid couldn’t stop playing. It took some courageous student opening the lid and cutting the strings of the instrument with iron scissors to end the mad dance. Lily doesn’t bother with fetches, he mostly just leaves corpses floating in the lake, stitched out of fish skins and filled with seaweed and waterlily roots.

The murky pond is crossed by a bridge, known as the Bridge of Fools as it is one of the few bridges on campus that does not cross running water. Speaking about fools, fools are people who use love locks on Elsewhere campus. They are acts of symbolism, and symbols have power. Once you’ve locked a bridge and thrown the key into the murky water below, it becomes harder to leave your significant other if they get dragged Underhill, turn out to have a back covered in bark or eyes like a goat, or if they just are abusive in general. Greater fools are people who use locks of lesser metals such as zinc or brass and not of Iron. And only the greatest fools lock their love to the Bridge of Fools, where water doesn’t run. Old Man Lily, however, is willing to give you keys to padlocks on the Bridge of Fools if you tune an instrument for him. Lily shows very little interest in favortrade and inter-Gentry politics, but this may not always have been the case, and the old man still holds old grudges and debts. Sometimes he will give you a beautiful instrument you can swear is an old Stradivarius. Sometimes he gives you something that at first glance resembles an old piece of driftwood, covered in seaweed and algae. Mostly, though, he will still give you some kind of key that in most cases will fit into a padlock on the Bridge of Fools. If you tuned the instrument badly, the key will turn into rust or m mud when you enter it into the lock, cursing it. Those blessed with the Sight might see the curse before it happens, but don’t count on it. There are tales of people diving into the murky pond intentionally to retrieve a key. They are all taken, and few come back, most of them keyless or with cursed keys. Most of the ones who dive down there are however lost, said to be tuning fiddles until the trumpets of the Last Judgement sound. 

This all is however a thing of history. One cold autumn Thursday the white waterlilies in the pond had died, clubrush had grown in their place, and the advertisements had been torn down and replaced with the skeletons of pikes. No Lily appeared, but a beautiful white horse stood in his place. An eager yet foolish student thought Lily had simply moved locations and jumped atop the horse thinking it would lead her to her teacher. She was wrong, too blinded by the horse’s beauty to notice the sharp pike teeth or the mane of clubrush. It galloped around the forest with the poor girl stuck to its back, and was just to jump into the lake when another student threw a steel plectra in front of its hooves, the malicious being throwing off the girl before rushing into the woods. It has been sighted since in the distance, never approaching the lake. Old Man Lily’s corpse was found shortly afterwards, floating in the clubrushes and covered in nasty bitemarks. The following day, whenever anyone tutored by him touched any instrument, the only sound produced would be a sorrowful melody capable of driving anyone, human or Neighbor, into tears. While it was certainly beautiful, it was most oftenly not what the individual wanted to play. The students were lucky that a theology student had an older brother who was a Lutheran priest who was visiting the town, who visited the campus and read prayers as they buried Old Man Lily on hallowed ground. The next day the clubrushes vanished, the waterlilies bloomed blood red, and the instruments sounded as they were supposed to. 

(Author’s notes: I decided to write some stuff based on Scandinavian mythology since I’m Finnish and Elsewhere University needs more Scandinavian mythology. This is based on the myths about Näcken and Bäckahästen. I was was unsure if I was going to write the last part on the death of Lily since he is such a cool character and I didn’t want to kill him off, but I wrote it anyway and you can ignore it or regard it as prophecy of a future event if you want)



A recent fad for those walking the Brooklyn Bridge is leaving padlocks attached to available parts of the structure, especially the streetlight fixtures as seen in the first photo above.  The city has posted lighthearted signs advising prospective padlock placers that if caught they’re liable to be fined $100 and there are NYPD personnel stationed on the bridge.  When I walked past New York’s Finest, however, they weren’t maintaining a steely gaze for padlock desperadoes…they were checking their smartphones.  My photos, 6/27/2017.

I was thinking about how could look like Candy and Castiel with around 35-40 years old. I had clear in my mind that I wanted to draw Candy similar to her mother, but the decision of Castiel’s appearance was a pain in my ass XD I didn’t know if I should keep his red hair, or made him with short hair, or without beard~

There is a little detail I want to point out and it’s the key and the padlock that Candy and Cas are wearing. On one hand it’s a reference to Sid Vicious (the bassist of Sex Pistols’s band) and also to Ren Honjo of the anime Nana, BUT there is a story behind it. When I read MCL’s manga and I saw that Castiel thinks that weddings are stupid, I had the headcannon that my Candy and him will never get married in the future. When they were younger, Candy asked to him that why he thinks they should never get married and Castiel said to her that they don’t need something like that to show that they love each other, because he thinks that when two people get married sometimes they lost the passion to demostrate every day that they are in love. Despite of that, Candy, who is more romantic, wanted to have some kind of “symbol"to their relationship, a promise of love, so she bought a padlock, her intention was to do that typical stuff of put the padlock in a bridge and throw the key, but Castiel commented sarcastically that it was better she put it in him if she wanted to show to everybody that he’s taken, so she put him the padlock and keeped to herself "the key of his heart” (I know, it’s pretty corny, but that’s so Candy XD) and both are wearing the key and the padlock since that moment, always :)

Tumbleweed, Her #7 - [BAP] Mafia!Au

[A/N] This time she’s gonna pick herself up, no more breaking down
He says he’s gonna turn the wheel, turn this shit around
She says if he’s looking for love then she don’t want to be found.

The Lieutenant: Bang Yongguk

Days gone missing: 83

Lieutenant Bang Yongguk dashes through a narrow hallway to the morgue. With his dark circles, and tired expression, people stumble upon his ragged movements. All the clumsiness, he could blame on the lack of sleep.

It was obvious that he was exhausted.

But a call woke him up from his much needed sleep and because of it, he is sprinting, his tags dangling on his broad chest. He wore an army green fitted shirt and a pair of faded jeans, along with a Timberland pair of boots. Because he had lost so much weight from the past three months, his neck and jawline was showing.

The call he gotten goes, “We found a body of twenty something female, by the river. She’s about 4 feet to 5 feet tall. We can’t tell for sure since it’s bloated. Estimated day of death is from two weeks to three weeks ago. The condition is pretty bad…”

It was from the morgue.

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brendonurieWith America showing its true colors to the world, I’m in Europe looking at what they have to offer. Today in Cologne, Germany, I walked across this bridge that was a pure symbol of love. Thousands of examples of people pledging their unconditional love through padlocks on a bridge. I love you all and hope that we continue fighting the good fight and standing up for what is right. ❤️


brendonurie With America showing its true colors to the world, I’m in Europe looking at what they have to offer. Today in Cologne, Germany, I walked across this bridge that was a pure symbol of love. Thousands of examples of people pledging their unconditional love through padlocks on a bridge. I love you all and hope that we continue fighting the good fight and standing up for what is right. ❤️