Regulus: Sirius, please get out of my room.

Sirius: *Sitting in a chair an inch away from Regulus’s door, eating popcorn* I’m not in your room, little Reggie.

  • The Marauders walk the halls of Hogwarts.
  • They have a class in ten minutes.
  • Suddenly Sirius announces that for the ninth time, he has forgotten his book of History of Magic.
  • The others complain and tell him that they will see him there.
  • Padfoot runs down the stairs and crosses the middle of the castle before he can reach it.
  • And there is it.
  • He can see a small group of Slytherin students entering the transformations class.
  • Sirius stands there, behind a wall, until he sees Regulus enter safe and sound.
  • When the door of that room closes, Sirius takes the copy of History of Magic from the pocket of his tunic.
  • Sirius doesn’t know why he does it, but he has done this for weeks.
  • It’s been weeks since he left the honorable house of the Blacks, but he doesn’t mind being despised by his own blood.
  • Sirius just wants to make sure that his little brother is well.

Some kid: Why do I always see you guys together?

Sirius : Because we’re dating. *his laughter stops with Remus’ awkward silence*

Sirius: PEEEETERR give a kiss to your new girlfriend!!
Peter: aaaah! Get that thing away from meeeeeeee!!!!!


  • James: [to the Marauders] Mates, I don't know how to say this, so I'll whisper it in Padfoot's ear and he'll blurt it out in astonishment.
  • James: *whispering to Sirius*
  • Sirius: LILY IS PREGNANT?!